Hangman #1 (cover A - Ruiz)

New ongoing series from Dark Circle! They say the Hangman is nothing more than an urban legend. A spook story told to scare criminals straight. But those who encounter him - like hitman Mad Dog Mike Minetta - know different. They know that when he comes for you, you're dead already. Join fan-favorite writer Frank Tieri (Wolverine) and artist extraordinaire Felix Ruiz (Wolverine Max) for an ongoing tale of horror, the supernatural, and violence - and learn why some men may never be redeemed.

Image: Hangman #1 (cover A - Ruiz) - Archie Comic Publications

Hangman #1 (cover A - Ruiz)

Archie Comic Publications
Image: Hangman #2 (cover A - Bradstreet) - Archie Comic Publications
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