Cigar Man Friday – Classic Comics Covers

Cigar Man with Spidey

Befuddled as we were by the presence of Cigar Man in that unlikely Tiger Woods golf photo, we were more than amused at all the various places he seemed to find his way into and saw much potential for a new hero in the hallowed halls of Comicdom. That (somewhat misplaced) enthusiasm, paired with a modicum of PhotoShop skills usually put to better use (hey, it’s late on a Friday), gave rise to the following “new” comic covers. Enjoy!



Legion of Super-Heroes Annual[/caption]

by KC Carlson

1. DC Annuals: The DC Universe seems to have an interlude month of books this time around. There are no new major launches — not too surprising, given both the turmoil within their pages (The Return of Bruce Wayne, fresh starts for Superman and Wonder Woman) and real life (DC’s restructuring/further assimilation into Time Warner’s corporate structure, with the real-life fallout and uncertainty of people losing their jobs, moving across country, or some other unknown, which unfortunately has also wreaked havoc with their recent on-time scheduling). I haven’t commented much on this situation because the ultimate story (and its ramifications) is still unfolding, and I’m more concerned about old friends and colleagues possibly losing their jobs than the comics themselves.