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Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Bugle #1 (of 5)



Highlights This Week: Spinning out of recent events in BOTH Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man and Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle will run for five issues from writer Matt Johnson and artist Mack Chater (Black Panther and the Crew, Sword Daughter, Briggs Land). The mini-series aims to give readers an inside look at the world of investigative journalism in the Marvel Universe’s New York City. Robbie Robertson runs The Daily Bugle now, having taken over from J. Jonah Jameson. He and The Daily Bugle’s staff will look into the history of Spider-Man and Mayor Wilson Fisk’s criminal past as the Kingpin of Crime. The series also promises that Robbie will discover a secret that will change the way readers look at Spider-Man forever. Lots more from Marvel Comics including, Avengers #30, Avengers/Defenders: Tarot #2 (of 4), Captain America #30, Captain Marvel: The End #1, Deadpool: The End #1, Doctor Strange: The End #1, Dr. Strange #2, Fallen Angels #6, Hawkeye Freefall #2, Immortal Hulk #30, New Mutants #6, Ravencroft #1 (of 5), Spider-Ham #2 (of 5), Star Wars #2, Thor #2, Weapon Plus: World War IV, X-Force #6, X-Men #5; and the post-apocalyptic world of Old Man Logan, Old Man Quill and Dead Man Logan is revisited once more in Avengers of the Wastelands #1 (of 5)! From DC Comics, Action Comics #1019, DC Super Hero Girls Giant #2, Detective Comics Annual #3, Flash #87, Green Lantern: Blackstars #3 (of 3), Justice League #39, Last God #4; and Suicide Squad #2! IDW releases Star Trek: Picard #3 (of 3) and, in case you missed it the first time, Star Trek: Picard #1 2nd Printing! And, from Image Comics, Criminal #12, Killadelphia #3, Monstress #25, Protector #1, and Sex Criminals #26 is the beginning of the final arc of the series!

Novelty Highlights:  Marvel ArtFX Premier Statue: Captain America, Marvel Gallery PVC Diorama: Avengers Endgame – Captain America, Marvel Select Action Figure: Avengers Endgame – Hero Suit Hulk, DC Comic Gallery PVC Figure: Killing Joke – Joker,  DC Essentials Action Figures: Hal Jordan, Knightfall Batman, Knightfall Catwoman, & Sinestro, DC Toon Tumblers Pint Glass: Darkseid, Pop! & Buddy Vinyl Figure: Birds of Prey – Harley Quinn (w/ Beaver), Rocketeer Gallery PVC Statue; and Universal Monsters Tote: Creature from the Black Lagoon!




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