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Image: Amazing Spider-Man: Family Buisness SC  - Marvel Comics

Someone has Spider-Man in their crosshairs, and the only person in the Marvel Universe who can save him isPeter Parker's sister?! As the web-slinger meets family he never knew, will she end up becoming his greatest ally, or the one who damns him? And what does the Kingpin of Crime have to do with it? This self-contained graphic novel - written by Eisner Award-winner Mark Waid (Daredevil) and acclaimed author James Robinson (Superman), and painted by the legendary Gabriele Dell'Otto (Secret War) - brings you the web-slinger's darkest hourand greatest triumph!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy HC  - Marvel Comics

The Jackal is back, and he's conquered mortality; now some of Spider-Man's firmest friends and fiercest foes are dead no more! Outmatched by his classic enemy's army, does the wall-crawler have a chance? Should he even stand in the way if Miles Warren holds the key to eternal life? If Peter Parker doesn't have the answers, askOtto Octavius! Shocks reverberate throughout Spidey's world as Silk gets drawn into the fray by a Spider-Woman back from the grave! Scarlet Spider faces Carrion! And a reborn Prowler works for the Jackal - but what role does the resurrected Madame Web play? All this plusGwen Stacy! It's the most death-defying Spider-Man event of all time! Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #19-24, The Clone Conspiracy #1-5, The Clone Conspiracy: Omega 1, Silk (2015B) #14-17, Prowler (2016) #1-5 and material from Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Captain America) #1.

SRP: $60.00 Your Price: $51.00

Image: Clone Conspiracy #5  [2017] - Marvel Comics
Clone Conspiracy #5 [2017]
(Marvel Comics)

The Spider-Event of the year concludes! • The Jackal takes drastic measures that Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Spider could never see coming. • Jackal's coup de grâce not only sets a host of resurrected villains loose on the unsuspecting streets of San Francisco, but threatens the lives of everyone on Earth! • After months of waiting, heartache and incredible surprises, this is the issue Spider-fans around the world will be talking about for years to come!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99
SALE Price: $2.59

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