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Doctor Solar, Man of the AtomWayne Markley follows the illustrious career of the legendary Jim Shooter, from his early days with DC’s Adventure Comics and the Legion of Super-Heroes, to his stint as Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics, his start-up efforts at Valiant Comics, Defiant Comics, Broadway Comics and Acclaim Comics, and his eventual return to Legion of Super-Heroes and the resurrection of Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom; Magnus, Robot Fighter; and Turok, Son of Stone.

Over the last forty plus years, one of the best writers


KC Column: Never-Ending Story, Part 3

by KC Carlson

PREVIOUSLY ON NEVER-ENDING STORY (part 1) (part 2): After intense creative experimentation in the early 1970s, superhero comic books largely stuck to the basics by the end of the decade. There were more creative surprises ahead, but for now, comics’ biggest conflicts were behind the scenes, as a failing distribution system, combined with a poor physical product, would force comics to come up with creative solutions to stay alive. Meanwhile, many comic creators were restless, especially the new, younger talent who had been entering the field over the last decade or so. They also wanted better physical presentation for their work, including ever-expanding formats to experiment with — as well as better working conditions and more return for their creativity. Plus, the effects of growing intelligent critique and criticism from a more vocal fanbase would help push creators into even bigger flights of fancy. All of these factors seemed to indicate that interesting times were around the corner as the 1980s began.


For Your Consideration: Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus

Women of Marvel Coipel Cover

by Robert Greenberger

Marvel Comics has spent much of this year focused on the female heroines of their ever-growing universe. First there was the slick magazine with articles and reprints from January, which I wrote for. Since then there have been the Girl Comics and Her-Oes miniseries and an honest-to-goodness good Black Widow ongoing series.

This summer, though, Marvel looks back one final time with Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus. The mammoth 1160 page book will retail for $125 but you’re getting a real survey of how heroic women were portrayed through the years and it makes for an interesting look at Marvel in a new way.