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Image: Gasoline Alley: 1964-1966 HC  - IDW Publishing

The year 1964 was a momentous one in the history of Gasoline Alley-it's when Frank King officially handed the baton to Dick Moores. King continued to help plot the strip but it's Moores who takes center stage. More so than any other newspaper strip, Gasoline Alley is renowned for its strict continuity and this is our chance to see Moores-who continued writing and drawing the strip until 1986-make it his own. Forty-plus years earlier, Walt Wallet found baby Skeezix in a basket on his doorstep and in the 1964-1966 strips reproduced in this volume, Skeezix is now middle-aged and has a family of his own. For the first time since they appeared in newspapers fifty years ago, readers can enjoy these classic strips featuring Walt and his wife Phyllis, Skeezix and his wife Nina, Corky, Clovia, Slim, Avery, Mr. Pert, Joel, Rufus, and a whole cast of familiar characters. [(W/A/CA) Frank King, Dick Moores]

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Image: Gasoline Alley: The Complete Sundays Vol. 1 - 1920-1922 HC  - Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse is proud to present the first in a series that will collect all the Sunday pages of the classic newspaper strip Gasoline Alley, in chronological order! Collects every Gasoline Alley Sunday strip from 1920 through 1922. • The second-longest-running comic strip in the US. • Reprinted in full color, using the original color proofs! • By Reuben Award-winning cartoonist Frank King! [(W/A/CA) Frank King]

SRP: $75.00 Your Price: $63.75

Image: Walt & Skeezix Vol. 04: 1927-1928 HC  - Drawn & Quarterly

(W/A) Frank King In this fourth volume of Walt and Skeezix, the newly married Walt Wallet settles into domestic life with his wife, Phyllis, and their adopted son, Skeezix, but their family bliss is soon disrupted by a man who claims to be Skeezix's natural father. A long custody battle erupts, raising questions as to the importance of blood ties compared to a loving environment. Lavishly illustrated with Frank King's family photos, the book is elegantly designed by Chris Ware.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Walt & Skeezix: 1931-1932 HC  - Drawn & Quarterly
Walt & Skeezix: 1931-1932 HC
(Drawn & Quarterly)

The Gasoline Alley gang enters a new decade with this volume: Skeezix moves from childhood to early adolescence and the high spirits of the 1920s give way to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Walt and Phyllis Wallet travel to England, an extended tour that echoes the real life journey taken by cartoonist Frank King and his family in the late 1920s. While his parents are away, Skeezix tries to solve the mystery of an arsonist. Now entering his teens, Skeezix comes to the fore of the strip as an adventurous boy surrounded by a gang of likeminded pals, and Gasoline Alley becomes an influential pillar of teenage-culture.

SRP: $44.95 Your Price: $38.20

Image: Walt and Skeezix Vol. 07: 1933-1934 HC  - Drawn & Quarterly

The Depression grinds into its fourth year. Against this setting, a con artist sets up a storefront in town for Continental Corncob, a fictitious company established to dupe would-be investors. Somehow Walt Wallet and the Gasoline Alley gang are roped into the scheme, with the promise that they could earn steep returns if they purchase shares in the allegedly thriving company. Edited and designed by Chris Ware and featuring an introduction by comics historian Jeet Heer, this volume also includes never-beforeseen photographs and rare archival documents from the private collection of the King family.

SRP: $49.95 Your Price: $42.45

Image: Walt Before Skeezix: 1918-1920 HC  - Drawn & Quarterly

Walt Before Skeezix collects the first years of Frank King's beloved comic strip, Gasoline Alley. These comics, produced between 1919 and 1920, focus primarily on Walt Wallet and his friends, as they engage with the then-novel automobile sensation that was sweeping the nation. This period of the newspaper strip is especially fascinating as a historical time capsule, charting a moment in America's past when horses and buggies shared the road with cars, and when the USA was making the transition from a country of rural farmers to an urban, industrialized society. Designed and edited by world-renowned cartoonist Chris Ware (Building Stories). [(W/A) Frank King (CA) Chris Ware]

SRP: $44.95 Your Price: $38.20

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