Free Comic Book Day 2019 Revisited


Free Comic Book Day 2019
at Westfield Comics!



Another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, and even though it is a thing of the past, it still lives on in fond memories and lots of pictures taken at the West side location in High Point Center by the one and only Jeff! The weather was perfect and made the day even better. Thanks to everyone who came (especially everybody who came in costume – you were awesome!), including our special helpers and the local creators who gave so generously of their time and helped immensely to give another healthy donation to the Hero Initiative! But mostly we thank our loyal customers who made the day at both locations a resounding success. Here’s to you all! AND, you can circle Saturday, May the 2nd on your calendar for next year’s Free Comic Book Day 2020 (The same weekend that some new Marvel movie is supposed to be opening in theaters – but at this point, we don’t even know what it is!) See you there!


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