Interview: Jim Shooter on Dark Horse’s Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom

Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom

Jim Shooter’s career in comics has been impressive, to say the least. His early work on DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes is fondly remember and he recently wrote a new series of Legion stories. At Marvel he wrote such books as Avengers and Secret Wars. His biggest impact at Marvel may have been his term as Editor-In Chief. After Marvel, he was publisher of Valiant Comics where he wrote Magnus and Solar; and he helped found both Defiant Comics and Broadway Comics. This month, Shooter returns to write Dark Horse’s Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom. Westfield’s Roger Ash recently contact Shooter to learn more about this book and his other upcoming Dark Horse work.


10 Things I Like About July ’10 Comics (and a couple I’m not so crazy about)

by KC Carlson

Batman: Odyssey

1. CLASSIC CREATORS RETURN TO CLASSIC CHARACTERS: Neal Adams writes and illustrates Batman: Odyssey, a new six-part miniseries from DC Comics. For those of us reading comics in the late 1960s and 70s, Adams was THE Batman artist, so his return to write and draw a brand-new Batman tale (featuring a bunch of classic friends and foes) is pretty big news.