“okpank” Recommended from Previews Issue 257

Absolute All Star Superman

by Miles “okpank” Perzewski

Absolute All-Star Superman HC
Finally the Absolute Edition, the reason why I waited to get this series.


My Interest In Comics/Manga

Shonen Jump
by Miles “okpank” Perzewski

Back in the day, the big comic for me was Batman. Anything Batman for around a dollar I’d love to get. That may be my first run in with comics. I’ve lived in Madison my whole life. Around 1998 for my birthday my dad gave me some comics from Westfield, never even knew the place existed before that. I picked up other comics as well like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider, along with some KISS stuff. Since then I still have a bunch of Batman comics, but I have not purchased any Batman or superhero comics in general for a long time. The main things that interest me are Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Manga, and toys.


Previews Issue 256 Recommendations!

Chobits Omnibus Vol. 2

by Miles “OKPank” Perzewski

Every month comes a time that I like to flip though the pages of the newest Previews and figure out what to I’d like to order. I love coming across new items I’ve not even heard of yet and maybe catching a glance with a picture if included. If you need something new or would you like a good list of recommendations that I believe all could enjoy, then look no further for my picks of the month. And remember, ordering through Westfield saves you money off each item, making it so you can splurge on that decedent Grilled Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce at that fancy restaurant near you!


Last Minute Christmas Eve Shopping Ideas!

Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai
by Miles “Okpank” Perzewski

Everybody is different and if you’re one of those who waits til the absolute last second, I’ve got some holiday gift recommendations for you. Get these at Westfield in Madison by 3pm the 24th! Or you can purchase some of them through our mail order site – they’ll just take a bit longer to get to you.

Here we go!


One Piece – Way Better Than Any Can Imagine!

One Piece

by Miles Perzewski

If any of you have ever even slightly liked DragonBall, then One Piece is what you should be interested in! One Piece is so good, it’s not even funny. In Japan, One Piece is more popular then both Naruto and Bleach combined! People just need to give it a try.

My first encounter with One Piece was way back in 2003 when Shonen Jump first came to the US. All I can say is there wasn’t a whole lot of appeal just by looking at it. I never even read it or gave it a chance. Even years later when my friend said how great it was, I still didn’t listen. I think the main reason for all this is it couldn’t even be viewed due to 4 Kids horribly butchering the anime to utter garbage. I had no involvement with the series til FUNimation came along and announced they had acquired the rights to dub (and completely save) the show. This happened in late 2007/early 2008 and is when I became interested in the series.


Viz’s One Piece increases publishing schedule

One Piece cover

by Miles Perezewski

Hey all or any One Piece fans, Shonen Jump has just released the news for their plan to get the US up to speed with the Japanese.