Roger’s Comic Ramblings: A Difficult Question

100 Bullets Vol. 1

by Roger Ash

So, I’m at a party Friday night at which I don’t know most of the people. I strike up a conversation with a friendly couple and we’re soon joined by another couple and have a fun conversation about TV and movies (apparently I’m missing out by never having seen The Wire. Guess I’ll check that out.). In the course of talking with one of the guys, it comes out that I work for Westfield and he asked me what sounds like a simple question: “Are there any comics you’d recommend?” This, or variations on it, is the most common question I get about comics and it’s a more difficult question than it appears. The quick reaction would be to start listing comics I like, but that’s not necessarily helpful. Let me explain.


Fifth Degree: Bá & Moon

Daytripper #1
by Josh Crawley

With Daytripper #1 by Gabriel Bá & Fabio Moon (published by DC/Vertigo) now available for order, I figured it would be a good time to introduce you to some of their previous works. If you’ve already read them, consider this a reminder to re-freshen your mind’s palette as to just how tasty these books are.