Product Updates for 10/7/2019


PRODUCT CHANGES – 10/07/2019



Aquaman Vol. 2: Amnesty HC (SEP190547) now runs 144 pages at a price of $24.99 and now collects issues #48-52.

Basketful of Heads (#1: AUG190432 / AUG190433) will now run seven issues.

Batman Annual #4 (AUG190484) now features art by Jorge Fornes and Mike Norton and a new story:  What’s it like to be Batman from day to day? What are the challenges that the Dark Knight Detective faces? From thieves to marauding monsters, writer Tom King takes us across the gamut of experience to show the vast scope of what it takes to fill the Batman’s boots…and then what it means when he goes back home.

DC Poster Portfolio: Year of the Villain TP (AUG190651) now runs 46 pages and includes the complete Year of the Villain variant cover portraits from July 2019. The title has also changed to DC Poster Portfolio: The Complete Year of the Villain Portrait Variants.

DCeased #6 (AUG190505 / AUG190506 / AUG19507) now runs 48 pages.

Justice League by Scott Snyder Deluxe Edition Book One HC (SEP190586) now runs 400 pages.

Watchmen Companion HC (SEP190609) now runs 280 pages.



Descender Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 2 (MR) (SEP190089) now runs 424 pages, not 420 pages.

Spawn #302 (AUG190218 / AUG190219 / AUG190220) will now feature interior art by Todd McFarlane with Jason Shawn Alexander, as well as a five-page story drawn by McFarlane.



Doctor Strange Annual #1 Artist Variant (AUG191058) will have cover art by Steve Skroce and will be retitled Doctor Strange Annual #1 Skroce Variant.

Avengers vs. Fantastic Four TP (SEP191015) now collects: Fantastic Four (1961) #25-#26, #150, #255-#256; Fantastic Four Annual (1963) #19; Avengers (1963) #127, #233, #301-#303; Avengers Annual (1967) #14; New Avengers Custom #676: Army & Air Force (2005); and Mighty Avengers (2007) #25-#26.

Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble #1 Artist Variant (SEP190879) will have cover art by Paulina Ganucheau and will be retitled Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble #1 Ganucheau Variant.

X-Force #1 DX & Variants (Reg./Vars.: SEP190760 / SEP190761 / SEP190762 / SEP190763 / SEP190764 / SEP190765 / SEP190766) will have a rating of Parental Advisory, not T+.

X-Force #1 Artist A Variant DX (SEP190766) will have cover art by Adi Granov and will be retitled X-Force #1 Granov Variant DX.

Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus #1 Codex Variant AC (SEP190801) will have cover art by Matteo Scalera and will be retitled Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus #1 Scalera CodexVariant AC.

Champions by Jim Zub TP Vol. 2: Give and Take (SEP190984) now collects: Champions (2019) #7-#10 and Nova (2015) #1.

The Immortal Hulk #26 (SEP190894) will have a rating of T+, not Parental Advisory.

New Mutants #1 DX (Reg./Vars.: SEP190749 / SEP190750 / SEP190751 / SEP190752 / SEP190753 / SEP190754 / SEP190755 / SEP190756 / SEP190757) will have 48 pages, not 40 pages.

New Mutants #1 McLeod Hidden Gem Variant DX (SEP190755) will have cover art by Arthur Adams and will be retitled New Mutants #1 Adams Hidden Gem Variant DX.

Old Man Quill #11 (SEP190920) will have a rating of Parental Advisory, not T.

Sword Master #5 (SEP190924) will be written by Fonda Lee, along with Shuizhu and Greg Pak.

2099 Alpha #1 Artist Variant (SEP190824) will have cover art by Viktor Bogdanovic and will be retitled 2099 Alpha #1 Bogdanovic Variant.

Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel #1 Codex Variant AC (SEP190803) will have cover art by Nick Bradshaw and will be retitled Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel #1 Bradshaw Codex Variant AC.

Aero #5 (SEP190925) will be written by Greg Pak and Alyssa Wong, along with Zhou Liefen.

The Amazing Spider-Man #34 2099 Variant 2099 (SEP190819) will have cover art by Pasqual Ferry and will be retitled The Amazing Spider-Man #34 Ferry 2099 Variant 2099.

Captain America #16 (Reg./Var.: SEP190918 / SEP190919) will have interior penciling by Robert Quinn, not Jason Masters.

Captain Marvel #12 2099 Variant (SEP190914) will have cover art by Terry Dodson and will be retitled Captain Marvel #12 Dodson 2099 Variant.

The Immortal Hulk #27 (Reg./Var.: SEP190895 / SEP190896) will have a rating of T+, not Parental Advisory.

Fantastic Four: Grand Design TP (SEP190986) now collects: Fantastic Four: Grand Design (2019) #1-#2, Fantastic Four (1961) #51.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14 (SEP190868) will have interior penciling by Ken Lashley, not Juann Cabal.

Loki #5 (Reg./Var.: SEP190903D / SEP190904D, $3.99 ea.; FOC 10/28/19) will have interior penciling by Andy MacDonald, not Oscar Bazaldua.

Loki #5 2099 Variant (SEP190904) will have cover art by Todd Nauck and will be retitled Loki #5 Nauck 2099 Variant.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #18 (Reg./Var.: SEP190908 / SEP190909) will be written by Christos Gage and Dan Slott, not Jim Zub, and will have interior penciling by Paco Medina, not Valerio Schiti.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #18 2099 Variant (SEP190909) will have cover art by Karl Kerschl and will be retitled Tony Stark: Iron Man #18 Kerschl 2099 Variant.

Punisher 2099 #1 (Reg./Vars.: SEP190828 / SEP190829 / SEP190830) will have a rating of T+, not T.

Black Panther #18 (SEP190931) will have a rating of T, not  T+.

Tomb of Dracula #10 Facsimile Edition (SEP190927) will have a rating of T+, not  T.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #5 2099 Variant (SEP190907) will have cover art by Paul Renaud and will be retitled Valkyrie: Jane Foster #5 Renaud 2099 Variant.

X-Force #2 (Reg./Var.: SEP190767 / SEP190768) will have a rating of Parental Advisory, not  T+.

Absolute Carnage TP (OCT191107) will have 176 pages, not 160 pages, with no changes to editorial content or pricing.

Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool TP (OCT191111D, $15.99; FOC 11/18/19) now collects: Absolute

Carnage vs. Deadpool (2019) #1-#3, Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel (2019) #1, Ravencroft stinger

pages from Captain Marvel (2019) #8, Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #24, Deadpool (2018) #14 and Black

Cat (2019) #2.

Doom 2099 #1 Stroman Variant (OCT190937) will have cover art by Gerardo Zaffino and will be retitled Doom 2099 #1 Zaffino Variant.

Absolute Carnage: The Immortal Hulk & Other Tales TP (OCT191112) now collects: Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk (2019) #1, Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-Man (2019) #1, Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance (2019) #1, Ravencroft stinger pages from Symbiote Spider-Man (2019) #3 and The Immortal Hulk (2018) #20.

Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors TP (OCT191110) now collects: Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors (2019) #1-#3, Absolute Carnage: Avengers (2019) #1, Ravencroft stinger pages from Invaders (2019) #7, Avengers (2018) #22, Fantastic Four (2018) #11, Venom (2018) #15.

Oz Complete Collection GN TP Vol. 1: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz/The Marvelous Land of Oz(OCT191143) will no longer contain the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Sketchbook.

  • Adventures of the X-Men GN TP: Rites of Passage (AUG191169) will be rated Ages 10 & Up, not All Ages.
  • The Punisher TP Vol. 3: Street by Street, Block by Block (AUG191153) will have 112 pages, not 134 pages, with no change to editorial content or pricing.
  • The Immortal Hulk TP Vol. 5: Breaker of Worlds (AUG191149) will have 136 pages, not 128 pages, with no changes to editorial content or pricing.
  • Marvel Monograph TP: The Art of Stuart Immonen (AUG191146) has been cancelled.
  • Avengers: Endgame: The Art of Movie HC Slipcase (JUL191090) will have 376 pages, not 288 pages, with no changes to editorial content or pricing.
  • The War of the Realms TP: The Punisher (JUL191099) now collects: The War of the Realms: The Punisher #1-#3, The War of the Realms Omega (2019) #1 (Punisher Kill Krew Story), The War of the Realms: War Scrolls #3.
  • Hulk TP: Incredible Origins (JUL191112) now collects: Hulk: Season One (2012), Immortal Hulk (2018) #1.



  • Yen On’s The Greatest Mao is Reborn to Get Friends Light Novel Series (V.1: AUG192464; V. 2: JUL198414) has been retitled The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Light Novel Series. Also, please note that Volume 1: The Greatest Mao is Reborn to Get Friends Light Novel SC has been retitled The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody.



PRICE CHANGES – 10/07/2019


Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be made Order Adjustable in this or a future issue of Dateline.

Reasons (when available) are noted with the price change.





Super Mario: Art of Super Mario Odyssey HC      JUN190319          $39.99   $49.99




Are You Listening HC GN               JUL191932           $22.99   $24.99



World of Warcraft: Ashbringer HC GN     AUG191805        $14.99   $14.95



Judge Dredd: Ghost Town 2000 AD Digest            MAY191880        $6.99     $9.99




Why Comics?: From Underground to Everywhere SC      JUL191987           $19.99   $24.99




Pop! Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster 6” Vin. Fig.          JAN188686          $14.99   $19.99






Items with no “Old Date” originally had no scheduled ship date.





Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul #3           AUG190497        10/30/19              11/06/19

Batman: Creature of the Night #4 (RES) AUG190492        10/30/19              11/27/19



Artgerm Vampirella Coll. Bust     AUG191228        11/04/19              12/04/19




Marvel Premier: Green Goblin Comic Statue       MAR192445        10/09/19              10/16/19

Marvel Gallery: Avengers 4 Iron Man MK85 PVC Fig.        FEB198521           10/09/19              11/06/19

Marvel Gallery: Thanos Comic PVC Figure             MAY192386        09/25/19              11/06/19

NBX Series 1 D-Formz BMB PVC 12-ct. Display     FEB198147           08/28/19              11/06/19

DC Gallery: Harley Quinn Rebirth PVC Figure       JUN192385          10/30/19              11/13/19

DC Gallery: JL Movie Wonder Woman Bracelets PVC Figure          JUN192386          10/30/19              11/13/19

DC Gallery: Nightwing Comic PVC Figure                JUN192398          10/30/19              11/13/19

Marvel Gallery: Red Hulk PVC Fig.             JUN192397          10/30/19              11/13/19

Marvel Gallery: Avengers 4 Quantum Realm Ant-Man PVC Fig.   FEB198522           10/09/19              11/20/19



TOYS ON THE WATER – 10/07/2019


As of press time, the following toy products have been confirmed as being en route to Diamond and are expected to ship to retailers on the dates shown, barring delays due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.





DC Gallery: Dark Knight Rises Movie Bane PVC Figure      OCT182229          $49.99   11/20/19

Marvel Gallery: Avengers 4 Quantum Realm Ant-Man PVC Fig.   FEB198522           $49.99   11/20/19




Devil May Cry III: Lady 1/6 AF      MAY198061        $195.00 11/20/19

Lord of the Rings: Theoden 1/6 AF           MAY199143        $190.00 11/20/19



Ariel w/Flight Unit Moderoid Plastic Mdl. Kit        APR198051          $69.99   11/20/19

Arms Note: Exo-Arm Joshikosei Figma AF             JAN198526          $114.99 11/20/19

Attack on Titan:  Armin Arlert Nendoroid (O/A) MAR198976        $59.99   11/20/19

Attack on Titan:  Eren Yeager Nendoroid (O/A) MAR198977        $59.99   11/20/19

Attack on Titan:  Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid (O/A)       MAR198978        $59.99   11/20/19

Beam Kirby Nendoroid AF            NOV188502        $59.99   11/20/19

City Hunter: The Movie Ryo Saeba Nendoroid AF              DEC189124          $59.99   11/20/19

Dioramansion 150: Park V2 Figure Diorama           MAR198543        $29.99   11/20/19

Dioramansion 150: Rooftop at Night Figure Diorama        MAR198544        $29.99   11/20/19

Dsmile Original Bunny Series: Sarah 1/8 PVC Fig. (A)         NOV188466        $194.99 11/20/19

Fate/Grand Order: Master Female Protagonist Figma AF               DEC188876          $89.99   11/20/19

Goblin Slayer Pop Up Parade: Goblin Slayer PVC Fig.        APR198052          $49.99   11/20/19

God Eater 3: Claire Victorious 1/7 PVC Fig.            APR198541          $234.99 11/20/19

Hatsune Miku GT Project: 1/43 Mini Car AMG 2019 Ver.                 FEB198103           $169.99 11/20/19

Hatsune Miku GT Project: AMG 2019 1/32 Super GT Ver.               DEC188357          $169.99 11/20/19

Idolm@ster: Kotori Otonashi 1/8 PVC Fig.             JUL188826           $179.99 11/20/19

Iron Saga: Judith 1/8 PVC Fig. (MR)          APR198577          $249.99 11/20/19

Jojos Bizarre Adv.: Stardust Crusaders Dio Nendoroid AF               FEB198104           $59.99   11/20/19

Kemurikusa: Rin Nendoroid AF FEB198154           $54.99   11/20/19

LoveLive! Sunshine!: Dia Kurosawa 1/7 PVC Blu-Ray Jacket           OCT188600          $239.99 11/20/19

Matchless Raijin-Oh Moderoid: Bakuryu-Oh Plastic Mdl. Kit         MAR198538        $74.99   11/20/19

My Hero Academia: Tsuyu Asui 1/8 PVC Fig. Hero Suit Ver.           MAY199147        $189.99 11/20/19

No Game No Life: Zero Schwi 1/8 PVC Fig.            MAR188078        $204.99 11/20/19

Pikuriru Sword Art Online: Alic Rubber Strap 10-pc. BMB Ds.        MAR198242        $89.90   11/20/19

PLAMAX MF-35 Min Factory Protect Gear w/Vehicle 1/20 Mdl. Kit            FEB198983           $69.99   11/20/19

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds: Lone Survivor Nendoroid AF    JAN198558          $64.99   11/20/19

RE: Zero Starting Life: Ram 1/7 PVC Fig. Lingerie Ver. (MR)            DEC188973          $169.99 11/20/19

SSSS Gridman:  Anti Soft Vinyl Kaiju Fig.                 MAR198979        $44.99   11/20/19

SSSS Gridman Figma AF                 DEC188360          $89.99   11/20/19

SSSS Gridman:  Ghoulghilas Soft Vinyl Kaiju Fig. FEB198985           $44.99   11/20/19

SSSS Gridman:  Strong Style Sofvi Ser. Gridknight PVC Fig.             MAR198386        $89.99   11/20/19

Yuru Camp: Rin Shima PVC Fig. & Takashima Castle 1/200 Mdl. Kit              MAY198137        $74.99   11/20/19



Injustice 2: Wonder Woman PX 1/18 Scale Fig.    DEC189170          $19.99   11/20/19

Predator 2: Scout Predator PX 1/18 Scale Fig. (AUG189258)          JAN192907          $19.99   11/20/19

Predator 2: Shaman Predator PX 1/18 Scale Fig. (AUG189260)     JAN192908          $19.99   11/20/19



Batman: Arkham Series 10th Ann Ltd. Ed. ARTFX+ Statue              APR198027          $69.99   10/30/19

Devil May Cry 5: Dante ARTFX J Statue   MAR198422        $219.99 10/30/19

Devil May Cry 5: Nero ARTFX J Statue     MAR198423        $234.99 10/30/19

Hexa Gear Early Governor V2 Plastic Model Kit   MAR198616        $27.99   10/30/19

Marvel Hulk ARTFX Premier Statue          MAY192893        $204.99 10/30/19

Mega Man X 1/12 Plastic Model Kit Premium Charge Shot Ver.   APR198609          $65.99   10/30/19

My Hero Academia: Ochaco Uraraka ARTFX J Statue        FEB198992           $91.99   10/30/19



Amami Illustration by Kurehito Misaki 1/6 PVC Fig. (A)    SEP188535           $239.99 11/20/19

Azur Lane: Cygnet Umibe no Juujisei 1/8 PVC Fig. (MR) –               FEB198537           $319.99 11/20/19

Bishoujo Mangekyou Sin & Punishment: Yuuri Kannagi 1/6 PVC (A)          NOV188032        $239.99 11/20/19

Code Geass :Lelouch of the Rebellion CC PVC Fig. Kneeling Ver. FEB198249           $194.99 11/20/19

Darkadvent Vol. 1: Dragondress Sophia Dlx. Model Parts Set (A)                JAN198041          $29.99   11/20/19

Darkadvent Vol. 1: Dragondress Sophia Plastic Model Kit (A)        JAN198040          $89.99   11/20/19

God Eater 3: Claire Victorious 1/7 PVC Fig. Amiami Smiling Ver.   APR198578          $259.99 11/20/19

Grand Action Bigsize Model: Grendizer Figure    MAY188585        $527.99 11/20/19

Haruruminamoni: Ema Matsufusa 1/5 PVC Fig. Bikini Ver. (A)      FEB198997           $309.99 11/20/19

Hero Action Figure: Mirrorman AUG189011        $114.99 11/20/19

Hero Action Figure: Silver Kamen Giant SEP188114           $114.99 11/20/19

Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls: Miria Akagi 1/7 PVC Party Ver.          OCT188604          $224.99 11/20/19

Kantai Collection ~KanColle~: Teruzuki PVC Fig.                 SEP188012           $264.99 11/20/19

Koikano X Aikano: Hinata Amagaki 1/5 PVC Fig. Silk Apron Ver.   NOV188439        $204.99 11/20/19

LoveLive! Sunshine! Summer Queens: Dia Kurosawa 1/8 PVC Fig.             MAR198630        $184.99 11/20/19

SSSS Gridman:  Akane Shinjo 1/6 PVC Fig.             DEC189061          $194.99 11/20/19

SSSS Gridman:  Rikka Takarada 1/6 PVC Fig.          DEC189062          $194.99 11/20/19

Summer Queens: Tushima Yoshiko 1/8 PVC Fig.                 NOV188694        $184.99 11/20/19

Ya na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu: Miko-San Iori Izumo 1/6 PVC Fig.             OCT188525          $239.99 11/20/19

Yosuga no Sora: Sora Kasugano 1/7 PVC Fig. Kimono Ltd. Ver. (MR)          DEC189100          $329.99 11/20/19

Youjo Senki Movie: Tanya von Degurechaff 1/7 PVC Fig.                JAN198012          $224.99 11/20/19



DC TV Supergirl 1/8 Coll. AF         JAN199424          $138.99 11/02/19

300: Rise of an Empire Artemisia 2.0 1/6 AF          MAY198245        $233.99 11/20/19

HP Sorcerer’s Stone Harry Potter 1/6 AF Child Halloween Ver.    MAY198247        $228.99 11/20/19

HP Sorcerer’s Stone Hermione 1/6 AF Child Halloween Ver.         MAY198248        $232.99 11/20/19

HP Sorcerer’s Stone Ron Weasley 1/6 AF Child Halloween Ver.   MAY198249        $228.99 11/20/19



Ultraman Ver. 7 1/6 scale Fig. Anime Ed.                APR198494          $129.00 11/20/19



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