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Image: Becoming Frankenstein #2  [2022] - 10 Ton Press

With the town of Ingolstadt growing ever so prosperous, politics and power become a central concern. A riverside tavern proves eventful for clandestine deals to be made but gossip overheard forces a local baron of ill repute to cover his tracks; and these misdeeds sending the town into a mutinous uproar. Already in the baron's debt, Victor Frankenstein narrowly avoids a trail of blood lying all too chilling close, only for a previous chance meeting with a sailor to ultimately prove to his advantage - god strong sea legs provide the perfect foundation for his monster as Victor seeks to reanimate the dead!

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Image: Becoming Frankenstein #3  [2022] - 10 Ton Press

Old wounds that won't heal are recalled but lost flames rekindled too as events pass hazardously in Ingolstadt. While the baron seeks to curry more favors, the University closes its doors to any knowledge concerning Victor Frankenstein's strange macabre experiments. Meanwhile, an old gypsy returns from her travels with a prophecy, and with talk of vampires and werewolves roaming the night, Professor Krempe falls victim to an unknown assailant. Is Frankenstein already too far damned to take up this opportunity presented?

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Image: Becoming Frankenstein #6 - 10 Ton Press
Becoming Frankenstein #6
(10 Ton Press)

We find Henry Clerval returning from exile only to find Ingolstadt up in arms. With so many prominent townsfolk now either dead or vanished, the superstitious point a finger towards Victor Frankenstein Like Prometheus, he has stolen fire from the gods, and his corpse-flesh of many now walks the earth as something resembling man. Frankenstein refuses to see his great achievement destroyed, and is prepared to lose all he held dear in his maddening pursuit of science With chaotic twists and turns, this tale of love, friendships, betrayals, murder, and medicine most macabre reaches its bitter climax.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

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