Westfield Update – Magic: The Gathering Modern Masters Booster Packs Box

Due to overwhelming demand, we stopped accepting pre-orders for the Magic: The Gathering Modern Masters Booster Packs Box after only 1 week, while we tried to find out what our allocation might be.  Unfortunately, that information was not available to us at that time, and we went ahead and ordered hundreds of copies on behalf of those customers who placed their orders with us.

This morning, we received a total of 3 boxes out of those hundreds ordered.  We started with the first order we received, and limited them to 1 box per order.  While we have had customers pass along rumors of a “second wave” of shipments coming, we have received no such information or confirmation, though our remaining orders for this have not yet been cancelled by our distributor.

If you have ordered this, we are continuing in our efforts to find out if we’ll be receiving more copies or not, but do not know how long this will take.  If you would prefer to cancel your order with us, please contact Customer Service at help@westfieldcomics.com.  We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused by this situation.