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Image: Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist SC  - Dynamite

A classic of science-fiction is reborn in Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist. Inspired by Alex Raymond's legendary tales of invasion, action, and romance on the distant planet Mongo, and under the artistic supervision of renowned artist Alex Ross, Zeitgeist returns Flash Gordon to his two-fisted, thrill-packed roots. The year is 1934, and Earth is attacked by a powerful alien invasion force, led by the sinister, all-seeing Ming the Merciless. And this time, he does not fight alone. Allied with the sinister spymaster Klytus, his exotic and treacherous daughter, Princess Aura... and Adolf Hitler! Three valiant humans - iconic hero Flash Gordon, the tough, determined Dale Arden, and the brilliant scientist Hans Zarkov - are plucked from our world and rocketed into another universe of fearsome creatures, noble and savage alien species, ancient science, and titanic threats. [(W) Eric Trautmann (A) Daniel Lindro, Ron Adrian (CA) Alex Ross]

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Image: Sherlock Holmes: Year One #5 - Dynamite

(W) Scott Beatty (A) Daniel Indro (C) Francesco Francavilla (50), Aaron Campbell (50), Daniel Indro. (1˜10) As the mystery of the 'Twelve Caesars' deepens, Holmes is reunited with a woman from his past with heartbreaking news for the young sleuth. While Watson follows a hunch, the good doctor closes in on the identity of the serial killer terrorizing London when an intended victim is spared an ignoble end! Unfortunately, the mad murderer will not be satisfied until a dozen deaths are done, even if it means slaying someone close to the intrepid detectives!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Sherlock Holmes: Year One #3 (20-copy Campbell B&W incentive cover) (v20) - Dynamite

Written by SCOTT BEATTY Art by DANIEL LINDRO Covers by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (50), AARON CAMPBELL (50), DANIEL LINDRO (1-in-10) "Black & White" Incentive cover by DANIEL LINDRO "Black & White" Incentive cover by AARON CAMPBELL "The Twelve Caesars" Killer strikes againà and againà and AGAIN! With a dozen ways to die, intrepid sleuths Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson race to solve a murder mystery that brings out the very worst in fearful Londoners fascinated by the terrible serial slayer! But as Holmes begins to unravel the method to the Killer's madness, Watson deduces that his eccentric partner-incrimestopping might be part of the problem!

SRP: $ Your Price: $8.00

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