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Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz’
House of X #1 (of 6)



Highlights This Week: Once Marvel Comics’ best selling title, the X-Men lost their luster in recent years for a variety of reasons, but a new era is about to begin with this week’s House of X #1 (of 6)! Jonathan Hickman, the writer who reinvigorated the Fantastic Four and the Avengers before bringing the entire Marvel Universe to the brink of collapse in 2015’s Secret Wars event series , has a “multiyear plan” to restore the X-Men to their place of prominence at Marvel. House of X is set in the present, “inside the most pivotal period of time in the Marvel Universe,” while next week’s Powers of X #1 (of 6) looks at “mutants throughout the history of the Marvel Universe.” Get in on the ground floor with both series true believers! Also from Marvel, Captain Marvel, Storm and Sue Richards unite for Fearless #1 (of 3); Mark Waid has the unenviable task of telling the entire History of the Marvel Universe in a 6-issue mini-series; AND Waid also reteams with Alex Ross for Marvels Epilogue #1, an all-new coda to their iconic 90s mini-series! From DC Comics, we’re looking forward to the sequel to 2017’s Batman: White Knight, Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1 (of 8), by the same great writer/artist, Sean Murphy! Also from DC, Action Comics #1013Detective Comics #1008, Wonder Woman #75; and  The Flash #75 is the over-sized “Flash Year One” Finale!

Novelty Highlights: 2020 Wall Calendars: Marvel Comics Retro & Good vs. Evil; Invader Zim, and Legend of Zelda; POP! Vinyl Figures: DC Heroes Red Death, Spider-Man: Far from Home – Hydro-Man & NFL Legends: Joe Montana (49ers Home); SDCC 2019 Marvel Gallery S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain Marvel & X-Force X-23PVC Statues: CC 2019); Godzilla Action Figure: 1956 Movie Poster
Star Trek Black Handle Phaser Pistol and Wizard of Oz: Witches Brew Teapot!




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