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Image: Captain America and Korvac Saga SC  - Marvel Comics

Captain America: proud member of the Avengers, but a man out of time frozen for decades and unaccustomed to modern life. Can the Sentinel of Liberty learn to fight alongside heroes 60 years younger than him? And why does Cap feel a strange connection to the man named Korvac? Ben McCool (Choker) brings you an epic tale ten centuries in the making! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE KORVAC SAGA #1-4 plus the issue that kicked off the classic Korvac Saga, AVENGERS #167 (1978).

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74
SALE Price: $10.49

Image: Dark Horse Presents #18 [2016] - Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Presents #18 [2016]
(Dark Horse Comics)

Eisner, Harvey, and Stumptown Award winner! The next chapter of Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau's Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl begins here! A paranormal podcaster deals with a personal possession in Barbara Randall Kesel and Marc Olivent's Sundown Crossroads! This issue also features new chapters of Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton's Brooklyn Blood, Carla Speed McNeil's Finder, and Dennis Calero's The Suit! Shawn Aldridge and Julius Gopez's Last Act and David Chelsea's Sandy and Mandy conclude!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $4.99

Image: Her-Oes #1 - Marvel Comics
Her-Oes #1
(Marvel Comics)

Written by GRACE RANDOLPH Pencils & Cover by CRAIG ROUSSEAU High school equals: bad cafeteria food, bullies, gym class andpeople with secret super powers? As if!! Janet Van Dyne's no stranger to the pitfalls of teenage living, but it's about to get a whole lot trickier now that she has powers of her own. It's hard keeping a secret like that in high school, especially when it would be so easy to send some blasts in the direction of her nemesis and popular ice queen, Namora. Maybe Janet would get a break then. Too bad she's stuck pretending she's normal. Too bad she's in this all alone or is she? Jenny Walters has some anger issues herself, causing her to Hulk out! Turns out the school theatre isn't the only place you"ll find some drama this year!! 32 PGS/Rated A.

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Perhapanauts Vol. 02: Treasure Obscura SC  - Image Comics

Buried treasure from THE PERHAPANAUTS vaults! Includes THE PERHAPANAUTS 5.5, THE PERHAPANAUTS 6, THE PERHAPANAUTS HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR 1, and THE PERHAPANAUTS: MOLLY'S STORY 1. Plus; never-before-published stories from the online Tales from the Perhaps! and other extras! [(W) Todd Degazo (A) Craig Rousseau & Various (CA) Craig Rousseau]

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Perhapanauts Vol. 03: Danger Down Under! SC  - Image Comics

DANGER DOWN UNDER! Two different Monsters from the Southern Hemisphere - one from Australia and one from Peru - test The Perhapanauts' strength, courage, and guile in this far-reaching adventure! It's action-packed continent-hopping excitement with a heart-stopping conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat! Or someone's seat. [(W) Todd Degazo (A) Craig Rousseau & Various (CA) Craig Rousseau]

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

Image: Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! #1 (cover A: Rousseau) - Image Comics

When an Australian contingent of Bedlam goes missing, the remaining agents from the American teams join forces to find them. But what foul Beast lurks beneath the billabongs? Plus: Requiem for a gremlin. [(W) Todd DeZago (A/CA) Craig Rousseau]

SRP: $3.50 Your Price: $3.50

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