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Image: 52 Omnibus HC  - DC Comics
52 Omnibus HC
(DC Comics)

As addictive as any good TV series, any good mystery-novel series, any good comic book series. - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Gripping. - THE WASHINGTON POST A compelling, epic story that wound up saving the world five times over. - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS After INFINITE CRISIS, the DC Universe had its most eventful year ever. It was a year without Superman, Batman or Wonder Womanbut not a year without heroes! This massive hardcover collects the entire year-long run of the weekly series 52! [(W) Geoff Johns & Various (CA) J. G. Jones]

SRP: $150.00 Your Price: $127.50

Image: Black Widow: The Itsy-Bitsy Spider SC  - Marvel Comics

Natasha Romanov has always led a life of adventure. First, she was a Soviet spy, fighting on the Cold War front line. She then defected to the West, eventually becoming a super hero and an Avenger. Natasha has earned a reputation as a consummate professional, coldly efficient and as deadly as her namesake. But now, her time as Black Widow may be running out. Yelena Belova, the new Black Widow, seeks to claim the mantle she feels was stolen from her Motherland. Anxious to prove herself by eliminating her counterpart, Belova will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. The battle of the two Widows rages from the deserts of the Middle East to New York's Upper West Side. And when the smoke clears, will either be left standing? Collecting Black Widow (1999) #1-3 and Black Widow (2001) #1-3.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Bloodshot Vol. 04: H.A.R.D. Corps SC  - Valiant Entertainment LLC
Bloodshot Vol. 04: H.A.R.D. Corps SC
(Valiant Entertainment LLC)

Every missionis someone's last. Out of the ashes of Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot is about to join the weaponized men and women of the HARBINGER ACTIVE RESISTANCE DIVISION - the black budget, technologically-augmented strike force where the powers are dangerously unstable and every mission is a one-way ticket into the meat grinder. With a reluctant leader calling the shots and a new crop of untested rookies manning the frontline, Bloodshot is about to take H.A.R.D. Corps behind enemy lines - and into a gasoline-drenched, synapse-snapping suicide run where no one is safeand heroes always die trying. Collecting BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #14-17 and BLOODSHOT #0, join acclaimed writers Christos Gage (Avengers Academy) and Joshua Dysart (Harbinger Wars) and superstar-in-the-making Emanuela Lupacchino (Archer & Armstrong) right here to light the fuse on an explosive new chapter for Bloodshot and the Valiant Universe's most feared team of superhuman operatives! [(W) Christos N. Gage & Various (A) Emanuela Lupacchino, ChrisCross (CA) J. G. Jones]

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Doc Savage #1 - DC Comics
Doc Savage #1
(DC Comics)

Written by PAUL MALMONT Co-feature written by JASON STARR Art by HOWARD PORTER & Art Thibert Co-feature art by SCOTT HAMPTON Cover by J.G. JONES 1:10 variant cover by John Cassaday The Man of Bronze in his own series at last! Doc Savage is the target of a brazen attack on New York City! Tragedy will strike one of Doc's compatriots, and someone may not survive the opening pages of "The Lord of Lightning!" Written by Paul Malmont, national best-selling author of The Chinatown Death-Cloud Peril, with art by Howard Porter (JLA)! And don't miss the hard-hitting JUSTICE, INC. co-feature, starring Richard Benson, the Avenger! When criminals abduct one of his own detectives, Benson's icy heart sears with a rage hotter than any he's ever known. "Worst Nightmare" begins here, written by crime novelist Jason Starr (THE CHILL) with art by Scott Hampton (LUCIFER)!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Doc Savage #6 - DC Comics
Doc Savage #6
(DC Comics)

Written by IVAN BRANDON Co-feature written by JASON STARR Art by NIC KLEIN Co-feature art by SCOTT HAMPTON Cover by J.G. JONES 1:10 Variant cover by JOHN CASSADAY The events of "The Lord of Lightning" have left Doc and his crew somewhere they've never been - on the wrong side of the law! They've explored some strange lands in the past, but in the criminal underworld, they've lost their way! It's a thrilling done-in-one from the creators of the acclaimed Image comic Viking! And in the JUSTICE, INC. co-feature, a new case sheds light on the violent past of Smitty, one of Benson's most trusted detectives and sets both men on a bloody odyssey that will clearly draw the line between "Vengeance and Murder!" Scheduled to arrive on SEPTEMBER 8 40 pages. Full Color.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Doctor Star & the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #2 (variant cover - Jones)  [4] - Dark Horse Comics

Astral crime fighter Doctor Star discovers a sprawling alien city that desperately needs his help to defend itself against a powerful intergalactic space monster! o Ties directly into the Eisner-Award winning Black Hammer comic books series and is written by main writer Jeff Lemire.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Dollar Comics: Wonder Woman #14 (2005) - DC Comics

Who are the Circle? And what deadly secret about Wonder Woman's origin do they hold?

SRP: $1.00 Your Price: $0.85

Image: Earth 2 #26 - DC Comics
Earth 2 #26
(DC Comics)

Val and Lantern battle Superman with Earth's fate hanging in the balance when a familiar faces arrives on Earth 2 via the Boom Tube to turn the tide! [(W) Tom Taylor (A) Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott (CA) J. G. Jones]

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Final Crisis SC  - DC Comics
Final Crisis SC
(DC Comics)

The mind-blowing miniseries is back in an expanded trade paperback collecting Final Crisis #1-7, Final Crisis: Submit #1, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1-2, DC Universe #0, Batman #682-683 and pages from Absolute Final Crisis! What happens when evil wins? Superman, Batman and the Justice League must face this reality when Darkseid and his followers win the war between light and dark! [(W) Grant Morrison (A) J. G. Jones & Various (CA) J. G. Jones]

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: First Wave #4 - DC Comics
First Wave #4
(DC Comics)

Written by BRIAN AZZARELLO Art by RAGS MORALES Cover by J.G. JONES 1:10 Variant cover by GEOF DARROW Doc Savage and The Spirit have followed the Blackhawks to Hidalgo, but the Red Hand stands between them and the murderous Anton Colossi - who's busy breaking bread with his dear friend Bruce Wayne! And when Doc's newfound fortune is stolen as quickly as it was discovered, it'll take another uneasy truce between The Avenger and Doc's crew of compatriots to track it down! This book is resolicited. All previous orders are canceled. Scheduled to arrive on SEPTEMBER 8 4 of 6, 40 pages. Full Color.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Green Lantern Corps #24 - DC Comics

Lights Out part two! John Stewart must lead a group of GLs in a last-ditch effort to save Oa and protect the other Lanterns as they retreat from Relic's attack! [(W) Robert Venditti, Van Jensen (A) Bernard Chang (CA) J. G. Jones]

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Harbinger Wars 2 #1 (cover A - Jones)  [2018] - Valiant Entertainment LLC
Harbinger Wars 2 #1 (cover A - Jones) [2018]
(Valiant Entertainment LLC)

The seismic comics event of 2018 starts here! From New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar. Divinity, Mind MGMT) and superstar artist Tomas Giorello (X-O Manowar), the most powerful Valiant event ever attempted erupts in full force as X-O Manowar, Livewire, the Harbinger Renegades, Bloodshot, the Secret Weapons, Ninjak, and a cast of thousands draw their battle lines in Harbinger Wars 2! For the rare and immensely powerful subset of humanity known as psiots, their unique abilities have come with an enormous cost. Once, their existence was known only to a select few. Now, the revelation that thousands of these latent telekinetic harbingers secretly live among uswith the potential to become active at any momenthas led the American government to a dramatic tipping point Armed with new extra-governmental authority, the deep-black military contractor known as Omen has been authorized to identify, evaluate, and, if need be, eliminate all super-normal threats to the homeland. H.A.R.D. Corps units have been deployed into cities and towns across the United States to enforce their orders. In the East, one of the most powerful minds on Earth, Peter Stanchek, is leading his band of Renegades across the country, activating any potential psiots willing to join them, and building an insurrection force of ultra-powerful and unwieldy new abilities that will soon bring war to Omen's doorstepand the unstoppable force known as X-O Manowar raging back to Earth In the West, Livewire - the telekinetic technopath with the ability to bend machines and computers to her will - will be forced to choose between her former alliesor her newfound team of Secret Weapons. As the situation escalates beyond human control, the United States will be plunged into darkness from coast to coast, launching Bloodshot and Ninjak into a dangerous mission to neutralize their one-time teammate - and setting the stage for the most shocking, most violent, and most consequential clash of powers ever witnessed in the history of the Valiant Universe!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Harbinger Wars 2 #2 (cover A - Jones)  [2018] - Valiant Entertainment LLC
Harbinger Wars 2 #2 (cover A - Jones) [2018]
(Valiant Entertainment LLC)

And so...the unstoppable X-O Manowar enters the fray! From East to West, the nation has been cleaved down the middle as Livewire's defensive attack on the U.S. power grid envelops America in darkness and sets the stage for the biggest clash of powers ever witnessed... On one side, Peter Stanchek's ragtag team of Renegades - alongside their newly activated army of untrained and wildly unstable psiots - ready themselves for an unsparing firefight with H.A.R.D. Corps and the agents of Omen. On the other, Ninjak and Bloodshot prepare to enter Livewire's domain inside blacked-out Los Angeles. But as the casualties pile up and the losses mount on both sides, none of them will be ready to confront the full fury of raw power personified as X-O Manowar makes his long-awaited return after a year of self-imposed exile among the stars...and delivers a single concussive strike that will send shockwaves across the whole of the Valiant Universe! The most powerful Valiant event attempted continues in full force with another seismic chapter as New York Times best-selling author Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar, Mind MGMT) and superstar artist Tomás Giorello (X-O Manowar) unleash X-O Manowar on a world he thought he'd left behind...and fire off the next brutal volley in the coast-to-coast clash of comics icons that will leave no hero unscathed!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Ignited #9 - Humanoids Inc
Ignited #9
(Humanoids Inc)

The Phoenix Six rise from the ashes! With their identities made public and their families in danger, the Phoenix Six have fled their hometown in search of the mysterious Dr. Zhao. But when they they find themselves in a position to dish out some well-deserved justice, will their newfound notoriety be their downfall?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Justice League #36 (variant cover - J. G. Jones)  [2018] - DC Comics

Justice Lost part 3! Footage of a major Justice League failure ends up on an extremist website, going viral across social media and prompting a Congressional investigation of the team. As public debate explodes over America's trust in the Justice League, the team faces a crisis of confidence in Batman and his methods, which ultimately highlights fractures within the team over civil rights and methodology.

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Marvel Knights Marvel Boy by Morrison & Jones SC  - Marvel Comics

Meet Marvel Boy - A.K.A. Noh-Varr of the Kree Empire, last survivor of a doomed starship. He's seen good friends killed by sheer ignorance and hate, and his welcome to Earth consisted of imprisonment and torture. Now he's angry. And if necessary, he'll take on our entire planet - in the name of love, justice and the freedom to ride in his spaceship! But who are Doctor Midas and the Exterminatrix - and what do they want with Marvel Boy? From the boundless imagination of Grant Morrison, as filtered through the stunning artwork of J.G. Jones, Noh-Varr is a Marvel Boy like no other - but will he be Earth's latest hero, or its most terrifying new enemy? Collecting Marvel Boy (2000) #1-6.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Potter's Field SC  - Boom! Studios
Potter's Field SC
(Boom! Studios)

(W) Mark Waid (A) Paul Azaceta First time in trade paperback! Outside New York City is Potter's Field, where the unnamed dead are buried. Now, a mysterious man has taken it upon himself to name the unnamed in this cemetery! Using a network of underground operatives who don't know each other, he fights to save the unsaved and solve the mysteries of the unjustly slain! Collecting the critically acclaimed three issue mini-series and the Stone Cold one-shot into one volume! Cover by J.G. Jones.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Project Superpowers: Chapter Three #0 (cover F incentive - J. G. Jones) (50-copy)  [2018] - Dynamite

Superpowers #0: Project Superpowers is Back! Written by Rob (Suicide Squad) Williams, illustrated by Sergio (Swords of Sorrow, Superman) Davila, and featuring an all-star roster of cover artists, this introductory priced issue is the perfect starting point for the most ambitious superhero story of 2018. An all-new threat faces the Earth, while the team faces turmoil from within and must overcome all obstacles to prove their worth and value in a world that desperately needs its heroes. The Death Defying Devil, Samson, Black Terror, Masquerade, Green Lama, Scarab and more are all here as the adventure begins again. Featuring an introductory story leading right into the all-new #1 next month, Project Superpowers #0 is action-packed and introductory priced. Includes bonus materials and 16 pages of original story.

SRP: $ Your Price: $20.00

Image: Project Superpowers: Chapter Three #1 (cover I incentive - Jones Sepia)  [2018] - Dynamite

The Project Superpowers heroes came from the past, now they have to prove their relevance in the modern world. A 21st Century threat is coming for us all. What dread secrets does The Death Defying Devil hold? The Lighthouse will rise and the Spirit of The American Flag will take on a new host. But will it be enough? Can superheroes still save the day?

SRP: $ Your Price: $8.00

Image: Strange Fruit HC  - Boom! Studios
Strange Fruit HC
(Boom! Studios)

J.G. Jones (52, Wanted) and Mark Waid (Irredeemable, Superman: Birthright, Kingdom Come) weave a powerful, literary, fully-painted piece of historical fiction that examines the heroic myth while exploring themes of racism, cultural legacy, and human nature. During the Great Flood of 1927 in Chatterlee, Mississippi, the River is rising as fast as the racial and social tensions in town. But when an otherworldly being falls from the sky and challenges everything these divided people knew, it changes things . . . forever. Includes a foreword by renowned film critic Elvis Mitchell. Collects the complete limited series.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Superman: Sacrifice SC   - DC Comics

The story that forever altered the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman is available again, with stories from Superman #218-220, Adventures Of Superman #642-643, Action Comics #829 and Wonder Woman #219-220. Max Lord has taken over Superman's mind and has him in thrall. With Superman's peers and loved ones in danger, Wonder Woman must battle past the Man of Steel and end the threat.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Wanted SC  - Image Comics
Wanted SC
(Image Comics)

NOW BACK IN PRINT! Wesley Gibson is one of life's losers. His job sucks, his girlfriend's cheating on him, and his life's going nowhere. Then he finds out everything he believed about his life was a lie for Wesley is actually the son of the Killer, the world's most deadly assassin! Now the Fox-his father's former lover-offers to train Wesley as the new Killer, and bring him into a powerful society of supervillains. With awesome extras, including the WANTED dossier.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: X-Men #12 (variant cover - Jones) - Marvel Comics

Conclusion to Ghosts. • The Sisterhood is fully formed, and the battle for leadership begins! • The X-Men must choosetake down the Arkea Sentinels or go after the Sisterhood. [(W) Brian Wood (A) Kris Anka (CA) J. G. Jones]

SRP: $ Your Price: $20.00

Image: Y the Last Man Omnibus HC  - DC Comics - Vertigo
Y the Last Man Omnibus HC
(DC Comics - Vertigo)

The entire Eisner Award-winning 60-issue run of Y: The Last Man is collected in a single omnibus edition! This is the saga of Yorick Brown, the only survivor of a plague that kills every mammal with a Y chromosome. Accompanied by his pet monkey, Ampersand, a mysterious government agent and a brilliant young geneticist, Yorick travels the world in search of his lost love and the answer to why he's the last man on earth.

SRP: $150.00 Your Price: $127.50

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