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Scream: Cult of Carnage #1



Highlights This Week: Now that the dust has settled on Marvel Comics’ Absolute Carnage event and it’s come to a close, the newly resurrected Scream symbiote is getting her very own ongoing series entitled Scream: Curse of Carnage #1! Written by Clay McCleod Chapman and illustrated by Chris Mooneyham, the description of the series leaves the identity of the person wearing the Scream symbiote a mystery for now. Former hosts include Patricia Robertson, Andi Benton and Donna Diego, though we’re told Scream may not have a human host at all! Stay tuned! Also from Marvel, the new Starbrand is revealed in Avengers #27Fantastic Four Grand Design #2 (of 2) distills the bulk of the Lee and Kirby run into 40 fun pages, New Mutants #2 continues their outer space adventure with the Starjammers, Venom #20 contains the epilogue to Absolute Carnage, Punisher 2099 #1 gives us another peak into a possible Marvel character’s future; and X-Force #2 explores the seeming murder of Professor X! From DC Comics, the status quo of the Man of Steel changes in Action Comics #1017, Joe Hill’s Basketful of Heads #2 (of 6) finds June Branch fighting off some home invaders with a 1000-year olf Viking axe, Mister Freeze’s wife turns Gotham into a frozen battleground in Detective Comics #1016, Billy Batson and the Shazam family cross over into the Darklands in Shazam! #8John Constantine Hellblazer #1 continues from last month’s one-shot in  an ongoing series; and The Last God #2 is the next chapter of DC’s critically-acclaimed dark fantasy epic! IDW Publishing releases Sonic The Hedgehog #23Transformers Gaaxies #3 and Star Trek Picard: Countdown #1 (of 3)! And, Ahoy Comics has the penultimate issue of Mark Russell’s controversial Second Coming #5 (of 6)!

Novelty Highlights: Marvel Infinity War Life-Size Thanos Stand Up, Marvel Legends 6-Inch Variant Logan Action Figure, Batman: Black & White Mini-PVC Figure Set 4, POP! Heroes Batman 80th Vinyl Figure: Batmite 1st Appearance POP! Ad Icons Vinyl Figure: Energizer Bunny, POP! NFL Vinyl Figure: Packers – Aaron Rodgers (SB Champsions XLV), POP! Rocks Vinyl Figure: Rob Zombie, POP! TV Vinyl Figures: Game of Thrones – Arya (w/Two Headed Spear) &  Crystal Night King (w/Dagger); and Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Mug




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