New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Sean Murphy and Klaus Janson’s
Batman White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1



Highlights This Week: Sean Murphy’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight mini-series takes a pause in November, but the good news is that fans can still get their fix of the White Knight universe thanks to a new one-shot from Sean Murphy and artist Klaus Janson that expands on the history of White Knight’s Victor Fries entitled Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1! Fries played an important part in the original series, and readers were introduced to elements of his history that will now be explored in this one-shot. We’ll also learn more about the ties Victor Fries has to the Wayne family and how he even ended up saving Bruce at one point, as well as what happened in his own past and the tale of his own father figures! Also from DC, Batman #83, Batman Superman #4, Flash Forward #4 (of 6), He-Man & The Masters of the Multiverse #1 (of 6), Infected: Scarab #1, Justice League #36, Metal Men #2 (of 12), Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #5 (of 12) and The Question: The Many Deaths of Vic Sage #1 (of 4) by Jeff Lemire, Bill Sienkiewicz and Denys Cowan is the latest in the Black Label line about a mystery involving The Question’s discovery that he is caught in a vicious cycle of reincarnation, dating back to the 1930s Old West! From Marvel Comics, two separate events begin with two separate one-shots, 2099 Alpha #1 and Annihilation Scourge: Alpha #1! Also, Absolute Carnage #5 (of 5), Amazing Mary Jane #2, Avengers #26, Captain America #16, Captain Marvel #12, Excalibur #2, Fantastic Four 2099 #1, Immortal Hulk #27, King Thor #3 (of 4), Marauders #2, Spider-Verse #2 (of 6), the new Deadpool #1 by Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo; and Stars Wars #75 is the final issue of the series, but look for this January’s all-new Star Wars #1 by Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz that fills in the gap between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi! From Image Comics, Heart Attack #1, Olympia #1 (of 5) and Marked #2! And, Dark Horse Comics has the first Umbrella Academy spinoff, Hazel & Cha Cha Save Christmas: Tales of the Umbrella Academy #1!

Novelty Highlights: Marvel Artfx Premier Statue: Hulk,  Marvel Select Action Figure: Carnage, One-12 Collective PX Marvel Action Figure: Classic Cyclops, POP! Marvel Captain Marvel, POP! TV The Office: Dwight Schrute & Xena Warrior Princess: Xena  Vinyl Figures, Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick Action Figure; and a Scooby-Doo Mug!




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