New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, December 4, 2019!


Conan: Serpent War #1 (of 4)



Highlights This Week:  Now that Marvel has had the rights to Robert E. Howard’s greatest creation for the past year, Conan the Barbarian officially joins the Marvel Universe with his own event mini-series. Conan: Serpent War #1 (of 4) by Jim Zub and Scot Eaton is a time-traveling tale that brings not just Howard characters Conan, Solomon Kane, and Black Agnes together, but Marvel’s own Moon Knight as well!


New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, December 11, 2019!


Frank Miller and Rafael Grandpa’s
Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child





Highlights This Week: Frank Miller once again returns to the Dark Knight Universe by writing the Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child one-shot! 


New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, December 18, 2019!


Doomsday Clock #12 (of 12)



Highlights This Week: Two years ago on November 22, 2017 DC Comics released Doomsday Clock #1 (of 12) and this week finally sees the release of the culmination of the past two years in Doomsday Clock #12 (of 12)!


New In-Store Releases For Thursday, December 26, 2019!


Marvel Comics’ Incoming #1


Highlights This Week: The day after Christmas yields few new titles this week, but Marvel Comics has four new books that will be worth your while! First up is Incoming #1 where a mysterious murder brings together the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the search for a killer – but no one can imagine where the trail will lead, or how it will affect everything in 2020 and beyond!