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Image: Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun: Ianto's Tomb HC  - IDW Publishing

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: DARK SUN VOL. 01 HC - Description: Alex Irvine (w) Peter Burgting (a) Andy Brase (c) Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where life hangs by a thread. Welcome to Athas! When an imprisoned gladiator named Grudvik escapes the city of Tyr, a part-time slave hunter and full-time dune trader is hired to bring back the fugitive. But after crossing swords, the pair must join forces to survive the harsh desert.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

Image: Predator Hunters III #1 (cover B - Brase Glow in the Dark Ink) - Dark Horse Comics

Raphael Herrera was a drug runner until the fateful night when his men were wiped out by an unearthly monster. Now, as part of the Predator Hunters team, Herrera's worst memory is reborn. Cartel soldiers are being wiped out in the jungles of Central America, and that means the Predators have returned! o This story links back to Dark Horse's first Predator series from 1987! o Variant cover features glow-in-the-dark ink!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Predator: Hunters II SC  - Dark Horse Comics
Predator: Hunters II SC
(Dark Horse Comics)

From tropical islands to desert mountains, the hunt is on! Predators-the hunters from the stars-have been coming to Earth since time immemorial, stalking and killing the strongest, most challenging humans for sport. But now the tables are turning as a team of human hunters set their sights on the Predators-wherever they may be found. Only the strongest and smartest will survive! Collects issues #1-#4.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $15.29

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