Video Friday: DC’s Wednesday Comics HC

Wednesday Comics HC


Comics & More – December Staff Picks

Roger Likes

Wednesday Comics HC

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #1

More of Roger’s Favorites

Mysterius: The Unfathomable SC
DC Library JLA by George Perez Vol 02 HC
Ultimate Comics X #1
Captain Marvel Death of Captain Marvel HC
Lone Justice Crash #1
Perhapanauts Mollys Story (One-Shot)

Josh Likes

Hardware: The […]


Fifth Degree: Previews #255

Last Days of American Crime

by Josh Crawley

I forgot to grab Marvel Previews, so anything fun I notice in there is going to be in next week’s column, along with a few things I may have missed this week. Let’s get on with the show!


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – December ‘09

Siege #2

by KC Carlson

We’re in the big wind-down to both of Marvel and DC’s most recent events, so there’s lots of Siege and Blackest Night stuff all over the order form. But you’re probably aware of those events, as it seems that’s all anybody wants to talk about anymore. I suppose it’s too much to ask that both of these Events might actually wrap up with a big, definitive ending (just for a change), instead of simply leading into the next Big Mega Mind-Bending Nose-Blowing (sorry, but it IS the cold and flu season!) Thing. Why are publishers and some creators afraid of the words “The End”? Can no one actually write an ending to anything anymore?


KC Column – Episode 17: The Monchhichis Affair

by KC Carlson

Welcome to my first column at the new Westfield blog. As you can see, we’re still a little busy getting everything presentable – we’re getting all the boxes unpacked and the curtains put up and trying to figure out where the sofa will go. (No… Try over by the Cosmic Treadmill! Hey! Watch out for the – KLANNNGG! – Negative Zone portal!)


At 2 a.m., all those little icons look alike!

So, apparently we were a little short on our caffeine intake when we were putting together the new listings, and a few items (such as Flash: Rebirth #4, DC’s Wednesday Comics, and Dark X-Men: Beginning #1 and a few others) got listed as “Limited Edition – Orders Not Guaranteed”.
What we meant to list them as […]