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Marvel Comics #1000


Highlights This Week: Similar to what DC Comics has done the past couple of  years with Action and Detective Comics, Marvel Comics is following suit with an anniversary edition comic celebrating the company’s 80-year history in 96 pages. Each page of Marvel Comics #1000 will come from a different creative team, but they will tell a single story. Published by Timely Comics in 1939, Marvel Comics #1 featured the debut of the original Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner! Marvel Comics #1000 will be written and drawn by 97 different creators in 80 teams. The lineup includes modern Marvel mainstays like Jason Aaron, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Alex Ross; to celebrity guests like athlete Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, rapper Taboo, and writer/director duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Into The Spider-Verse) And, of course, there’s a plethora of variant covers being offered for this monumental issue! BTW – There will also be a Marvel Comics #1001 next month! Also from Marvel, Absolute Carnage #2 (of 5), Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #1, Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1 (of 3), Amazing Spider-Man #28, Avengers #23, Doctor Strange #16, Fantastic 4 Yancy Street #1, House of X #3 (of 6), She-Hulk Annual #1, Spider-Man: Velocity #1 (of 6), Star Wars AOR: General Hux #1 and Poe Dameron #1, Thor #16 and Venom #17! From DC Comics, The Batman Who Laughs takes on the World’s Finest in Batman Superman #1, Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2 (of 8)Action Comics #1014, Detective Comics #1010, Flash #77, Justice League #30, Wonder Woman #77 and one of the titles delayed from 8/14, Superman #14! And, FYI, copies of Supergirl #33 are currently scheduled to ship next week on 9/4! And, Boom! Studios releases a one-shot the features the “Greatest Slayers in History” in Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chosen Ones #1!

Novelty Highlights: Marvel Gallery PVC Figures: Black Panther Movie – Okoye & Mr. Sinister; Marvel Graphic Comic Boxes Absolute Carnage & Venom; Marvel Legends Ultimate Action Figures 201902; 2020 Wall Calendars: Batman 80th Anniversary, DC Superhero Girls, Harley Quinn & Justice League Classic; Batman Black & White Blind Bag Mini-Figures Wave 3; DC CW Gallery PVC Figure: Batwoman & Shazam!; Lost in Space Retro Electronic Robot: B9 and POP! Movies Vinyl Figure 731: Alien – Xenomorph Specialty Series!




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