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Image: A Sailor's Story SC  - Dover Publications
A Sailor's Story SC
(Dover Publications)

Legendary comic book artist Sam Glanzman draws upon his own experiences aboard a WWII destroyer in these gripping tales of Navy life, including a new 10-page story and a new foreword by New York Times-bestselling author of World War Z, Max Brooks. Recounted in graphic novel style, these dramatic adventures realistically depict a teenager's military career, from initiation and advancement through the ranks to tours of the Pacific and kamikaze attacks at the Battle of Okinawa.

SRP: $19.95 Your Price: $16.95

Image: Attu: The Collected Volumes SC  - Dover Publications
Attu: The Collected Volumes SC
(Dover Publications)

A rebellious caveman, cast out by his mountain-dwelling tribe, finds adventure in the lowlands among giant tigers, dinosaurs, and visitors from another planet. Rendered in stark black-and-white by the acclaimed creator of the USS Stevens stories, the saga combines prehistory, super-science, and time travel. This complete collection includes a never-before-published story as well as a new Introduction by original publisher Timothy Truman and a foreword by comic writer/artist Jeff Lemire.

SRP: $19.95 Your Price: $16.95

Image: D-Day: From the Pages of Combat  (cover A)  [2019] - It's Alive

Each combat one shot features true stories from World War II, illustrated by comic book legend, WWII vet, and Eisner Award -nominee Sam Glanzman! This D-Day issue features the main story, The Normandy Invasion, plus the back-up story, The Train to Nowhere, the 1-page story Secret Weapon, essays about general Omar Bradley and Sam Glanzman, originals covers, and vintage advertisements.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $9.99

Image: Hercules: Adventures of the Man-God Archive HC  - Dark Horse Comics

All thirteen issues of Hercules: Adventures of the Man-God collected for the first time! Sam Glanzman, Joe Gill, and Dennis O'Neil (as Sergius O'Shaughnessy) brought this thrilling adventure to life in the late 1960s and now you can experience it in its entirety! This timeless run of one of the most iconic heroes in comics returns in valiant fashion, collected in a beautiful archival format and showcased exactly as they appeared in their original state.

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: Red Range: A Wild Western Adventure HC  - IDW Publishing

Set during the 19th century, and combining an unusual mix of racial unrest, odd ball characters, and strange happenings, Red Range is a unique take on The Western. During a Klan lynching, a mysterious rider appears, and proves to be a deadly shot! It is the Red Mask, a tough, lethal, black man who wisely keeps his identity concealed, especially while battling his enemies. Through a series of events, the Red Mask continues to thwart the violent and hateful actions of the Klan, while picking up an orphan along the way, and teaching him how to turn his hate into something more positive.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99
SALE Price: $11.99

Image: Sam Glanzman's USS Stevens: The Collected Stories HC  - Dover Publications

The legendary Sam Glanzman set many of his tales on the USS Stevens, the World War II destroyer on which he served. This full-color, hardcover treasury collects more than 60 short Stevens adventures from Our Army at War, G. I. Combat, and other '70s DC war comics. It also includes longer pieces from Marvel's 1986 revival of Savage Tales magazine, the cover of 1967's Combat, Sam's very first illustration of the ship, letters to Sam from Presidents Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush, and much more. This collection also boasts a newly created, four page USS Stevens story, written and drawn by Sam Glanzman himself!

SRP: $39.95 Your Price: $33.95

Image: Unauthorized Tarzan HC  - Dark Horse Comics
Unauthorized Tarzan HC
(Dark Horse Comics)

A classic run of Tarzan comics, reprinted for the first time! In the 1960s, believing Tarzan to have fallen into the public domain, Charlton Comics enlisted Joe Gill (Flash Gordon, House of Mystery) and Sam Glanzman (Hercules, Our Army at War) to create a new comics version of the Lord of the Jungle. Only four issues were produced before Charlton was forced to end the series, and much of the original print runs were destroyed. Collects Chaltons Jungle Tales of Tarzan #1#4. • Includes never-before-seen Tarzan comic strips by Glanzman and historical essays by Roger Broughton! [(W) Joe Gill (A) Sam Glanzman & Various]

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Image: Voyage to the Deep HC  - IDW Publishing
Voyage to the Deep HC
(IDW Publishing)

Follow the adventures of a shape-shifting atomic sub battling sea creatures, arctic monsters, sonic attacks, anti-matter generators, global terrorism, and more! Four tales of the atomic submarine Proteus and her crew in one graphic novel! First, the submarine Proteus has just finished its shakedown run and heads out to explore the Mariana Trench, but when the ship arrives, it not only has to deal with giant sea creatures, but an act of terrorism that threatens the entire world! Plus, a monster larger than the Proteus, a fanged sea creature and an anti-matter generator that threatens to tear apart the world, and an unknown enemy unleashes sonic destruction on the Proteus, and then the world! Only the Proteus and her crew can stop them! Advance solicited for February release!

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

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