Cory Carani and Jeff Moy keep the crowd entertained on Free Comic Book Day!

Cory Carani and Jeff Moy keep the crowds entertained on Free Comic Book Day!


Free Comic Book Day 2013 this past Saturday, May 4 is now a thing of the past and again a huge success at both of our Madison locations. And, even though we received some unexpected showers early in the day, we still had record or near record attendance!

A personal thanks to everyone who came in and made the day including every single customer (yes, YOU!); our fellow employees from the Westfield warehouse who came in to help out on their day off (Mary, Roger and Miles); loyal customer volunteers (Chris and Jeff); the members of the 501st Legion & Wisconsin Ghostbusters and the local artists and creators who graciously donated their time including Jeff Butler, Cory Carani, Jordan Gunderson and Jeffrey Moy! Thank you one and all!

Hope to see everyone again NEXT year for Free Comic Book Day 2014 on Saturday, May 3 (always mark your calendar for the first Saturday in May!) but, hey!, we’re open 7 days a week! We’re sure we’ll see you before then. Á bientôt (see ya soon).


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