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Image: Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski Omnibus Vol. 1 HC  (new printing) (main cover - Campbell - Marvel Comics

Joined by the legendary John Romita Jr., acclaimed screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski begins a run that established him as one of the all-time Spidey greats! And they kick things off by introducing an enigmatic stranger with a startling secret about Spider-Man's origin! Wrestling with his separation from Mary Jane, Peter goes back to his roots with a new job: science teacher at his old school! But how will Aunt May react when she learns Peter is really Spider-Man?! Plus: Spidey battles Doctor Octopus, Morlun, Dormammu and more, and teams up with Doctor Strange, Captain America and...Loki?! And as Spidey copes with the horror of 9/11 and relives his heroic career, shocking sins of the past catch up with the wall-crawler. Collecting Amazing Spiderman (1999) #30-58, #500-514 and #509 Director's Cut.

SRP: $125.00 Your Price: $106.30

Image: Black Bat Omnibus Vol. 01 SC  - Dynamite

The classic pulp vigilante, reimagined for a new generation! Tony Quinn is a brash defense attorney to the mob who compromises his ethics for financial gain. When he refuses to cross the line and commit murder, he is tortured and blinded by his gangster employers. When a fortuitous meeting with a covert agency gives him a chance to make amends, Quinn transforms into the Black Bat and embarks on a redemptive quest to right the wrongs of his past. The complete 12-chapter epic, written by Brian Buccellato (of DC Comics' Flash) and collected into one massive omnibus! (CAUT: 0-1-2)

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Image: Black Cat #4  [2019] - Marvel Comics
Black Cat #4 [2019]
(Marvel Comics)

Someone is sending Black Cat throughout the Marvel Universe to steal from the most insanely secure locales, like Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum! Next up? 4 Yancy Street, current home of the Fantastic Four!!! How the heck is Black Cat getting in and out of the FF's new place?!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Black Cat Vol. 01: Grand Theft Marvel SC  - Marvel Comics

The Black Cat is back! Felicia Hardy has a taste for the finer things in life and a certain set of skills that can get her into any mansion, vault or museum toprocure them. But now Felicia's on the run from the New York Thieves Guild and their boss, Odessa Drake! Prepare for high-octane heists, climactic chases and twists to keep you on the edge of your seat! The Black Cat prides herself on being able to break into anywhere - but does that include Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum? In a magical place where any wrong turn might mean death, it will take an insane amount of luck just to get out alive. But getting out with the loot is even more difficult! Collecting Black Cat #1-5.

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Black Panther: Shuri - Deadliest of the Species SC  - Marvel Comics

Written by REGINALD HUDLIN Penciled by KEN LASHLEY Cover by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL Who is the Black Panther? After attending a secretive, mysterious meeting, T'Challa - the current Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda - returns home with severe injuries and locked in a comatose state. With no leads on who attacked her husband or why, Queen Ororo is thrust into a position of leadership. While Ororo is tasked with ruling Wakanda, another task of dire importance awaits her. Though Wakanda is a powerful nation, its power comes directly from its leader, the Black Panther - and in the event that T'Challa doesn't emerge from his coma, Storm must choose her husband's successor. And as this brave soul embarks on the dangerous ritual to become the new Black Panther, the stakes have never been higher. An unstoppable force is headed toward Wakanda: Morlun - Devourer of Totems - is back, and he's hungry! Collecting BLACK PANTHER #1-6. 144 pages. /Rated T+

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Chaos! Vol. 01: Highway to Hel SC  - Dynamite

The horror heroes of Chaos! Comics are back! The undead Evil Ernie, goddess Purgatori, vampire Chastity, and supernatural band of misfits known as The Omen have individually witnessed visions of the world's impending doom, and rush headlong into conflict. Some try desperately to avert the holocaust, out of altruism or self-interest, while others just want to raise some hell. So begins the return of the Chaos! universe on an epic scale, the resurrection of fan-favorite boogeymen and femme fatales amidst a violent, apocalyptic upheaval! Collects issue #1-6.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Cosmic Ghost Rider Omnibus Vol. 01 HC  - Marvel Comics

Millennia ago you knew him as the Punisher. Then Frank Castle made a deal with the devil to become the Ghost Rider. An alliance with Galactus made him cosmic. And a dark bargain with Thanos made himdead?! Now Cosmic Ghost Rider has a time-travel plan for vengeance on his former master. But can even Frank killbaby Thanos?! Cosmic Ghost Rider wreaks havoc in Marvel's past, allies with the Guardians of the Galaxy and takes on the Avengers alongside Johnny Blaze! But when Frank's only friend is endangered, it's time to take revenge! Collecting Thanos (2016) #13-18, Thanos Annual (2018) #1, Cosmic Ghost Rider #1-5, Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1-6, Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) #1-6, Avengers (2018) #22-25 and Revenge of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #1-5; and material from Thanos Legacy #1 and Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3.

SRP: $100.00 Your Price: $85.00

Image: Danger Girl: Back in Black SC  - IDW Publishing

Abbey and Sydney Savage go undercover to infiltrate an all-girl biker gang after a powerful and mysterious Native American artifact is stolen. From the black hills of California to the white sands of Daytona Beach, the girls take a wild ride into the dangerous world of espionage, motorcycles, and black magic to track down the priceless item. [(W) Andy Hartnell (A) Nick Bradshaw (CA) J. Scott Campbell]

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Danger Girl: Deluxe Edition SC  - IDW Publishing

Andy Hartnell (w) J. Scott Campbell (a & c) Sexy girl spies, drawn as only J. Scott Campbell can! Danger Girl follows the story of renowned Archeologist and adventurer Abbey Chase as she is recruited by a super-secret spy organization. Along with fellow operatives, Sydney Savage and Natalia Kasstle, Abbey receives her first mission: to locate a series of mystical relics and keep them out of the hands of the Hammer Syndicate, a huge criminal network bent on world domination!

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Image: Danger Girl: Permission to Thrill Adult Coloring Book SC  - IDW Publishing

Sultry. Sexy. And stripped of color! The luscious artwork of J. Scott Campbell is unmistakable and often imitated - and now it's yours to color in this collection of artwork from the comic book series Danger Girl. From thrilling scenes to chilling curves, Permission to Thrill brings the best of the comics medium to the world of coloring books!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Danger Girl: Renegade SC  - IDW Publishing
Danger Girl: Renegade SC
(IDW Publishing)

Abbey Chase is renowned across the globe as a brilliant young archaeologist and (a bit less renowned) as a member of the super-secret spy organization known as Danger. But what set of circumstances lead Abbey to become who she is-who trained and shaped her into this remarkable person? Now, for the first time ever, Danger Girl readers will find the answer to these questions and more.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Danger Girl: Revolver SC  - IDW Publishing
Danger Girl: Revolver SC
(IDW Publishing)

Who is she? What are her skills? Where is she from? What are her measurements? You'll find those answers and more as she joins the world's sexiest spy agency in their most explosive adventure yet! [(W) Andy Hartnell (A) Chris Madden (CA) J. Scott Campbell]

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Danger Girl: Trinity SC  - IDW Publishing
Danger Girl: Trinity SC
(IDW Publishing)

It's three times the ACTION, three times the THRILLS, and three times the DANGER!!! Abbey, Sydney, and Sonya embark on three different knuckle-clenching adventures, each an epic tale of intrigue and derring-do, and each drawn by a different fantastic artist. [(W) Andy Hartnell (A) John Royle & Various (CA) J. Scott Campbell]

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Dejah Thoris Vol. 01: Gardens of Mars SC  - Dynamite

Dejah Thoris, obsessed with finding the legendary Gardens of Mars, recruits her own expedition team of scientists. But once outside the palace walls, things don't go as planned, and the Princess learns the hard way just how dangerous Barsoom really is.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Detective Comics #1027 (variant Batman & Batgirl cover - J. Scott Campbell) - DC Comics

Light the Bat-Signal, because Detective Comics #1027 is here! In honor of Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27, this special, book-size celebration brings you the biggest names in comics as they chronicle the most epic Batman adventures Gotham City and the DC Universe have ever seen! The World's Greatest Detective has a mountain of cases to crack: Who murdered Gotham's most corrupt police officer? What does The Joker's annual visit mean for Bruce Wayne? And most importantly, what WayneTech mystery will sow the seeds of the next epic Batman event? All this and more await you within the pages of the biggest Batman issue of them all! Wraparound cover by Andy Kubert.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $9.99

Image: Escape from Wonderland HC  - Zenescope Entertainment Inc
Escape from Wonderland HC
(Zenescope Entertainment Inc)

(W) Raven Gregory (A) Daniel Leister, Nei Ruffino (C) J. Scott Campbell The beginning of the end is here. The final piece to the Wonderland trilogy brings the powerful story of Alice's only daughter , Calie Liddle, full circle. Her infant daughter was taken from her arms and brought into the realm of madness. Now Calie must re-enter the one place she has tried for so long to escape. The moment of truth has arrived as the girl who became a woman now sets out to become a hero. The one person who can prevent pure insanity from escaping into this world must now find a way to defeat madness itself. The final chapter of the most intense, riveting and addictive comic book series you have read in years has arrived and this time around there may be no escaping Wonderland. MATURE THEMES

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Fantastic Four #15 (variant Mary Jane cover - J.S. Campbell) - Marvel Comics

Point of Origin part 2. Everyone knows the story of the brave souls who were bombarded by cosmic rays and transformed into superhuman beings, how they became their world's first line of defense against all alien threats. They are The Unparalleled! Seven super heroes who now must fulfill their destiny by defeating the fearsome, foretold forces of The Fantastic Four! Wait. What?!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: G.I. Joe: Best of Larry Hama HC  - IDW Publishing

by Larry Hama Since 1982, Larry Hama has been chronicling the comic book adventures of G.I. JOE, influencing every aspect of the property. This collection of stories, spanning the length of Hama's career truly represents The Best of Larry Hama, and includes G.I. Joe: Real American Heroes issues #21, 24, 26, 34, 63, 85, 86, 91, 104, and G.I. Joe: Special Missions #17.

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $42.50

Image: Gamora: Guardian of the Galaxy SC  - Marvel Comics

Everyone knows she's the deadliest woman in the galaxy - now find out how Gamora earned that reputation! From the strange tale of her first encounter with Pip the Troll, follow Gamora through her early adventures at the side of Adam Warlock. Learn why she was raised by Thanos to take on Adam's dark side, the Magus! Then join Gamora, Warlock, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, the Thing and the Avengers in one of the greatest cosmic epics of all time, waging war on the Mad Titan himself! It's a saga of secrets and sacrifice that shows exactly why Gamora was destined to one day guard the Galaxy! Collecting Strange Tales (1951) #180-181; Warlock (1972) #9-11 and #15; Avengers Annual #7; and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 12 SC  - Zenescope Entertainment Inc
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 12 SC
(Zenescope Entertainment Inc)

Fairy tales and fables have been passed down for generations throughout the history of mankind. But there has never been an adaptation quite like this! Collecting Grimm Fairy Tales issues #71-76 of Zenescope Entertainment's longest running series. [(W) Raven Gregory (A) Various (CA) J. Scott Campbell]

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Hero Comics: A Hero Initiative Benefit Book SC  - IDW Publishing

The Hero Initiative provides help when comic book creators are in need, it's as simple as that. This volume presents an all-star line-up of incredible comic book talent who have come together, donating their time and considerable talents for a good cause. Now, you can do your part-buy this book and help the Hero Initiative continue its noble work! Featuring dozens of great writers and artists, and many of your favorite series, like American Flagg!, Chew, The Maxx, Jon Sable, Red Star, as well as original concepts, as well as an astounding selection of short Heroes In Action stories by more than a dozen creators telling their own firsthand experiences with the Hero Initiative when they needed a helping hand, including Gene Colan, Stan Goldberg, Ralph Reese, and more. Gallery section showcases the work of J. Scott Campbell, Arthur Adams, Mark Schultz, Matt Wagner, Adam Hughes, Darwyn Cooke, and more!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: J. Scott Cambell: Time Capsule HC  - Image Comics

In 2004, RICHARD STARKINGS spent Election Day with fan favorite artist J. SCOTT CAMPBELL talking about his first ten years in comics. Richly illustrated with black and white art from CAMPBELL's files, the conversation covers Gen13, Danger Girl,Wildsiderz, and triggered his association with Spider-Man. Also featured is a 16-page color section.

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: J. Scott Campbell's Danger Girl Gallery Edition HC  - IDW Publishing

J. Scott Campbell is renowned for his gorgeous art and stunningly realized covers. This collection (available in a standard size square bound prestige format as well as in a deluxe, oversized hardcover) features 64 pages crammed full of Campbell's Danger Girl covers and pin-ups. As an added bonus, several notable guest stars are included in this collection, providing their own beautifully executed version of the Danger Girl team: Adam Hughes, Travis Charest, Joe Madureira, Arthur Adams, Joe Quesada, David Mack, and more. A fine addition to any fan of Danger Girl and the art of J. Scott Campbell!

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: J. Scott Campbell's Danger Girl Sketchbook: Expanded Edition HC  - IDW Publishing

J. Scott Campbell's long out of print Danger Girl sketchbook is back and with all-new additional content! Campbell's gorgeous preliminary drawings, layouts and sketches are showcased in this beautifully designed, over-sized hardcover. Lovely renditions of Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle and more are Lusciously delineated-in the patented Danger Girl style! Featuring a brand new cover by Campbell as well as an extra 16 pages of never-before-seen-material!

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: John Carter, Warlord of Mars Vol. 01 SC  - Dynamite

John Carter, the Confederate soldier transported to distant Mars, must save his adopted world from an adversary who is every bit his equal on the Red Planet: Captain Joshua Clark, formerly of the Army of the Potomac and now the strategist for a species of star-hopping conquerors. While Carter and his staunch ally, the Thark chieftain Tars Tarkas, lead a legion of united Green Men and Red Men against the alien assailants, Dejah Thoris - the princess of Barsoom - is held captive by the bloodthirsty Clark in the fallen city of Helium. The Invaders of Mars storyline is cosmic-scale action and adventure, courtesy of Ron Marz, the groundbreaking writer of Green Lantern!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Marvel Monograph: The Art of J. Scott Campbell - The Complete Covers Vol. 01 SC  - Marvel Comics

Gaze in wonder on the art of modern masters - in the Marvel Monographs! Comics superstar J. Scott Campbell has established himself as one of the industry's finest and most sought-after cover artists with a versatile and kinetic style that has brought dozens of Marvel heroes, villains and events to life! From Black Panther to Spider-Man, Campbell's work has touched all corners of the Marvel Universe. This volume presents a gorgeous gallery of many of the finest covers Campbell has ever drawn!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond #1 - Marvel Comics

Black Cat has been kidnapped, and the only person who can save her is...MARY JANE WATSON?! Mary Jane has never liked Felicia Hardy, and now she has to save her life?! But remember, this is the Black Cat we're talking about. Things are never quite what they seem. BEYOND BOARD: Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson & Saladin Ahmed.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.24

Image: Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Vol. 01 SC  - Dynamite

In this riveting relaunch, the guardian of the jungle, SHEENA, pursues a mysterious invader that has come to spy on the Amazon's most ancient secrets... Following the path of the trespasser, she encounters a forbidden ruin in which even more deadly dangers lie in wait -- and begins an adventure that will take her beyond her wildest imaginings!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Swords of Sorrow: The Complete Saga SC  - Dynamite

Dynamite's fiercest females appear in a massive genre-spanning crossover event featuring an all-star line-up of female authors, headlined by Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey)! The ultimate pulp adventure features Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, Purgatori, Lady Demon, Chastity, Jungle Girl, Jennifer Blood, Kato, Lady Zorro, and many, many more! Villains and heroes from a dozen worlds and eras face off against a legendary evil that threatens all their homelands. Written by Gail Simone, Mairghread Scott, Nancy A. Collins, G. Willow Wilson, Erica Schultz, Leah Moore, Marguerite Bennett, Emma Beeby, and Mikki Kendall, and featuring artwork by Sergio Davila, Mirka Andolfo, Dave Acosta, Noah Salonga, Francesco Manna, Crizam Zamora, Rod Rodolfo, and Ronilson Freire!

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: True Blood Vol. 02: Tainted Love SC  - IDW Publishing

A sweet gesture by Hoyt to surprise Jessica with the prom night she never had goes awry when Tru Blood served turns out to be part of a poisoned batch - and Jessica becomes its first victim! Sookie, Bill, and Eric race to track down the culprits responsible, and find it's all part of a nefarious plot. Now there are mere hours to locate Jessica... before the maddening effects of the tainted elixir drive her to the true death! [(W) Marc Andreyko, Michael McMillian (A) Stephen Molnar, Joe Corroney (CA) J. Scott Campbell]

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 01 SC  - Dynamite

In 2010, Dynamite Entertainment reintroduced readers to Vampirella, the most iconic heroine in the history of horror comics! Now, for the first time ever, the raven-haired monster hunter's one-woman war on evil is collected in a massive Omnibus edition, an epic compendium of mystery, mayhem, and the macabre! In hot pursuit of the infamous Vlad Dracula, Vampirella discovers a far-reaching conspiracy far deadlier than the Lord of the Undead himself. Thrill to the action and intrigue with three complete storylines: Crown of Worms, A Murder of Crows, and Throne of Skulls, comprising issues #1-20 of the ongoing Dynamite comic book series, plus bonus stories originally presented in the first two Vampirella Annuals.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: X-Men Black SC  - Marvel Comics
X-Men Black SC
(Marvel Comics)

Magneto. Mojo. Mystique. Juggernaut. Emma Frost. Apocalypse. The X-Men have gone head-to-head with all of them countless times over the years - but now the villains are the stars! From the cold vacuum of space to the jungles of the Savage Land, from dominating a secret society's inner sanctum to crashing through all walls in their way, these titanic tales show what makes the X-Men's opponents the most formidable in the universe. Chris Claremont sets Magneto on a new path! Mojo findslove? Mystique delivers revenge-fueled chills, seductive thrills and brutal kills! Emma Frost sets her sights on the Hellfire Club! Nothing can stop the Juggernautuntil now! And a transformative tale of Apocalypse that must be seen to be believed! Collecting X-Men Black - Magneto, X-Men Black - Mojo, X-Men Black - Mystique, X-Men Black - Juggernaut and X-Men Black - Emma Frost.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: X-Men Black: Magneto #1  [2018] - Marvel Comics

Magneto is back! and so is Chris Claremont! For years, Magneto has done everything he can to achieve his goals for mutant domination. But now Magneto has declared that enough is enough. So what revolutionary plan does Magneto have that will change the face of mutantkind? And will anyone be able to stop him? Will anyone want to? Plus: Includes Part 1 of X-Men Black: Apocalypse the back up story by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, and Geraldo Borge!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

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