Product Updates for 7/15/2019


PRODUCT CHANGES – 07/15/2019



Catwoman Vol. 2: Far from Gotham TP (JUN190578) has been increased to 208 pages.



Sonic the Hedgehog #20 Cover A (JUN190654) will now be drawn by Tracy Yardley, not Evan Stanley.

Sonic the Hedgehog #21 (Cvrs. A/B: JUL190720 / JUL190721) will now feature interior art by Lamar Wells, Reggie Graham and Jennifer Hernandez, not Tracy Yardley.



Lazarus HC Vol. 3 (MR) (JUL190104) now runs 344 pages, not 280 pages.

Thumbs #3 (MR) (JUN190103) & #4 (MR) (JUL190167) will now run 52 pages, not 48 pages.



Daredevil #9 Artist BOBG Variant (JUN190974) will have cover art by Dave Johnson and has been retitled Daredevil #9 Johnson BOBG Variant.

Fantastic Four: Prodigal Sun #1 2nd Ptg. Variant (MAY198935) will have cover art by Mico Suayan, and will be retitled Fantastic Four: Prodigal Sun #1 2nd Ptg. Suayan Variant.

Savage Avengers #1 3rd Ptg. Variant (MAY198937) will have cover art by Kim Jacinto, and will be retitled Savage Avengers #1 3rd Ptg. Jacinto Variant.

Savage Avengers #3 2nd Ptg. Variant (MAY198938) will have cover art by David Finch, and will be retitled Savage Avengers #3 2nd Ptg. Finch Variant.

Spider-Man Annual #1 2nd Ptg. Lafuente Variant (MAY198868) will now have cover art by Jason Latour, and has been retitled Spider-Man Annual #1 2nd Ptg. Latour Variant.

Captain Marvel #9 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198876) will have cover art by John Tyler Christopher and has been retitled Captain Marvel #9 Christopher Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Fantastic Four #13 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198877) will have cover art by Nick Bradshaw and has been retitled Fantastic Four #13 Bradshaw Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10 Artist BOBG Variant (JUN190937) will have cover art by Will Sliney and has been retitled Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10 Sliney BOBG Variant.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198879) will have cover art by Pasqual Ferry, and will be retitled Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 Ferry Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Captain America #13 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198875) will have cover art by Ema Lupacchino, and will be retitled Captain America #13 Lupacchino Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Fearless #2 (Reg./Var.: JUN190956 / JUN190957) will have penciling by Claire Roe, Iolanda Zanfardino and an artist to be determined.

Guardians of the Galaxy #8 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198878) will have cover art by Chris Stevens, and will be retitled Guardians of the Galaxy #8 Stevens Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #15 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198881) will have cover art by Jim Cheung, and will be retitled Tony Stark: Iron Man #15 Cheung Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1 (Reg./Vars.: JUN190792 / JUN190793 / JUN190794 / JUN190795D / JUN190796) will have penciling by Flaviano Armentaro and not Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque.

The Amazing Spider-Man #28 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198873) will have cover art by Humberto Ramos, and will be retitled The Amazing Spider-Man #28 Ramos Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Avengers #23 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198874) will have cover art by Russell Dauterman, and will be retitled Avengers #23 Dauterman Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Captain America by Coates TP Vol. 2: Captain of Nothing (JUL191107) and has been retitled Captain America TP Vol. 2: Captain of Nothing.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 BOBG Variant (JUN190939) will have cover art by Greg Hildebrandt and has been retitled Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 Hildebrandt BOBG Variant.

House of X #3 Character Decades Variant (JUN190824) will have cover art by Jeff Dekal and has been retitled House of X #3 Dekal Character Decades Variant.

Marvel Monsters #1 Artist Variant (JUN190880) will have cover art by Superlog and has been retitled Marvel Monsters #1 Superlog Variant.

Thor #16 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198880) will have cover art by Mike McKone, and will be retitled Thor #16 McKone Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Venom #17 Marvel 80th Frame Variant (MAY198882) will have cover art by Lee Garbett, and will be retitled Venom #17 Garbett Marvel 80th Frame Variant.

Daredevil by Bendis & Maleev Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg. (JUL191088) will be 848 pages.

Conan the Barbarian: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol. 3 (Reg./DM Var.: JUL191093 / JUL191094) will have a T+ Rating, not a Parental Advisory.

Son of Satan Marvel Spotlight #12 Facsimile Edition (JUL191012) will have a T Rating, not an All Ages Rating.

  • Spider-Woman #1 Facsimile Edition (JUL191013) will have a T Rating and not an All Ages rating.
  • Captain Marvel TP Vol. 1: Re-Entry (JUN191043) will have 128 pages and not 120 pages.
  • Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema TP (JUN191040) will now have 368 pages, not 352 pages, with no change in pricing or editorial content.
  • Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky TP Vol. 1: Know Fear (MAY190967) will contain Daredevil (2019) #1-#5, which was not announced with its price change in a previous update.
  • Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions TP (MAY190975) will be 128 pages and not 112 pages.



PRICE CHANGES – 07/15/2019


Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be made Order Adjustable in this or a future issue of Dateline.

Reasons (when available) are noted with the price change.





Savage Dragon: City Under Siege TP (MR)             JUN190041          $24.99   $19.99




Idolized TP Vol. 1 (Direct Market)             JUN191482          $18.99   $17.99



Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest GN Vol. 1        APR198038 / JUL192508 $12.99   $10.99



Cartoons Magazine #22 JUN191879          $5.99     $6.99




Marvel Comic: Ghost Rider 1/6 Scale Bust             JUN192394          $99.99   $120.00






Items with no “Old Date” originally had no scheduled ship date.





DC Designer Ser.: Wonder Woman by Jenny Frison Statue            DEC180680          07/31/19              07/24/19

High Level #6 (MR)          MAY190421        07/31/19              08/07/19

Red Hood & The Outlaws TP Vol. 1: Dark Trinity (Rebirth)              MAR190596        04/10/19              08/07/19

Red Hood & The Outlaws TP Vol. 2: Who is Artemis? (Rebirth)    MAR190597        04/10/19              08/07/19

Shazam! #7 Std./Var.     APR190501 / APR190502               08/07/19              08/14/19

Doomsday Clock #11 Std./Var.   MAR190507 / MAR190508            08/14/19              08/28/19

Shazam! #8 Std./Var.     MAY190445 / MAY190446             08/21/19              08/28/19

Young Justice #8 Std./Var.           JUN190552 / JUN190553               08/07/19              09/04/19

Shazam! #9         JUN190536 / JUN190537               09/04/19              09/11/19

All Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever HC    MAY190474        08/28/19              09/18/19

Shazam! #10 Std./Var.   JUL190597           09/18/19              09/25/19

Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus HC              JAN190703          09/25/19              10/09/19

Doom Patrol: The Bronze Age Omnibus HC          APR190538          09/25/19              10/23/19

Superman: Year One HC               JUN188709          09/04/19              11/06/19

Booster Gold: The Big Fall HC      JUN190576          09/25/19              11/13/19

DC Comics: The Art of Jim Lee HC Vol. 1 MAR190573        07/10/19              11/27/19



X-Men Vinyl Poster         APR190986          07/24/19              08/07/19

Conan the Barbarian: Exodus #1 Reg./Vars.         JUN191001 / JUN191002 / JUN191003     8/7/2019              08/14/19

Doctor Strange #17 Reg./Var.     MAY190853 / MAY190854             08/07/19              08/14/19

Punisher Kill Krew #1 Reg./Vars.               MAY190732 / MAY190733 / MAY190734 8/7/2019              08/14/19

Captain America #13 Reg./Vars.                JUN190912 / JUN190913 / MAY198875    08/21/19              08/28/19

Doctor Strange #18 Reg./Vars.   JUN190990 / JUN190991 / JUN190992     08/21/19              08/28/19

Marvel Previews Free Copies for Marketing        AUG178988        07/31/19              08/28/19

Star Wars: Age of Republic — Poe Dameron #1 Reg./Vars.            JUN191018 / JUN191019 / JUN191020 / JUN191021 / JUN191022          08/14/19              08/28/19

Doctor Strange #19 Reg./Var.     JUN190993 / JUN190994               09/04/19              09/11/19

Punisher Kill Krew #2      JUN190982          8/21/2019            09/11/19

Captain America #14 Reg./Var.  JUL190951 / JUL190952  09/18/19              09/25/19

Punisher Kill Krew #3 Reg./Var. JUL191005 / JUL191006  9/18/2019            09/25/19

Marvel Strike Force HC: Art of Game       MAR191006        11/27/19              12/04/19




(Gamestop) Marvel Gallery: Mysterio PVC Statue            MAY189411        07/10/19              08/14/19

DC Gallery: Shazam! Movie PVC Figure FEB192438           07/24/19              08/14/19

NBX: Jack in Chair Coffin Dlx. Doll              MAR192449        07/24/19              08/14/19

NBX: Jack in Sleigh Dlx. PVC Set                 MAR192450        07/24/19              08/14/19

John Wick Gallery Running PVC Figure    MAR192443        08/07/19              08/21/19



Pop! DC Heroes Red Death PX Vinyl Figure           OCT188710          07/17/19              07/24/19

Pop! Marvel Nova Prime PX Vinyl Figure               OCT188711          07/10/19              07/24/19

Pop! DC Heroes: Red Death PX Vinyl Figure         JUN192566          06/26/19              07/31/19



One:12 Collective DC PX Sovereign Knight Batman Blue AF           JUN188303          04/24/19              08/21/19



Overwatch: D.Va Figma AF          JUL188939           09/25/19              08/14/19

Mega Man X :Rabbit Ride Nendoroid More Armor            SEP188530           08/28/19              08/21/19




TOYS ON THE WATER – 07/15/2019


As of press time, the following toy products have been confirmed as being en route to Diamond and are expected to ship to retailers on the dates shown, barring delays due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.





Aquaman Movie Gallery: Aquaman PVC Figure AUG182575        $49.99   07/28/19

CW Gallery: Green Arrow PVC Figure      FEB182294           $49.99   07/28/19

DC Gallery: Catwoman Comic PVC Figure              JUL182493           $49.99   07/31/19

Marvel Select: Green Goblin AF                SEP111606           $29.99   07/31/19

Marvel Select: Thanos AF             MAY052331        $29.99   07/31/19

DC Gallery: Shazam! Movie PVC Figure FEB192438           $49.99   08/14/19

Marvel Gallery: Black Panther Movie Okoye PVC Figure FEB192447           $49.99   08/14/19

NBX: Jack in Chair Coffin Dlx. Doll              MAR192449        $74.99   08/14/19

NBX: Jack in Sleigh Dlx. PVC Set                 MAR192450        $124.99 08/14/19

Legends In 3D: Marvel Iron Man Comic 1/2 Scale Bust     FEB192444           $150.00 08/21/19

Marvel Animated Style Cyclops Statue   NOV182385        $64.99   08/21/19

Marvel Premiere: Mystique Statue          FEB192446           $150.00 08/21/19

Marvel: Wolverine 1974 Collectors Gallery Statue             AUG182642        $159.99 08/21/19



One:12 Collective: DC PX Sovereign Knight Batman Blue AF          JUN188303          $85.00   08/21/19




Amazing Star Killer Rouge: Yuzuru Kurenai Nendoroid AF              SEP188008           $69.99   08/14/19

Ariel C-Type Moderoid Plastic Mdl. Kit    NOV188666        $59.99   07/31/19

BanG Dream Girls! Band Party!: Minato Yukina 1/7 PVC Fig.          DEC188809          $209.99 07/31/19

Batman Ninja Catwoman Figma AF          AUG188624        $109.99 07/31/19

Cells at Work Platelet Nendoroid AF        OCT188517          $54.99   08/14/19

Character Vocal Ser. 1: Pop-up Parade Hatsune Miku PVC Fig.     JAN198238          $49.99   08/21/19

Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku 1/7 PVC Wedding Ver. JUL188937           $319.99 08/21/19

Chitocerium LXXVIII-Platinum Plastic Mdl. Kit      JAN198156          $69.99   07/31/19

Deus Machina Demonbane: Hagane Works Demonbane AF         JAN198555          $244.99 08/21/19

Devilman Lady: The Extreme Devi PVC Fig. (A)    MAY188605        $304.99 08/21/19

Dioramansion 150: Hallway Figure Diorama          JAN199051          $29.99   08/21/19

Dioramansion 150: Marble Figure Diorama           JAN199052          $29.99   08/21/19

Dioramansion 150: Poolside Figure Diorama         JAN199053          $29.99   08/21/19

Disney Aladdin: Genie Nendoroid AF      NOV188180        $89.99   08/21/19

Fate/Grand Order:  Cuirassier Noir Figma EX Ride              SEP188768           $79.99   08/21/19

Fate/Grand Order:  Lancer Karna Nendoroid AF                 OCT188693          $69.99   08/14/19

Fate/Grand Order:  Learning W/Manga Vol. 3 6-pc. BMB Ds.        SEP188762           $59.94   08/21/19

Fate/Grand Order:  Saber Altria Pendragon Figma AF Shinjuku Ver.          SEP188769           $104.99 08/21/19

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma: Illya 2wei Chloe 1/8 PVC Beast Ver.      OCT188345          $169.99 08/21/19

Fate/Extra: Caster Figma (O/A) NOV188103        $89.99   08/21/19

Fate/Stay Night Saber Alter Nendoroid AF SM ED (O/A) NOV188858        $54.99   08/21/19

Fullmetal Alchemist: Envy Nendoroid AF               AUG188841        $59.99   08/21/19

Hanebado Ayano Hanesaki Nendoroid AF            AUG188908        $54.99   08/21/19

Hatsune Miku: GT Project Mer-Amg 2018 1/32 Suzuka 10H Ver. AUG189057        $154.99 08/14/19

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 1/4 PVC Fig. My Dear Bunny Ver.      MAY189599        $459.99 08/21/19

HP: Hermione Granger Nendoroid AF     OCT188312          $54.99   08/21/19

Idolish7: Riku Nanase Nendoroid AF        SEP188822           $54.99   08/14/19

Is the Order a Rabbit?: Rize Nendoroid AF            JUL189020           $54.99   08/14/19

JoJo’s Bizarre Adv.: Chozo Kado SF AF    NOV188507        $104.99 07/31/19

Kantai KanColle Collection: Atago Nendoroid AF                OCT188519          $84.99   08/14/19

King of Glory: Zhuge Liang Nendoroid AF              JAN198557          $64.99   08/14/19

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku Wo 2: Aqua 1/7 PVC Fig. (MR)            MAY189601        $179.99 08/14/19

Konosuba: Megumin Nendoroid (O/A) SEP188171           $51.99   07/31/19

Last Hope: Queenie Yoh Pu Figure (MR)                AUG188628        $389.99 08/14/19

Little Armory: Ena Toyosaki Nendoroid AF            NOV188434        $69.99   08/14/19

LoveLive Sunshine: Hanamaru Kunikida 1/7 PVC Blu-ray Ver.       JUN188921          $224.99 07/31/19

Mega Man X Rabbit Ride Nendoroid: More Armor            SEP188530           $89.99   08/21/19

Melon Books Tapestry: Aoi Nanami 1/6 PVC Fig. (A)         SEP188009           $269.99 08/21/19

Monster Hunter CFB: Standard Model Best 7 & 8 6-pc. BMB Dis.                DEC188040          $83.94   08/14/19

Monster Hunter World: Female Xenojiiva Nendoroid AF Dlx. Ver.             OCT188107          $89.99   08/21/19

Nendoroid Doll: Kindergarten Outfit Set                NOV188430        $39.99   08/14/19

Overwatch D.Va Figma AF            JUL188939           $89.99   08/14/19

Overwatch McCree Nendoroid AF Classic Skin Ver.          OCT188230          $59.99   08/21/19

Persona 5: Makoto Niijima Nendoroid AF Phantom Thief Ver.     OCT188695          $59.99   08/14/19

Place Further: Hinata Miyake Nendoroid AF        SEP188059           $59.99   08/21/19

RE: Zero Starting Life in Another World: Emilia 1/7 PVC Fig.           JAN188316          $140.99 07/31/19

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Hikari Kagura 1/7 PVC Fig.               JAN198633          $209.99 08/21/19

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Karen Aijo 1/7 PVC Fig.     DEC188811          $209.99 07/31/19

Splatoon: Inkling Girls Figma AF Dlx. Set                 JUL189193           $169.99 07/31/19

Sword Art Online: Alicization Alice Synth Thirty Nendoroid AF     FEB198158           $69.99   07/31/19

Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu: Yui Yuigahama 1/4 PVC Bunny Ver.           SEP188064           $334.99 08/21/19

Tenga Robot: Transforming Tenga Robot Hard & Soft AF Set        NOV188673        $99.99   07/31/19

Tenga Robot: Transforming Tenga Robot Soft AF               NOV188675        $44.99   07/31/19

Touken Ranbu: The Musical Nendoroid Petite 6-pc. BMB Ds.       OCT188314          $95.94   08/21/19

Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear Nendoroid AF Dlx. Ver.              NOV188053        $84.99   08/21/19

Toy Story: Woody Nendoroid AF Dlx. Ver.            NOV188054        $84.99   08/21/19

Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adv.: Gwinbee Plastic Model Kit SEP188233           $62.99   08/21/19

Youjo Senki: Tanya Degurechaff PVC Fig.              MAR188192        $189.99 07/31/19



G.E.M. Series Naruto & Sasuke 2-pc. PVC Fig. Set Kabuki Ver.     SEP188723           $504.99 08/21/19

G.E.M. Series Naruto/Sasuke: Uchiha PVC Fig. Kabuki Ver.           SEP188724           $254.99 08/21/19

G.E.M. Series: Naruto Uzumaki PVC Fig. Kabuki Ver.        SEP188725           $254.99 08/21/19

Gundam Girls Generation MSG 8TH MS Team Aina Sahalin PVC Fig.          DEC188105          $179.99 08/21/19


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