Marvel Comics’ Warriors Three #1 – Westfield Comics Pick Video

Roger expounds on you why you should read Marvel’s Warriors Three #1 by the team of Bill Willingham and Neil Edwards.


Roger’s Comic Ramblings: What I’m Reading – Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four by Hickman 1
by Roger Ash

What sets the Fantastic Four apart from nearly any other super team is that they’re a family. That’s the template Stan Lee and Jack Kirby set for the characters. To forget the family aspect makes them just like the Avengers, JLA, X-Men, or almost any other super team you can think of. Since Stan and Jack left the book, the creator who perhaps combined the family and adventure elements best is John Byrne. I think that’s why his run on the book is so fondly remembered. Current FF writer Jonathan Hickman gets what makes the team special.