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Image: Avengers #41 (incentive 1:10 Design cover - Garron) - Marvel Comics

The battle to decide the All-New Phoenix continues! • Who will wield the power of the Phoenix Force? A globe-spanning tournament is underway, under the direction of the firebird itself, pitting some of Marvel's greatest heroes against their fiercest enemies and also against each other, giving each of them a taste of the awesome cosmic might that's at stake. All will be transformed. Not all will survive.

SRP: $ Your Price: $18.90

Image: Avengers #42 (incentive 1:10 Design cover - Garron) - Marvel Comics

THE BATTLE TO DECIDE THE ALL-NEW PHOENIX RAGES ON! Who will wield the destructive cosmic power of the Phoenix Force? Namor will stop at nothing to be the fiery victor. The Black Panther worries as much about victory as he does defeat. Jane Foster knows what it means to carry on a powerful legacy. The She-Hulk cannot be stopped. And the Orb has a giant, creepy eyeball for a head!

SRP: $ Your Price: $18.00

Image: Inferno #3 (variant cover) - Marvel Comics
Inferno #3 (variant cover)
(Marvel Comics)

Secret Wars series. • What has Illyana done to Nightcrawler (and can we get the action figure)? • Can Colossus really trust the Goblin Queen? • Where did that weird little demon's master go and what do they want with Boom Boom? • Kindergarten Cable? Seriously? • These questions and more will be answered in our hellacious third issue.

SRP: $ Your Price: $10.00

Image: Miles Morales Vol. 04: Ultimatum SC  - Marvel Comics

It's Moraleses vs. monsters as the Ultimatum saga reaches its chaotic conclusion! Miles is taking on his biggest responsibility yet: babysitting his new little sister, Billie! But fussiness and feeding time are the least of their problems, because there's something horrific stirring underground! Meanwhile, Miles' uncle Aaron has made a deal with a different kind of monster - the villainous Ultimatum - and he's about to get bitten! And to make things worse, when the government outlaws teenage super heroes, life must change for Brooklyn's young Spider-Man! It's time for the next generation to stand together - or fall apart! But will Miles' greatest enemy behimself? Ultimatum's master plan is in motion, and it's way bigger than anyone expects. Everyone in Miles' orbit - and beyond - will need to come together to win this battle! Collecting Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16-21.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.10

Image: Secret Warriors Vol. 02: If Trouble Must Come SC  - Marvel Comics

The Secret Empire has fallen - and now it's Deadpool's turn! During the Hydra takeover, the Merc with a Mouth killed Agent Phil Coulson, Quake's mentor and close friend. Now, Quake plans to kill Deadpool - but not if the other Secret Warriors have anything to say about it! And when a dark enemy threatens Inferno's family, he'll have nowhere else to turn but to his teammates. Can he convince the band to get back together - or will Quake's revenge stand in the way? Plus: Mister Sinister turns his experimental talents on the Inhumans! He's plagued the X-Men for years, and now he's turning his sadistic evolutionary experiments to a new race! It's up to the Secret Warriors to stop him. But what happens when their most fearsome warrior, Karnak, leaves to pursue his own agenda? Collecting Secret Warriors (2017) #6-12.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Spider-Woman #8 (KiB) (variant Marvel vs. Alien cover - Garron) - Marvel Comics

Spider-Woman breaks bad! • As the cure comes in sight, Spider-Woman puts it all on the linethen she crosses it. • With friends like Octavia Vermis, who needs enemies? Not Jessica Drew, but it looks like she's getting them anyways. • Even if Spider-Woman can find the cure, what will there be left to save?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.34

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