Halloween Comic Fest is Saturday, October 26th!




What is Halloween ComicFest? It’s just like the Annual Free Comic Book Day in the Spring, but it’s held in the fall to coincide with Halloween and trick or treating! This year’s ComicFest is being celebrated by participating comic book retailers on Saturday, October 26. Both Westfield Comics locations will be open regular store hours to give away this year’s selection of free comics and candy, of course, to trick-or-treaters of all ages! We encourage everyone to come in costume too since it just happens to be Halloween!

Also, the new Halloween Mini-Comic Grab Bags are  being released this week and we’ll still have some available from past Halloweens if you want to give away comics instead of, or in addition to, candy this year! They’re only $5.00 for 25 mini-comics!

Click over to the Halloween ComicFest website to see this year’s new full-size comics being given away and the new $5.00 for 25 mini-comics that are available while supplies last!