Roger’s Comic Ramblings: Random thoughts

Roger with the great Nick Cardy

by Roger Ash

Things are pretty busy for me here at Westfield. We put the latest Worlds of Westfield to bed on Monday (unfortunately it likes to stay up late) and we’re hard at work to get the Westfield Web Site updated tomorrow with new product. That means two things for sure for me: stress and sleep deprivation. And when that happens, it can only mean that my already warped thought processes get even stranger. Take a trip with me inside my mind. Remember to stay on the path and wipe you feet on the way out.


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – September ‘09


by KC Carlson

Covering new items now available to order for November shipping (or later).

This month, DC is collecting the recent Terra mini-series – plus the stand-alone introductory tale from Supergirl #12 – by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Conner.