New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, March 13, 2019!


While we wait patiently for April’s Batman Who Laughs #4,
Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 One-shot



Highlights This Week:  As the Batman Who Laughs 6-issue mini-series series takes a skip month in March, DC Comics makes up for it by giving us The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 one-shot, a 28-page origin story from writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV and artist Eduardo Risso! Ripped from Batman’s greatest nightmares, the Grim Knight is his world’s most dangerous vigilante, unafraid to use any weapon and go to any lengths to stop those whom he deems worthy of death. Trained with the finest arsenal Wayne money can buy, learn the secret origin of the second-deadliest Batman, hand selected by the Batman Who Laughs to bring his dark plans to fruition! Also from DC, James Jesse, the original Trickster, is the new crime lord of Central City in The Flash #66. Brian Michael Bendis’ Cover #6 was originally a 6-issue mini-series, but is now ongoing. The Omega Men (‘member them?) guest star in Supergirl #28 and, in Wonder Twins #2 (of 6), Jayna and Zana take a high school field trip to a local LexCorp prison! Marvel Comics relaunches Ms Marvel as The Magnificent Ms Marvel #1 by the new creative team of Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt, Exiles, Miles Morales) and Minkyu Jung! Also from Marvel, Age of Conan: Belit #1 (of 5), Age of X-Man: Apocalypse & The X-Tracts #1 (of 5), Marvels Annotated #2 (of 4), Old Man Quill #3 (of 12), Star Wars Age of the Republic: General Grievous #1, Uncanny X-Men: Winters End #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #17 officially begins the “Hunted” event! Image Comics has two big, new books of this week, Assassin Nation #1 by Kyle Starks (Rick & Morty) and Erica Henderson (Squirrel Girl) and Darcy Van Poelgeest and Ian Bertram’s Little Bird #1 (of 5), a “fresh reinvention of the post-apocalyptic political drama” where the Canadian resistance is about to make its last stand against the tyrannical theocracy of the United Nations of America”! And, originally scheduled for December, IDW finally releases Marvel Action Spider-Man #2 and reboots those “Robots in Disguise” with an all-new Tranformers #1 that travels all the way back to the beginning of the rivalry between Optimus Prime and Megatron!

Novelty Highlights: Avengers Legends Gear: Captain America Shield; Captain Marvel Framed Prints: Battle & Movie (11×17); Marvel Heroes Pewter Key Ring: Spider Man Head; DC Heroes Pewter Key Ring: Batman Logo; DC Heroes Soft Touch PVC Key Rings: Batman & Wonder Woman; DC Comics Toon Tumblers Pint Glass: Wonder Woman (Warrior); Battlestar Galactica Ships Magazine #6 (Viper Mark II Apollo Decal); Dragon Ball Adverge SP02 Mini Figures; Funko Mega Man Action Figure: Mega Man; Godzilla Action Figure: Godzilla vs. King Kong (Godzilla 1962); Pop! Disney Vinyl Figure: Lion King – Luau Timon, Mufasa & Nala; Pop! Movies Vinyl Figure: How to Train Your Dragon 3 – Toothless; Pop! Rocks Vinyl Figure: Prince – 3rd Eye Girl & Around the World in a Day; Star Trek Discovery Special #1 (USS Enterprise NCC-1701); Star Trek Starships Figure Magazine #140 (Starfleet Tug) and Star Trek Starships Special #28 (Space Dock)!



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