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Image: Blade Runner 2019 #5 (cover C - Guinaldo) - Titan Comics

Michael Green, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter for Blade Runner 2049, and co-writer Mike Johnson (Star Trek, Supergirl) begin a new story in the smash hit sci-fi comic set in the iconic world of Blade Runner! Reeling from the fallout of her last case, veteran Blade Runner Ashina has nowhere to turn - except a mysterious new employer Illustrated by Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark, Captain America).

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Blade Runner 2019 #6 (cover C - Guinaldo) - Titan Comics

Bestselling Blade Runner comic returns for a new arc with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Michael Green, and co-writer Mike Johnson (Star Trek) with illustrations by Andres Guinaldo (Captain America). Seven years after her disastrous last case, ex-Blade Runner Ash is low on cash and short on options!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Blade Runner 2019 Vol. 01: Welcome to Los Angeles SC  - Titan Comics

The first original comic set in this iconic sci-fi world, from the Oscar-winning writer of Blade Runner 2049! Blade Runner Ashina hunts down a Replicant conspiracy! Collects Blade Runner 2019 #1-4.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #3 (cover C - Guinaldo) (20-copy)  [2018] - Valiant Entertainment LLC

Where have the eagles landed? Antonius Axia has survived the wilds of Britain and witnessed the horrors of his own homeland and now, the trail of Emperor Nero's stolen eagles relics has led him and gladiatrix Achillia to the newly annexed province of Egypt! But, those who once held power in the Fertile Crescent might not be so quick to welcome them or any other nosy Romans, for that matter! Renowned writer Peter Milligan (Detective Comics) and fan-favorite artist Robert Gill (X-O Manowar) follow the Lost Eagles Of Rome into dangerous territory - and unleash a terrible new threat on the ancient world!

SRP: $ Your Price: $10.00

Image: Generation Zero #5 (cover D incentive - Guinaldo) (10-copy)  [2016] - Valiant Entertainment LLC

We live for destruction! Generation Zero has finally pinpointed the silent evil that has infiltrated Rook High School?but it's not going down without a fight! Now, every corner of this idyllic techtown mis about to become a war zone as Cronus, Telic, Animalia, and Cloud hit back with the force of four walking hydrogen bombs and show the world why this one group of reformed commandos aren't just dangerous? They're disorderly!

SRP: $ Your Price: $5.00

Image: Generation Zero #1 (Guinaldo Character Design incentive cover - 00151) (10-copy)  [2016] - Valiant Entertainment LLC

Because you demanded it! Exploding out of the pages of HARBINGER WARS comes AN ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES starring GENERATION ZERO from New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (IVAR, TIMEWALKER) and blockbuster artist Francis Portela (FAITH)! If you have a problem... If your parents won't help And if your cause is worthy Log onto network #ZERObecause Generation Zero is listening. Years ago, the children of the experimental strike team known as Generation Zero were taken from their families by Project Rising Spirit, a private weapons contractor, and raised to be psychic soldiers. After years of taking orders, they have fought for and won their freedom. Now, the world's most wanted teenagers have pledged to protect each other tooth and claw, while using their extraordinary abilities to right wrongs for a generation without a future To fight for kids, just like them. One of those kids is Keisha Sherman, whose boyfriend just turned up dead after a suspicious car crash in Rook, Michigan - a newly booming tech town that sprang from rags to super-riches seemingly overnight. When Keisha makes a desperate plea into her webcam, the local high school suddenly finds itself with several unusual new students But as word of Generation Zero's presence spreads rapidly through the halls, this volatile band of teenage upstarts is about to discover that they're far from the most extraordinary thing lurking behind Rook's stainless-steel facade..

SRP: $ Your Price: $5.00

Image: Generation Zero #2 (Guinaldo Character Design incentive cover - 00231) (10-copy)  [2016] - Valiant Entertainment LLC

They've infiltrated, assassinated, and overthrown Now this reformed covert strike team of teenage walking warheads have set their sights on a dangerous new mission: high school! In the secretive tech oasis of Rook, Michigan, who can a teenager trust? Not the police Not the teachers And definitely not the parents. So when high schooler Keisha Sherman's boyfriend turns up dead in an accident gone awry, she makes a desperate pleaand Generation Zero have heeded her call! But, with precision-honed military training and a taste for subverting authority, can this squad of high-powered, teenage superhumans infiltrate Rook undetected? Or is their very presence about to draw another of the town's billion-dollar secrets into the light of day? THE FUTURE OF VALIANT continues as New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (4001 A.D.: WAR MOTHER) and acclaimed artist Francis Portela (FAITH) launch the most volatile superteam in comics into their first, mind-blowing monthly series!

SRP: $ Your Price: $5.00

Image: Generation Zero #4 (Guinaldo Character Design incentive cover - 00431) (10-copy)  [2016] - Valiant Entertainment LLC

It's a hell of a day in the neighborhood. The darkness bubbling beneath the miraculous town of Rook, Michigan is beginning to surface. As Generation Zero closes in on the vicious force abducting and killing teenagers, they quickly discover that this self-proclaimed utopia has been hiding a deep and disturbing secret that could destroy them all! But as the truth takes shape, will this reformed strike squad bring their first case to a close peacefully?or with a bang large enough to register on the Rictor scale? The heat is on as New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and acclaimed artist Francis Portela (FAITH) light a fire under Valiant's teenage superteam!

SRP: $ Your Price: $5.00

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