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Video Recommendation – Spider-Man PSAs SC

Roger talks about one of the more bizarre (but cool!) collections from Marvel. The Spider-Man PSAs (public service announcements) have Spider-man teaming up with Storm, Fantastic Four, Power Pack and many others in order to teach how to deal with bullies, how to fight plaque, and much more!


Westfield Comics Video Recommendation: Mickey Mouse Action Figures

Brook extols the virtues of action figure articulation and plugs the cool new fully poseable 4 1/2 inch Mickey Mouse Miracle Action Figures (Regular MAF Figure and Runaway Brain Version) with a whopping 18 points of articulation! Definitely check them out!


Fifth Degree – Comics Should be Good, Westfield on Twitter, & More Stuff

The Further Adventures of DB Cooper

Our very own Josh Crawley gives us a quickie on why Comics Should Be Good, what we’ll be doing on Twitter, The Aventures of DB Cooper, Cipher: The Sorcerer Pope, and even Gemma Arterton (again).


Roger’s Comic Ramblings: Who Does This Roger Guy Think He Is?

Your host, Roger Ash

by Roger Ash

You’ve been reading my posts on the Westfield blog since it started up (at least I hope you have). You’ve seen the numerous interviews I’ve done for Westfield over the years. You’ve seen videos I’ve recorded for the Westfield YouTube channel. You may have even noticed my name in the indicia of the Westfield catalog. After all this time, you might be wondering, “OK, who is this Roger guy?” (Or is that being too narcissistic on my part?) Well, this time out I thought I’d tell you a bit more about myself and my obsessions including, of course, comics.


Marvel Comics’ Warriors Three #1 – Westfield Comics Pick Video

Roger expounds on you why you should read Marvel’s Warriors Three #1 by the team of Bill Willingham and Neil Edwards.


Roger’s Comics Ramblings: Comics and Baseball

The Westfield crew & friends

by Roger Ash

You may be wondering how baseball and comics are connected. Well, read on and all will be revealed as I give you a glimpse behind the scenes at Westfield.

One of the reasons I enjoy working at Westfield is that I love comics. I really do. I think it’s a fantastic medium for storytelling and comics have brought me many hours of joy over the years. I love being able to pass on that love and joy of comics to others.


What Makes a Great Comic Shop?

Westfield Store Photo

By Bob Moreau
Manager of Westfield Comics, Madison, WI

Been mulling this over for the past week since I was asked to write this post and it seems pretty straightforward. First of all, I hope that being asked to write a brief post on the topic means that there are more than just a handful of people out there who think we have a great comic shop. We do frequently hear it from customers and our retail store has been in business for almost 20 years – so hopefully we’re doing something right.


Fifth Degree: Michael Turner’s Fathom

by Josh Crawley

Fathom Definitive Edition
I wasn’t really sure what to write about this week that I could spend a decent amount of time on. Why am I short on time? The holidays are over, but we still have a 3,000+ square-foot store to inventory, and I figured a week with only one new book (Blackest Night #6, which is AWESOME!) would be an ideal time to get that done. Combine that with comics not taking up much room, it can be exhausting feeling like you counted a bunch but haven’t gotten anywhere.


Video Friday: DC’s Wednesday Comics HC


Wednesday Comics HC