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Image: ArkhaManiacs SC  - DC Comics
ArkhaManiacs SC
(DC Comics)

Art Baltazar and Franco-the Eisner Award-winning creative team behind Superman of Smallville and Tiny Titans-provide their signature take on a certain apartment building (Arkham) in Gotham City and the people (mostly) who live there! • Young Bruce Wayne is drawn to the fun and excitement he sees going on at Arkham, but to Wayne Enterprises, it's just another property they own. Bruce is determined to find out why Arkham is full of so much fun and laughter. What exactly is going on over there? Time to sneak over when no one is looking...even though it's like the house is laughing at him! Ha ha ha! [(w) Art Baltazar, Franco /(a) Art Baltazar /(ca) Art Baltazar)]

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Aw Yeah! Hasbro Action Figure Jam HC  - IDW Publishing

The go-to guy for serious fun takes on not-to-serious comics, and now they brings his signature style to Hasbro's Revolution! Meanwhile in the Microspace, the evil Baron Karza searches for a magical ancient relic that is rumored to be the ultimate power of all existence. His search leads him to the Transformers Universe! Baron Karza's plan is to attack the Transformers' leader...OPTIMUS PRIME! How can he do this? He's so tiny and the Autobots are so huge! Never underestimate his micro power of evil. Advance Solicited for October release!

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Batman Science: The Real-World Science Behind Batman's Gear SC  - Capstone Press

When it comes to fighting crime, technology is Batman's greatest weapon. From his gadget-packed Utility Belt to his high-tech Batmobile, the Dark Knight tackles Gotham City's criminal underworld. But does any of his gear have a basis in reality? Or is it merely the stuff of fiction? Batman Science uncovers the real-world connections to Batman's tech! [(W) Tammy Enz]

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $8.45

Image: DC Super Heroes Batman Young Readers: Revenge of Clayface SC  - Capstone Press

Billionaire Bruce Wayne is asked to support the military's newest weapon, the ParaBomb X, a high-tech orb that emits a paralyzing light. But during the weapon's demonstration, a general grabs the orb, crashes through the window, and falls to the street below. Bruce Wayne is stunned. When he looks down at the street, he sees the thief turn into a gooey pile of mud and slip down a storm drain with the stolen weapon. He wasn't a general at all, he was one of Batman's strangest enemies, Clayface. [(W) Eric Stevens, Gregg Schigiel]

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets Character Encyclopedia SC  - Capstone Press

Every super hero needs a Super-Pet! This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles, stats, and history about the DC Super-Pets and their owners. From Superman's loyal dog, Krypto the Super-Dog, to Batman's heroic hound, Ace the Bat-Hound, this guide to the World's Greatest Pets has more than 200 DC characters, including many never-before-seen pets, all illustrated in Art Baltazar's Eisner Award-winning style! With an introduction by legendary creator Geoff Johns, the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is sure to please comic book lovers young and old. [(W) Steve Korte (A/CA) Art Baltazar]

SRP: $7.95 Your Price: $6.75

Image: DC Super Pets: Amazing Mini-Mutts SC  (Young Readers) -

On planet Earth, Krypto, Ace, Swifty, and other Super-Pet pooches visit the Bowwow Boot Camp, a school for up-and-coming pups with powers. They're ready to show this new breed of heroes a few old tricks. Unfortunately, Brainicat, an evil cyborg kitty from the planet Colu, wants to teach these canine cadets a lesson as well. Using his hyper-forces, the villain shrinks the Bowwow Boot Camp to microscopic size and traps the mini mutts inside a glass bottle. To escape, these prep-school pups must step up and discover their own super hero identities!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Attack of the Invisible Cats SC  (Young Readers) -

The Phanty-Cats have escaped from the Phantom Zone and finding them won't be easy. These feline felons are invisible! The Space Canine Patrol Agents must rely on their snouts instead of their sight to catch these criminal kitties once and for all.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Backward Bowwow SC  (Young Readers) -

When Bizarro Krypto crash lands on Earth, he can't believe his eyes. Humans own dogs as pets! On his planet, everything is the exact opposite. Canines rule the world! Before returning home, he promises to make things right - or maybe wrong.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Barnyard Brainwash SC  (Young Readers) -

On a farm outside Gotham City, the cows have gone mad, and the roosters are cock-a-doodle cuckoo. Only one crazy kitten could have brainwashed this barnyard - the evil Mad Catter. If the Batcow can't stop the loony goon, this farm frenzy will quickly become udder madness!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Battle Bugs of Outer Space SC  (Young Readers) -

The evil Sinestro Corps Insects have invaded a baseball game on Earth. Thankfully, the Green Lantern Bug Corps are out to stop them! If they don"t, America's pastime might become the world's worst pest crime!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Biggest Little Hero SC  - Capstone Press

The Atom's microscopic mutt Spot takes on the big-time baddie Giganta in the ultimate battle of the small versus the tall! [(W) John Sazaklis (A/CA) Art Baltazar]

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Candy Store Caper SC  (Young Readers) -

When a new candy store opens in Gotham City, Tim Drake and his friends can't resist the terribly sweet treats. However, the shop's evil owner, Granny Glee, wants more than their money. Her lollipops lure little ones into a life of crime. Luckily, the Boy Wonder's pet, Robin Robin, has a bird"s-eye view of the sugary scheme. But the hairy truth behind Granny's grand plan will surprise even this early bird!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Cat Crime Club SC  (Young Readers) - Capstone Press

The evil Cat Crime Club plans to steal funds from a local circus, and only Krypto and the Space Canine Patrol Agents can stop them! [(W) Steve Korte (A/CA) Art Baltazar]

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Deep-Sea Duel SC  - Capstone Press

When the evil Ocean Master crashes an Aqua-family reunion, Aqualad and his Super-Pet Fluffy must stop the fishy foes! [(W) John Sazaklis (A/CA) Art Baltazar]

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Salamander Smackdown SC  (Young Readers) -

When two naughty newts escape from a pet store, nothing can stop their amphibian antics - except the Terrific Whatzit! This super-speedy turtle must stop the slimy salamanders before they cast another tale of terror on Central City.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Sleepy Time Crime SC  (Young Readers) -

When Streaky won't wake from his catnap, his friend Super-Turtle discovers something shell shocking. The Super-Cat's kibbles are filled with kryptonite! Only one evil being could plan such a slimy scheme - Ignatius Iguana! Can Super-Turtle nab this vile reptile before its too late, or will Streaky be forever sleepy?

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Starro & the Space Dolphins SC  (Young Readers) -

When Lobo's beloved Space Dolphins go missing, Dawg and Big Red team up. These suspicious Super-Pets believe someone has stolen the poor porpoises on purpose! However, the heroes discover something far worse. The Starros, a species of alien starfish, have attached themselves to the abducted dolphins and now control them with their evil powers. If Dawg and Big Red can't help, these brainwashed bottlenoses will become a whale of a problem!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Super-Pets Showdown SC  (Young Readers) -

While the Legion of Super-Pets is busy protecting the universe, their Kennel of Justice is attacked! The Legion of Pets hopes to pull the heroes' headquarters out of orbit and send it crashing down to Earth. Thankfully, Proty, the shape-shifting Super-Pet, is still aboard the doomed den. However, before he can save the world, this spineless specimen must prove he's more than just a pile of goo!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super Pets: Superpowered Pony SC  (Young Readers) -

Mechanikat and Dogwood team up to rain four-legged fury upon Earth. Only one foal can foil their evil plans - Comet the Super-Horse! This Stallion of Steel won't stop until he's corralled the crazy critters and protected the planet.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20
SALE Price: $3.46

Image: DC Super Pets: Swamp Thing vs. Zombie Pets SC  (Young Readers) - Capstone Press

Solomon Grundy's zombie pets are taking over the swamp, and only Swamp Thing's bog buddies can stop them! [(W) John Sazaklis (A/CA) Art Baltazar]

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super-Pets: Fastest Pet on Earth SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: FASTEST PET ON EARTH SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) J.E. Bright (A) Art Baltazar Introducing the pets of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. They, too, are working day and night to fight crime and evil in the DC Universe. These early chapter books are sure to engage and delight younger readers. Unleash the power of the Super-Pets! The speedy super-villain Chauncey The Cheetah is loose on Paradise Island! However, Wonder Woman's super-pet, Jumpa The Kangaroo, isn't worried. This blazing-fast bouncer is the quickest critter on Earth. Or is she? When Chauncey challenges Jumpa to a race, the kangaroo must prove her swiftness and her cleverness. But this criminal cat is chasing more than bragging rights. If the Super-Kangaroo doesn't have a few tricks in her pouch, she might lose in more ways than one!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super-Pets: Heroes of the High Seas SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: HEROES OF THE HIGH SEAS SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) J.E. Bright (A) Art Baltazar Deep beneath the ocean, Topo The Octopus plays some relaxing music for Aquaman. Suddenly, a huge whirlpool appears in the distance, threatening the city of Atlantis. Without a moment to lose, Aquaman leaps aboard his super-seahorse, Storm, and jets toward the liquid tornado. While the SEA KING rescues a whale caught in the deadly current, his Super-Pets discover the source of the problem - Misty and Sneezers, the Black Manta's minions!

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super-Pets: Midway Monkey Madness SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: MIDWAY MONKEY MADNESS SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) Sarah Stephens (A) Art Baltazar When the carnival comes to Metropolis, Beppo The Super-Monkey isn't far behind. This Chimp Of Steel can't wait to chow down on chocolate-covered bananas and other fair foods. Unfortunately, the world's evilest ape, Gorilla Grodd, has other plans. He wants to turn this festival of fun into a day of destruction. With a little help from the Wonder Twins and their space chimp, Gleek, Beppo must somehow stop Grodd's midway monkey madness.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super-Pets: Pooches of Power SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: POOCHES OF POWER SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) Sarah Stephens (A) Art Baltazar When sardines go missing from the Gotham City Marina, Ace The Bat-Hound investigates. This clever canine quickly discovers a couple of clues, but something still smells fishy. To help solve the case, Ace calls on the most powerful pooch around - Krypto the Super-Dog! They track down three fowl felons, the Penguin's "Bad News Birds," Artie, Griff, and Waddles. Working together, the doggy duo must recover the stolen sardines and throw those dirty birds in the can.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: DC Super-Pets: Royal Rodent Rescue SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: ROYAL RODENT RESCUE SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) John Sazaklis (A) Art Baltazar While napping in the Fortress Of Solitude, Streaky The Super-Cat is suddenly awakened by a television news alert. The evil Siamese cat Rozz has kidnapped Prince Zouli, a noble hamster from the village of Kardamyla. Up, Up, And Away! The Cat Of Steel is on the case and quickly tracks down the royal rodent. Unfortunately, the fearsome feline has a few tricks up her fur. When Rozz reveals a chunk of Kryptonite in her collar, Streaky must help the hamster, and save herself as well.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20
SALE Price: $3.46

Image: DC Super-Pets: Super Hero Splash Down SC  (young readers) -

DC SUPER-PETS: SUPER HERO SPLASH DOWN SC (YOUNG READERS) - Description: (W) Jane B Mason (A) Art Baltazar After traveling through the universe, the Green Lantern B"dg chills out at a water park on Earth. However, when the Red Lantern Dex-Starr shows up, his day in the sun is anything but fun. This fearsome feline chases B"dg through the pool, down the waterslide, and into outer space. While there, the two opponents discover a common enemy - the Sinestro Dog Corps! These parched pooches are looking for a place to soak their snouts. If B"dg and Dex-Starr don't team up and stop them, their favorite water park will become mutt puddle.

SRP: $4.95 Your Price: $4.20

Image: Gillbert the Little Merman Vol. 02: Curious Mysterious HC  - Papercutz

Young Gillbert is the prince of the underwater world of Atlanticus. Together with his best friend Sher-bert and mysterious new friend Anne Phibian, Gillbert is curious to where all these bottled messages floating throughout the ocean are coming from. Could the fiery Pyrockians from space have something to do with it? Or maybe it is something more mysteriously monstrous? Plus, Gillbert must deal with be-ing a new big brother, when his little sister Matilda is actually much, much bigger than him! The most fun had under the sea since The Little Merman! Created by Tiny Titan's Art Baltazar!

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Gillbert Vol. 03: The Flaming Carats Evolution SC  - Papercutz

Something fishy is going on! The Pyrockians, those fiery little invaders from outer space, are back and they're planning something seriously strange. And what exactly are they doing with an undersea volcano? Would you believe they're evolving into diamonds? It is up to the little merman, young prince Gillbert, to figure out what those pesky Pyrockians are really up to - but he's gone, with his best bud, Sherbert, to a strange mysterious place in the ocean, called Phiblothian, to meet with Anne Phibean and her pham - oops, family! Gillbert meets the Phibian Phather, Phinius, Phibster, Phinny, Phil, Phylu, Phibling, Philbert, Phred, Phernando, and the rest. • This graphic novel is the latest comics creation from super-famous, best-selling, and award-winning cartoonist Art Baltazar. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Grimmiss Island SC  - Dark Horse Comics
Grimmiss Island SC
(Dark Horse Comics)

When the Volcano Goddess threatens the Mama Woogees' tiny island, only little Grimmiss can save the day! When you're a little guy with a skull head, there's adventure around every corner! From the Eisner Award-winning creative minds of Art Baltazar and Franco! Collects the Grimmiss Island four-issue miniseries.

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock: Where Is It? HC  - Boom! Studios

Gobo is in a crisis! He's lost the thing most precious to him, the one thing that holds his whole entire universe together! He enlists the help of Boober, Mokey, Red, and Wembley to search high and low in every nook and cranny in Fraggle Rock to recover what was lost. But in all the excitement, Gobo hasn't told them what they're looking for and what they find might surprise them. Written and illustrated by Art Baltazar (Superman Family Adventures, Aw Yeah Comics!), Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock: Where Is It? celebrates Jim Henson's timeless television series with a colorful adventure perfect for young readers.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Powers in Action Vol. 01: Introducing the Hero Squadron SC  - Action Lab Entertainment

Join us on this bold adventure as Lynx brings his sister, Ocelot, to join the super team in their first meeting. Let's hope there are no delays along the way in the form of super villains! Oh no! Looks like our heroes may have work to do before they even join the team. Will these cat-heroes fit in with the members of the Hero Squadron? Their mysterious leader thinks so. Who else is on the team, you ask? MeetSuplex! Eclipse! The Alien Enormus! And their leader Moon! Bold adventure awaits! The super-heroic bold adventure of cartoony super hero all age awesomeness that only Art Baltazar can bring!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Revolution: Aw Yeah! #2  [2017] - IDW Publishing

After learning that his favorite comic book character SNAKE EYES is real, BARON KARZA, along with his new ally COBRA COMMANDER, tries to capture him and claim SNAKE EYES as the ultimate collectible! WHAT?! Someone call G.I. JOE! What will happen when the JOES get involved in the battle, you ask? That's right! A showdown between Snake Eyes and the Ninja STORM SHADOW! But what happens nextwould be a SPOILER! Beware BARON KARZA! Or the world will be crushed in his grasps!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Super Powers Vol. 01 SC  - DC Comics

Aw yeah, the World's Greatest Heroes are back in a new all-ages tale-except for Batman! Superman helps out by cleaning up in Gotham City, where he discovers a clue that sends Wonder Woman into space to locate the lost Caped Crusader. Her journey brings her a step closer to Batman, but can she uncover the truth behind his disappearance? It's not going to be pretty-it involves Darkseid and Apokolips!

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $11.04

Image: Superman of Smallville SC  - DC Zoom

Can Superman keep Smallville from going to the dogs? Acts of awesomeness are happening around town. People are being rescued, runaway tractors stopped, and fires extinguished. This is all in a day's work for the hero known only as Superman. But who is he, really? Thirteen-year-old Clark Kent knows. He has a super secret-one his parents are constantly worried will get out. Clark promises to be extra careful, but when random objects begin to take flight and disappear, his parents threaten to ground him. Except he's innocent! If Superman isn't responsiblewho is? Join Clark in this hilarious adventure as he sniffs out the real culprit. From New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award-winning creators Art Baltazar and Franco comes a fun, whimsical story featuring young Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, and of course, Clark Kent.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Tiny Titans: Beast Boy & Raven SC  - DC Comics

Aw yeah, Titans! Written and illustrated by the Eisner Award-winning duo of Art Baltazar and Franco in the series that launched them to stardom, it's fun for the whole family as teen-y tiny Titans Raven and Beast Boy go on all sorts of awesome adventures. Collects stories from Tiny Titans #1-4, #6, #8, #12-14, #17, #20, #26-27, and #44.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Wonder Woman and the Pandora Plot SC  - Stone Arch Books

When Giganta steals an ancient jar from a New York museum, Wonder Woman jumps into action. But as soon as the size-shifting villain opens the artifact, a wave of misery washes over everyone in the area. As Giganta makes her escape, the Amazon warrior realizes there is more to this mystery than meets the eye. Soon she discovers that Ares, the God of War, is a puppet master with a plan to plunge the world into war. Can Wonder Woman stop Giganta, seal up the jar, and put an end to the Pandora plot in time? Find out in this action-packed chapter book for DC Super Hero fans!

SRP: $6.95 Your Price: $5.90

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