How We Pack Up Your Comic Books

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We care about your comics, and take great pride in how we pack up your comics to make sure they get to you in the best possible condition. For those of you lying awake at night wondering what marvels of technology and human efficiency lurk behind the expertly-packed boxes that arrive on your doorstep, wonder no more. You also don’t have to wonder anymore about what we snack on between bouts of packing up your books.


Westfield staff picks: Usagi Yojimbo, Batman statue, Yu-Gi-Oh! R & Superman

Westfield Comics now has a channel on YouTube! If you were to go there now, you’d see some recommendations from the illustrious Westfield staff. We’re excited about these and want to share them with you.


Westfield Comics travels to Madison Mallards game

by Roger Ash

Front Row: Meg, Lauryn, Dylan & Brook Anthony, Second Row: Scott, Mary Carter, Eric Hultgren, Sherill Anthony, Doug Cox, Third Row: Chadi Hayek, Josh Crawley

Some of the crew from Westfield Comics gathered this past Saturday for their second annual outing to watch local Northwoods League baseball team, the Madison Mallards, at the “Duck Pond.”