Roger’s Comic Ramblings: Baltimore Comic-Con 2010 report

John Workman & Roger Ash

By Roger Ash

A few weeks back, I wrote about how much I like going to comic conventions. I got to indulge in that pleasure the weekend of August 28 & 29 when I attended the 11th annual Baltimore Comic-Con. I love going to the Baltimore Comic-Con because it is one of the few shows that focuses specifically on comics. It’s also a unique show for me as I’ve been part of the convention staff for the past two years. I met convention organizer Marc Nathan a number of years back at a DC Comics function, and we hit it off and quickly became friends. Last year, Marc asked if I’d program the panels for him. I agreed. I guess I did OK as he asked me to do it again this year.


Heroes Con 2010 report

Heroes Con floor Saturday afternoon

by Roger Ash & KC Carlson

Hi! In case you’re wondering where we’ve been (c’mon, play along), we just spent a wonderful weekend at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. Convention organizer Shelton Drum put together one heck of a show that had something for everyone. If you’ve only been to conventions with a big publisher presence, you’d be in for a surprise at Heroes. There was everything from web comics, superheroes, to autobiographical comics. The only large publishers who had booths at the convention were Boom and IDW. There was still a DC and Marvel presence at the show through panels and creators, but this isn’t a publisher-centric show.