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Image: All Against All #5 (cover C incentive 1:25 - Stokoe) - Image Comics

Helpless is no longer the apex predator. A new monster is running amok in the habitat, destroying everything it sees in a frenzy of instinct unbound. Meanwhile, as the most dangerous animals that have ever lived clash and vie for supremacy, a humbled and gravely injured B'Tay must finally choose between his life's work and his children-alien and human alike. Featuring variant covers by GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ (Locke & Key) and JAMES STOKOE (ORC STAIN).

Your Price: $45.70

Image: All Eight Eyes #1 (cover B - Stokoe) - Dark Horse Comics

In the forgotten corners of post-9/11 New York City, skittering shapes in the darkness prey on the people society leaves behind. College dropout Vin Spencer floats through life in a drug-and-party-fueled haze, until one terrible night sweeps him into a drifter's reckless war against the giant eight-legged horrors stalking the city. Jaws meets Arachnophobia in a new vision of creature-feature terror from Eisner-nominated writer Steve Foxe (Razorblades: The Horror Magazine) and dread-inspiring artist Piotr Kowalski (Bloodborne)!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Batman Incorporated #9 (cover B cardstock - James Stokoe) - DC Comics

Joker Incorporated has unleashed a game of terror across the globe. Thousands of lives are at stake as Joker, the Tap Dance Man, Corvus Cawl, the Ghoul, Alpaca, Dusty Bronco, and Dai Laffyn roll out their twisted plan of chaos and mayhem. In order to defeat Joker Inc., Batman Incorporated may have to cross a line the group promised never to cross.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #1 (cover C incentive 1:25 card stock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

One of the last secret, underground human cities is facing total annihilation and its leaderJohn Constantinemust plan a suicide mission to assassinate a key lieutenant in the vampire empire! Against unreal odds and with an unlikely team including Booster Gold, Deathstroke, and Mary Marvel, does the Hellblazer have one more trick up his sleeve? A gritty, violent, monochromatic companion series to DC vs. Vampires, this series will feature a brutal story with a cadre of talented creators delivering 32 pages of original content!

Your Price: $15.00

Image: DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #2 (cover C incentive 1:25 card stock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

The survivors of a horrifying vampire attack, led by Deathstroke, take shelter with Talia al Ghul. With intel from a hero recently saved from vampirism, John Constantine prepares them for a (suicide) mission, while Midnighter goes through every scenario in his head and finds out the dark truth. Meanwhile the mysterious vampire Lord Cinder has become aware of their plans and prepares a surprise...

Your Price: $12.50

Image: DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #3 (cover C incentive 1:25 card stock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

The apocalyptic Suicide Squad team are planning for an all-out assault at the Blood Farm when one of Gotham's daughters finds them first. Batwoman gives them the chance to risk it all to save one of their own...but will this new mission give them the power they need to take on the mysterious Lord Cinder and his lieutenants? Or are they playing right into his hands? In the backup, learn the tragic story of Nightwing's betrayal and how he became a vampire!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #4 (cover C incentive 1:25 card stock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

With Baron Cinder and his lieutenants kept occupied by the mother of all diversions, the team attempts a daring raid on the Blood Farm to retrieve the one person who can bring sunlight back to the world. However, they have not reckoned on the terrifying presence of the Baron's vampire knights--familiar faces whose blades are every bit as bloodthirsty as they are. And in the backup, we learn the sad fate of the King of Cities, Jack Hawksmoor!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #5 (cover C incentive 1:25 card stock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

Betrayed and out of options, the pitiful remnants of the team head to a bleak and desolate Central City for one last Hail Mary as Baron Cinder's terrifying lieutenants close in. Will a Marvel Family showdown at the end of the world snuff out humanity's last hope, or will the team's final desperate gamble pay off?

Your Price: $12.50

Image: DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #6 (cover C incentive 1:25 cardstock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

THE GRAND FINALE! With the dying embers of their hope rekindled at the eleventh hour, what's left of John Constantine's Suicide Squad attempts to traverse the badlands with precious cargo in tow. But just as final victory over the vampires and their endless night seems all but assured, the team must contend with their most powerful and terrifying enemy yet: Baron Cinder himself. In the backup, what happened to Poison Ivy when the world ended...?

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Drax #2 (Stokoe variant cover - 00231) - Marvel Comics

• Drax and Terrax walk into a space cantina. Are they gonna brawl or go on a bender? Either way, it'll be epic! • Drax needs to get his starship--the Space Sucker--repaired. Only problem? He has no money. • But a mysterious crime spree may be the answer to his prayers... or at least a violent distraction.

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Eclipse #9 (cover A - Stokoe) - Image Comics-Top Cow
Eclipse #9 (cover A - Stokoe)
(Image Comics-Top Cow)

New Story Arc! In a world where sunlight is deadly, former solar engineer David Baxter rushes to escape back into New York City before sunrise, while Cielo Brandt, daughter of a corrupt solar tycoon, searches for the mysterious Scientist responsible for an immunity to dangerous sunlight-a Scientist with his own plans in mind.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99
SALE Price: $1.99

Image: Joker #14 (incentive 1:25 card stock cover - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

All the hunters converge on the Sampson estate as the brutal conclusion to the first season of The Joker is here! Bullets will fly, blood will be shed, and will James Gordon be forced to make the choice he's been dreading since issue #1? Punchline Backup: Punchline walks free, and the Royal Flush Gang is desperate for a new queen. The underworld of Gotham City is going to change forever, and this last chapter of Punchline is only the beginning. Punchline backup written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns, art by Belén Ortega. FINAL ISSUE

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Joker #7 (incentive 1:25 cover - James Stokoe)  [2021] - DC Comics

Très bienthe Joker visits Paris! Gordon must get to Joker ahead of the Sampsons, but has the Clown Prince set an ambush for his pursuers? Plus, Barbara fights for her life after her introduction to the new Talon! Punchline backup: The search for Kelly NessPunchline's former friend who is also in Blackgate Penitentiarybegins.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Joker #8 (incentive 1:25 cover - James Stokoe)  [2021] - DC Comics

Jim Gordon was warned, to head back to the light while you still can, but his quest to apprehend The Joker is taking him deeper into darkness. Could The Joker actually be innocent of the attack on Arkham Asylum? Punchline Back-Up: It's a jailbreak as Bluebird must escape from Blackgate before Punchline and her gang can murder her!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Joker #9 (incentive 1:25 cover - James Stokoe) - DC Comics

The terrifying Sampson family is ready to exact their revenge on the Clown Prince of Crime for the murder of one of their own during A-Day! Will Gordon risk his life to saveThe Joker? The shocking series continues with the most horrifying issue yet! Backup: Punchline and Harper Row go head-to-head for the life and safety of Kelly Ness! If Harper loses, the radicalization of young people in Gotham City will know no limits!

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Joker #10 (incentive 1:25 cover - James Stokoe)  [2021] - DC Comics

Following the harrowing events of Batman: The Killing Joke, the course of James Gordon's lifeâ”and that of his family'sâ”was forever changed! But what happened when Gordon's path again crossed with The Joker's⦠PUNCHLINE BACKUP: Harper Row has successfully gotten Punchline's former friend, Kelly Ness, out of Blackgate. What Kelly reveals about Punchline's past and true nature will change her criminal case forever, but will Harper and Leslie Thompkins be able to protect her from Punchline's loyalists? Punchline backup written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns, with art by Belén Ortega.

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Joker #12 (incentive 1:25 cover - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

There are dark, sinister secrets in the world, and then there are the secrets held by the infamous Sampson family on their compound down in Texas! Jim Gordon is about to enter a hell he never imagined to saveThe Joker? Punchline Backup: The Trial of Punchline grows volatile as the Royal Flush Gang makes their biggest and most wicked move in Gotham Ever. Punchline's endgame is here! Punchline backup written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns, art by Belén Ortega.

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Joker #13 (incentive 1:25 cover - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

Vengeance has spent her short existence waiting for the moment she could kill The Joker, but she knows that if she fulfills her programming, she'll be dragged back into the servitude of the terrifying Knightfallen of Santa Prisca. Jim Gordon may be her only way out, but a revelation close to his heart has the potential to send him down a darker path. One he may never turn back from. Backup: The trial of the century in Gotham City begins to draw to a close, and no one will be left happy with the results...except for one Alexis Kaye, a.k a. Punchline! Backup written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns, art by belén ortega.

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Justice League Infinity #4  [2021] - DC Comics

After being whisked across the Multiverse, Wonder Woman finds herself trapped on a desolate and barren planet with the last person she'd ever expect to find: DARKSEID! What does the former ruler of Apokolips want with the Amazonian warrior? And what lurks in the shadows of this devasted world?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: King Conan #1 (incentive 1:25 cover - Stokoe)  [2021] - Marvel Comics

CONAN'S LAST STAND AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD! Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar return to the saga of CONAN in an all-new adventure that takes the story of the Cimmerian further than has ever been revealed in ANY media to date! As Robert E. Howard posited, when King Conan grows restless on the throne, he sails west, toward land and adventure unknown. Now see the first step of King Conan's fateful journey from Aquilonia, as an old and terrible danger threatens to end the saga of the Cimmerian once and for all! Don't dare miss the first issue of the adventure of a lifetime!

Your Price: $15.00

Image: Orphan & Five Beasts #3  [2021] - Dark Horse Comics
Orphan & Five Beasts #3 [2021]
(Dark Horse Comics)

After an insane battle with the first of the Beasts known as Thunderthighs, a brave warrior named Orphan Mo and her newfound mountain bandits move forward in their journey to take down the next boss.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Orphan and the Five Beasts SC  - Dark Horse Comics
Orphan and the Five Beasts SC
(Dark Horse Comics)

Spurred on by her master's dying words, the adopted warrior "Orphan Mo" seeks to find and kill five former disciples who now threaten the land with corruption from their demonic powers. Part Five Deadly Venoms and part surreal grindhouse, James Stokoe brings his knack for ultra-detailed fantasy imagery and over-the-top violence to this classic tale of revenge. Collects the four-issue miniseries.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Prophet Vol. 04: Joining SC  - Image Comics

The Superbeing Troll's plans to lure out Badrock come to a head. Collects Prophet #39-45

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: Protector #1  [2020] - Image Comics
Protector #1 [2020]
(Image Comics)

SERIES PREMIERE! From SIMON ROY (Prophet), Sideways Award-winning author DANIEL M. BENSEN (Junction), ARTYOM TRAKHANOV (UNDERTOW), JASON WORDIE (GOD COUNTRY), and HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU (Red Sonja) comes a sci-fi adventure equal parts Conan the Barbarian, Mad Max, and The Expanse. Of all the tribes that dwell in the hot ruins of far-future North America, the Hudsoni reign supreme, but even they fear and obey the godlike Devas. When the Devas warn of an old-world demon in the conquered city of Shikka-Go, Hudsoni war chief First Knife decides to deal with the threat personally.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: S.H.I.E.L.D. #11 (Kirby Monster variant cover - Stokoe) - Marvel Comics

In order to defeat an enemy from the past Coulson and his team must resurrect a hero from yesteryear--Dominic Fortune! Only Fortune remembers the secret to conquering the threat at hand--but if SHIELD wants it, they'll have to bargain for it!

Your Price: $4.00

Image: Shadow War: Omega #1 (cover C incentive 1:25 card stock - James Stokoe)  [2022] - DC Comics

THE SHADOW WAR'S EPIC CONCLUSION! The shocking finale of the Shadow War! Lives have been lost. Heroes and villains have fallen in battle. And now the real mastermind behind the Shadow War has been revealed. But they are far from done! Batman and Robin are all that's left to put a stop to their real plans. Can the father-and-son duo work together to save the day? Events in this issue lead directly into DC's next big summer event!

Your Price: $12.50

Image: Sullivan's Sluggers HC  - Dark Horse Comics
Sullivan's Sluggers HC
(Dark Horse Comics)

Eisner and Harvey Award-winning writer Mark Andrew Smith joins forces with Eisner-nominated Orc Stain creator James Stokoe for a graphic novel packed with shocks, gore, and screamingly outrageous humor, when America's Favorite Pastime becomes one baseball team's ultimate nightmare as they fight for their lives against a town of flesh-eating monsters! o Featuring a bonus section with concept art, pinups by multiple artists, and more.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Sword of Azrael #6 (cover C incentive 1:25 cardstock - James Stokoe)  [2023] - DC Comics

ANGELS AT WAR! Brielle has embraced her violent destiny as the warrior angel Sariel, despite all of Azrael's interventions. Azrael will once more have to raise his flaming sword and gauntlets in violence to see if Brielle's soul can still be saved. If it can't, Father Valley and the Poor Fellow's full machinations will come to pass and the world will be damned. The epic conclusion of Sword of Azrael is here!

Your Price: $57.40

Image: Under Scourge of the Sewer  (Statix) SC - Titan Comics

Classic B-Movie horror! Eight-Legged Freaks meets Toxic Avenger! Some people bury their secrets underground. In Megalopolis, the dirt flows into the sewers. LT Wilson Jericho, disgraced from his position above ground and now an officer in the sewer police, thinks he knows everything there is to know about what lies beneath. But scientist Sandra Yeatman is determined to discover the truth behind the legends, and something is threatening to crawl out and rip the city apart...

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Warhammer 40K: Marneus Calgar #5 - Marvel Comics

CALGAR'S ULTIMATE TEST! • MARNEUS CALGAR'S deadly gambit brings him back to the moon where it all began... and an enemy who has been in hiding for centuries! • To quell the threat of this darkest power, Calgar will show no mercy. • There, Is, Only, WAR.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Wonton Soup Vol. 02 SC  - Oni Press Inc
Wonton Soup Vol. 02 SC
(Oni Press Inc)
In stock

(W/A) James Stokoe Johnny Boyo could have had it all. As one of the premier chefs in the galaxy, his culinary skills could have made him a star. So, with everything he ever dreamed of for the taking, why would Johnny walk away from it all behind to become a space trucker? Not even Citrus Watts, the girl he left behind, knows for sure. But now that Johnny has returned to the kitchen once more to save all he holds dear, does that mean he's back in the apron for good - or is the allure of the open space lanes too much for his trucker heart to take?

SRP: $11.95 Your Price: $10.15
SALE Price: $7.16

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