Women of Dynamite: Vampirella Statue update

Women of Dynamite: Vampirella Statue

Women of Dynamite: Vampirella Statue

There have been some concerns voiced online about the Women of Dynamite: Vampirella Statue. Recently, Dynamite’s CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci commented on this on statueforum.com.

Hi All,

Apologies for the delayed response, but I wanted to be the person responding as you, the fans, deserve better. The Vampirella Statue, as you have pointed out, has pieces of the run with these incredible flaws in them. While we’re trying to figure out what happened, we’re having the factory recast statues based on the damages we’ve seen. Every stage of our production samples had the highest quality when we went through approvals.

What we will be doing is this. The factory is reproducing more statues. These are currently being produced. They will have someone inspect every single one. Then, for those of you who kept your statues, we will offer to replace the statues. What we will ask you to do is to send the head of your Vampirella statue and your certificate so that we can then send you a replacement. Being that the manufacturing is in China, and we want zero tolerance on the quality, these will probably ship from the factory in late October. We’ll know more in the next month or so of when we should be receiving.

We have to go this route as the statues are sold out from Dynamite.

We’re really sorry about this. Everyone at Dynamite and Georg’s team are fans, and we are sick to our stomachs that this happened.

This is not what Dynamite nor The Brewing Factory expected to happen. Not in our wildest dreams.

The only thing positive thing I can say is that we will have learned from this and will ensure the factories adjusts everything or move to another factory.

Right now, the Purgatori statue is being inspected far more closely as it’s about to be painted as is the Jungle Girl.

Again, I’m sorry. This should not have happened, but we will be fixing for those who are patient and are willing. Those who are not, we fully understand. Regardless of this being a factory error or not, we dropped the ball.

Please feel free to e-mail me directly with any further questions – nick.barrucci@dynamite.com



If you are unhappy with your Vampirella Statue, please contact Dynamite directly at the email address about how to get a replacement.