Interview: Steve Lieber on Image’s The Fix

The Fix #1

The Fix #1

Crooked cops, scheming mobsters, and corrupt politicians. They’re all part of an outrageous caper in The Fix, a new Image title from Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber! Artist Steve Lieber tells us more about this upcoming series in an exclusive interview!


Roger’s Comic Ramblings: Let’s Review – Image’s Underground by Parker & Lieber

Underground cover

by Roger Ash

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything here, so let’s take a look at a graphic novel I read recently; Underground by Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber. This book collects the 5-issue Image miniseries plus the original short story starring Underground‘s protagonist, Wesley Fischer, by Lieber from the Four Letter Worlds anthology, and a look at how the art was produced for the series.


Heroes Con 2010 report

Heroes Con floor Saturday afternoon

by Roger Ash & KC Carlson

Hi! In case you’re wondering where we’ve been (c’mon, play along), we just spent a wonderful weekend at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. Convention organizer Shelton Drum put together one heck of a show that had something for everyone. If you’ve only been to conventions with a big publisher presence, you’d be in for a surprise at Heroes. There was everything from web comics, superheroes, to autobiographical comics. The only large publishers who had booths at the convention were Boom and IDW. There was still a DC and Marvel presence at the show through panels and creators, but this isn’t a publisher-centric show.


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – February ’10

Heroic Age

by KC Carlson

This month, the big news from Marvel and DC is, respectively, The Heroic Age and Brightest Day. Most details on The Heroic Age are still CLASSIFIED, other than the fact that it will launch in May with the publication of a new Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. (No word yet on when the numbering will revert to the long-standing Avengers numbering, as most Marvel titles eventually do, but at this point, with several more-or-less interconnecting Avengers titles over the past few years, it might be just too difficult – or controversial – to calculate.)


Image Comics preview: Underground by Jeff Parker & Steve Lieber

Underground #1 cover

Our friends at Image Comics have provided us with a preview of Underground, a new mini-series from creators Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber.