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Image: Angel #3 (cover C incentive 1:25 - Young)  [2022] - Boom! Studios

The team can't figure out what to make of Angel's height, or the soul that dwells in the Spirit House. Even worse, an inky black snowfall starts to coat all of Southern California, along with a forecast of more deadly inclement weather, making the tormented parts of the human populace even more vulnerable. And worse still, a gruesome new enemy has other plans for the loose spirit... ones with terrible ramifications for humanity...

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Battles of Bridget Lee Vol. 02: Miracle Child SC  - Dark Horse Comics

En route to secure more rations for her outpost, Bridget Lee is dragged back to the battlefield where her husband died. There, she discovers the Kra'kuu's plan to unite and rise up behind a new figure, but will it be enough to fend off the merciless Marauders when the time comes?

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Battles of Bridget Lee: Invasion of Farfall SC  - Dark Horse Comics

There is no longer a generation that remembers a time before the Marauders invaded Earth. Bridget Lee, an ex-combat medic now residing at the outpost Farfall, may be the world's last hope. But Bridget will need to overcome her own fears before she can save her people. Her legend begins here. • Acclaimed Nanjing: The Burning City artist/writer Ethan Young creates a sci-fi series!

SRP: $10.99 Your Price: $9.34

Image: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32 (cover D incentive 1:25 - Young)  [2021] - Boom! Studios

Will Buffy and the Scoobies survive the final battle against Silas at Sunnydale High? With team members out of commission, the Slayers divise a final plan to take care of Silas once and for all in this third chapter of We Are The Slayer. But what side will Ethan be on? And what role does Cordelia have to play? And most importantly, will Buffy's master plan from across the Multiverse succeed!?

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Dark Crisis #3 (cover E incentive 1:50 card stock - Ethan Young)  [2022] - DC Comics

THE BATTLE OF THE EMERALD ARMY HAS BEGUN! Hal Jordan has launched all-out war on Pariah and the Dark Army to avenge his fallen Justice League teammatesbut how can one man stand in the way of the Great Darkness? Meanwhile back on Earth, Titans Tower has burned and Deathstroke's army has continued its scorched-earth march across the planet. To stop Slade Wilson, the young heroes of the DCU might have no other choice than to turn to the brutal tactics of Black Adam

Your Price: $25.00

Image: Expanse: The Dragon Tooth #2 (cover C incentive 1:10 - Young)  [2023] - Boom! Studios

The stellar expansion and continuation of The Expanse continues in the only place fans will find new adventures! In a time of great strife and subterfuge, Sohiro, Roki, Avasarala, and other key players make their way in the breadth of cosmic colonialism and piracy. But, a long-hidden threat lurks in waiting connected to threads from the past that will change the future forever. Superstar writer Andy Diggle (Hellblazer) and highly acclaimed artist Rubine (Astronaut Down) continue the epic, 12-issue continuation of the highly celebrated sci-fi franchise The Expanse!

Your Price: $5.00

Image: Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 - Boom! Studios

After the shocking conclusion of Mal's journey with Boss Moon, Mal hands himself into the Alliance...but it turns out its not him they want. The infamous Ma Reynolds is at the top of the Alliance's Most Wanted, and if Mal doesn't get to her first, the Alliance will! Kicking off a new year of Firefly, discover the secret history of Mal and his mother, and what that will mean for the rest of the 'verse...and a new brewing war to end all wars.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters #7 (cover B - Young)  [2021] - Oni Press Inc.

The search to find their missing father has led Rainbow and Jonna through monster-infested wastes, desert lands, dank caves, and now, a hidden city. They have experienced the best and worst of humanity in their short time in the bustling, if ramshackle, metropolis. It's safe to say that they've both had enough, so Rainbow ventures deep into the monster fighting pits to rescue her sister as only she can! One thing leads to another, and it's dueling rescues in this incredible tour-de-force issue.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Magic: Ajani Goldmane #1 (cover D Unlockable - Young)  [2022] - Boom! Studios

This standalone tale introduces new readers to fan favorite planeswalker Ajani Goldmane, while delving into his past adventures and uncovering surprising revelations for the brave healer's current fans! But what happens when the steadfast, valiant protector faces threats beyond his capabilities?

Your Price: $10.00

Image: Nanjing: The Burning City SC  - Dark Horse Comics
Nanjing: The Burning City SC
(Dark Horse Comics)

After the bombs fell, the Imperial Japanese Army seized the Chinese capital of Nanjing. Screams echo off the rubble, as two abandoned Chinese soldiers- trapped and desperately outnumbered inside the walled city-try to escape. What they'll encounter will haunt them. But in the face of horror, they'll learn that resistance and bravery cannot be destroyed. Ethan Young (The Battles of Bridget Lee, Tales, Life Between Panels) delves into World War II's forgotten tragedy and tells a heart-wrenching tale of war, loss, and defiance. o Winner of the 2016 Reuben Award for Best Graphic Novel!

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Nanjing: The Burning City Vol. 01 HC  - Dark Horse Comics

After the bombs fall, the Imperial Japanese Army seized the Chinese capital of Nanjing. Now screams echo off the rubble as two abandoned Chinese soldiers-trapped and desperately outnumbered inside the walled city-try to escape. What they'll encounter will haunt them. But in the face of horror, they'll learn that resistance and bravery cannot be destroyed.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Nightwing #109 (cover E incentive 1:25 cardstock - Ethan Young) - DC Comics

THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION TO NIGHTWING'S PIRATE QUEST! Nightwing learns the truth behind the secret pirate society, and his relationship with Bea Bennett changes forever. Plus, an all-new adventure begins in the backups. What's going on with Beast Boy, and why is everyone turning into animals? The tie-in to Beast World, the thrilling new event of the season, starts here.

Your Price: $65.00

Image: Stranger Things #4 (cover C - Young) - Dark Horse Comics

Will "The Wise" is all out of tricks, hunkered down in a makeshift fort and beginning to hallucinate from starvation, dehydration and the terrors of the Upside Down. Find out what happens when the Demogorgon finally catches its prey. No one escapes a Demogorgon unscathed . . . Written by award winning comics Veteran Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black, Mother Panic).

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Tails Vol. 01 SC  - Hermes Press
Tails Vol. 01 SC
(Hermes Press)

Quirky, funny, and surreal, Tails follows the semi-autobiographical exploits of hapless and hopeless hipster cartoonist Ethan. Ethan uses his comic book creation Crusader Cat to get away from the real world - and things get interesting when his escapist work starts to talk back to him. Poignant, funny, and daring, Tails is an unflinching portrait of a believable character as he starts to fall into the abyss of an unbelievable world, with the results ranging from hilarious to heart-breaking. [(W/A/CA) Ethan Young]

SRP: $15.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Usagi Yojimbo #23 (cover B incentive 1:10 - Young)  [2021] - IDW Publishing

Ransom, Part 2 of 3. Kiyoko has been kidnapped and is held for ransom by Boss Hasegawa. He wants the ledger of bribes that Kitsune had stolen. Usagi, Yukichi and Kitsune know they would be walking into a trap, but they find aid from a very unexpected source. Or do they? How far can they trust someone they know will betray them?

Your Price: $4.00

Image: Usagi Yojimbo: Ice & Snow #2 (cover C incentive 1:10 - Young) - Dark Horse Comics

Usagi and his cousin Yukichi must face their honorable host-a mysterious woman, pale as fresh snow-when she reveals herself to be a monster! Meanwhile, Jei and Keiko now have a group of bandits at their disposal. Usagi Yojimbo returns to Dark Horse comics with this new series!

Your Price: $26.57

Image: World's Finest: Teen Titans #5 (cover E incentive 1:50 cardstock - Ethan Young) - DC Comics

IT ALL GOES HAYWIRE! Robin's reeling after a battle against Haywire's Anti-Titans doesn't go as planned, and a confrontation with his biggest stan, Kid Flash, reveals how Batman's protege really feels about his role as a leader. Robin sees he must make a big move to earn back his teammates' trust--and shares a super-secret! Meanwhile, Speedy shoots his shot with Donna, but is rebuffed... Could Wonder Girl have eyes for another superhero in the making?

Your Price: $114.80

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