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DC’s Year of the Villain #1
ONLY 25 cents!



Highlights This Week: Similar to last May’s DC Nation #0 one-shot, this year again finds DC Comics releasing DC’s Year of the Villain #1, an all-new one-shot for the low. low price of just 25 cents! This year’s 32-page one-shot has material that features the main characters of villainy in the upcoming summer event! Lex Luthor continues his plan to replace the Justice League with his Legion of Doom in a story that will continue through the rest of the.year. Superman’s Leviathan Rising plot finds Batgirl and Green Arrow trying to find out the identity of “Leviathan”. Batman previews this summer’s City of Bane arc that begins in July’s Batman #75, and the Batman Who Laughs returns with a new, master plan that will lead into a new, soon-to-be-announced series debuting this summer! Also from DC Comics, DCeased #1 (of 6) where a techno virus is released on Earth thanks to Cyborg and Darkseid’s Anti-Life equation that, initially, zombifies the population of Metropolis; and the Dark Knight teams one more time with those Heroes on a Half Shell inBatman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1 (of 6)! And, Batman #70 (where Bats finds himself locked in Arkham),Green Lantern #7Harley Quinn #61Justice League #23MAD About The Trump EraYoung Justice #5 and Under The Moon: A Catwoman Tale, the newest offering from DC Ink, their new young readers line! Noteworthy from Marvel Comics, “Hunted” continues in Amazing Spider-Man #20.Hu and spotlights The Vulture and Savage Avengers #1 has one of the most unique teams we can recall with Elektra, Wolverine (the real one), Venom, Brother Voodoo, The Punisher, and some guy named Conan! And no, this one doesn’t have a talk show on TBS! Also, Marvel Team-Up #2Major X #3 (of 6),  Meet the Skrulls #4 (of 5)Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Han Solo #1,War of the Realms #3 (of 6) and War of the Realms Strikeforce: Dark Elf Realm #1!

Novelty Highlights: Marvel Gallery PVC Figures: Black Panther(Movie Unmasked) & Spider-Man (Comic); Marvel Select Action Figure: Avengers Infinity War – Captain America; Batman Black & White Statue: Batgirl by Bruce Timm; DC Gallery PVC Figures: Batman Dark Knight Movie – JokerSupergirl Comic, BatmanFlashGreen Lantern & Superman; Aurora Plush Toys: Pink & Violet 8-Inch Llamacorns: The Incredibles Mea-005 Figure: ElastigirlPokemon Specialty (8-inch) Plush Assortment Wave 2; Pop! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vinyl Figure: Sabrina & Salem; Pop! Games Vinyl Figure: Fallout 76 – Strength; Pop! Rocks Vinyl Figures: Queen – Freddie Mercury (Jacket) & Rick James; Pop! Star Wars Vinyl Figure: Darth Vader and Tokidoki Unicorno 11-inch Plush: G.I. Jane Special Edition!



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