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Blackest Night

Blackest Night

What’s the connection between DC’s Blackest Night and Roger Waters The Wall? What do the MarchFourth Marching Band and Oni’s The Sixth Gun have in common (aside from the fact that they’re both based in Portland)? Westfield’s Roger Ash has answers to these questions and more!


Fifth Degree: Previews #257


by Josh Crawley

This week we’re starting from the back of Previews; I’m so sneaky! Remember, use the handy, dandy links provided for pertinent information!


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – February ’10

Heroic Age

by KC Carlson

This month, the big news from Marvel and DC is, respectively, The Heroic Age and Brightest Day. Most details on The Heroic Age are still CLASSIFIED, other than the fact that it will launch in May with the publication of a new Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. (No word yet on when the numbering will revert to the long-standing Avengers numbering, as most Marvel titles eventually do, but at this point, with several more-or-less interconnecting Avengers titles over the past few years, it might be just too difficult – or controversial – to calculate.)


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – January ‘10

Girl Comics

by KC Carlson

There are a number of new Marvel projects this month falling under the banner of “Women of Marvel” – spotlighting not only Marvel’s fascinating female characters, but also the creators who wield the pencils and brushes and tap those keyboards. First up is Girl Comics, a three-issue anthology series featuring work by women only. (The book will probably be printed by men, though.) The first issue sports a great She-Hulk vs. Iron Man cover by the amazing Amanda Conner – and it’s not the battle you’d normally expect. I’m looking forward to seeing the work of Ann Nocenti, Devin Grayson, and Trina Robbins, all of whom haven’t done much superhero comic work of late, as well as current faves including Colleen Coover and Stephanie Buscema.


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – December ‘09

Siege #2

by KC Carlson

We’re in the big wind-down to both of Marvel and DC’s most recent events, so there’s lots of Siege and Blackest Night stuff all over the order form. But you’re probably aware of those events, as it seems that’s all anybody wants to talk about anymore. I suppose it’s too much to ask that both of these Events might actually wrap up with a big, definitive ending (just for a change), instead of simply leading into the next Big Mega Mind-Bending Nose-Blowing (sorry, but it IS the cold and flu season!) Thing. Why are publishers and some creators afraid of the words “The End”? Can no one actually write an ending to anything anymore?


Comics & More – November Staff Picks

Roger Likes

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot #1

Suicide Squad #67

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Bob Likes

Blacksad Vol. 1 HC

Cover Girls of the DCU Statue: Harley Quinn

More of Bob’s Favorites

Josh Likes

Ms. Marvel #49

Green Lantern #50 (Blackest Night)

More of Josh’s Favorites

Brook Likes

Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1

Almost Silent HC

More of Brook’s Favorites

Mary Likes

Women of the DCU Series 3 Raven Bust

Star Wars: Darth Vader Helmet Clock Radio

More of Mary’s Favorites

Meg Likes

Fables #92

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #3

More of Meg’s Favorites


Too Much Cool Stuff – Not Enough $$$ – November ‘09

Captain America #602

by KC Carlson

The big news over at Marvel this month is a two fisted-knockout. Part one is the return of Captain America Steve Rogers to the Marvel Universe in a big way. First, the regular monthly Captain America comic starts up again, as issue #602 features the first chapter of Two Americas by Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross. Then, Steve returns to the Avengers in the pages of New Avengers #61 by Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen – which is one of the tie-in books for Siege, the second part of the big news from Marvel. Written by Brian Bendis and pencilled by Olivier Coipel, Siege is a four-part series described as the culmination of events beginning with Avengers Disassembled and leading through House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, and the long-awaited (at least by me!) wrap-up of Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign over the Marvel U. Key to the promotion of Siege is the image of Marvel’s core Avengers – Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America – all reunited again, and all the real deal!


Fifth Degree: Judging Books by Their Covers

by Josh Crawley

Avengers: Initiative #31

I totally stole this idea from Brian Cronin over at Comic Book Resources. I was being a little extra lazy and using Google to refresh my memory as to which Superman/Batman cover I really, really like that DC changed before it went to press (issue 40, if you were wondering).

I ended up stumbling upon an article where books were being judged solely by their covers. Or rather, their covers were being discussed without too much context to their contents. Unlike Cronin, though, I’m not going through all of the DC and Marvel covers for the month; just some of them. In no particular order, some of my comments on covers in the December 2009 Previews catalogue!


KC’s COLUMN: Biggest , Blackest, Darkest, and Cures What Ails Ya!

Blackest Night #3 cover
by KC Carlson

[SPOILER WARNINGS apply for those who haven’t read Blackest Night #1 or its Prologues. If you don’t want to know what happens there, don’t read this.]

It’s time for another big DC Event?! Holy crap! I still haven’t finished reading the last one yet!


KC Column – Episode 17: The Monchhichis Affair

by KC Carlson

Welcome to my first column at the new Westfield blog. As you can see, we’re still a little busy getting everything presentable – we’re getting all the boxes unpacked and the curtains put up and trying to figure out where the sofa will go. (No… Try over by the Cosmic Treadmill! Hey! Watch out for the – KLANNNGG! – Negative Zone portal!)