KC Column: Never-Ending Story, Part 2

Swamp Thing #1
by KC Carlson

PREVIOUSLY ON NEVER-ENDING STORY: Comics entered the 1970s with Jack Kirby jumping from Marvel Comics to DC, where he created the “Fourth World” titles New Gods, Forever People, and Mister Miracle as well as taking over Jimmy Olsen. Marvel compensated for Kirby’s loss by unleashing a wave of new writers like Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart, Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, Don McGregor, Doug Moench, Jim Starlin, and Chris Claremont, most of whom created new characters and concepts as well as taking existing Marvel characters in new — and often startling — directions.


KC Column: Best of 2008

It’s time to do yet another one of these year-end lists with me yammering on and on about which comics I liked this year. But: Best? I’m not sure that I’m really qualified to say, since I read such a small percentage of everything published in any given year and I have this annoying tendency (at least in certain circles) to avoid anything even remotely “artsy”. Not that I don’t like art, but I don’t always know what I like, if you know what I mean.