New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, September 13, 2023!

Rafael Grampa’s Batman: Gargoyle Of Gotham #1 (Of 4)

Batman #1 (1940) Facsimile Edition
Batman #608 Batman Day 2023 Foil Variant Special Edition
(Available Beginning on BATMAN DAY, Saturday, September 16)
BATMAN 89 HC Batman Day 2023 Variant Dustjacket Special Edition
(Available Beginning on BATMAN DAY, Saturday, September 16)
Batman And Robin #1
Batman And Scooby-Doo Mysteries #12 (Cover A Dario Brizuela), $2.99
Batman & The Joker The Deadly Duo Deluxe Edition HC
Batman Gargoyle Of Gotham #1 (Of 4)
Batman Gargoyle Of Gotham Noir Edition #1
Batman Incorporated #12
Batman Incorporated Vol 1: No More Teachers HC (2022)
Danger Street #9 (Of 12)
Dark Knights Of Steel Vol 1 TP
GCPD: The Blue Wall HC
Green Lantern #3
Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion Of Bats HC
Looney Tunes #274
Shazam Power Of Hope HC
Superman Lost #6 (Of 10)
Waller Vs. Wildstorm #3 (Of 4)
Wonder Woman: War Of The Gods Special Edition #3 (Of 4)
Worlds Finest: Teen Titans #3 (Of 6)

Alex Ross Marvel Comics Super Villains Poster Book
Alligator Loki #1
Alligator Loki #1 Skottie Young Var
Alligator Loki #1 Doaly Var
Astonishing Iceman #2
Astonishing Iceman #2 Junggeun Yoon Var
Astonishing Iceman #2 Ejiwa Edge Ebenebe Var
Avengers Inc. #1
Avengers Inc. #1 Alex Ross Avengers Connecting Var, Part C
Avengers Inc. #1 50 Copy Incv Leinil Yu Virgin Var
Avengers Inc. #1 Sean Galloway Saturday Morning Var
Avengers Inc. #1 Romero Avengers 60th Anniv Var
Avengers Inc. #1 Erica D’Urso Var
Bishop War College TP
Captain America: Cold War TP
Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #3 (Of 5)
Captain Marvel: Game On TP
Captain Marvel: The Saga Of Monica Rambeau TP
Children Of The Vault #2 (Of 4)
Children Of The Vault #2 (Of 4) Mahmud Asrar Var
Daredevil #1
Daredevil #1 Alex Lozano Foil Var
Daredevil #1 Ejikure Var
Daredevil #1 Blank Var
Daredevil #1 Frank Miller Var
Daredevil #1 25 Copy Incv Pepe Larraz Var
Daredevil #1 Whilce Portacio Bullseye Var
Daredevil #1 Aaron Kuder Var
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5) 2nd Ptg
Ghost Rider #18
Ghost Rider #18 25 Copy Incv Declan Shalvey Var
Ghost Rider #18 Nic Klein Stormbreakers Var
Incredible Hulk #4
Incredible Hulk #4 25 Copy Incv Frank Manapul Var
Incredible Hulk #4 C.F. Villa Stormbreakers Var
Marvel Studios’ Dr Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Art Of The Movie HC
Marvel-Verse Kraven The Hunter TP
Miles Morales Spider-Man #10
Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 Mike McKone Var
Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 10 Copy Incv Federico Design Var
Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 25 Copy Incv Romy Jon Var
Moon Knight Age Of Anubis: A Marvel Multiverse Mission
Moon Knight Vol 4: Road To Ruin TP
Penguin Random House Marvel Classics Avengers GN
Penguin Random House Marvel Classics Avengers HC
Penguin Random House Marvel Classics Fantastic Four GN
Penguin Random House Marvel Classics Fantastic Four HC
Penguin Random HousePrh Marvel Classics X-Men GN
Penguin Random House Marvel Classics X-Men HC
Red Goblin #8
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0 Greg Land Var
Star Wars Darth Vader #38
Star Wars Darth Vader #38 Chris Sprouse Return Of Jedi 40th Anniv Var
Star Wars Darth Vader #38 E.M. Gist Padme Clone Wars 15th Anniv Var
Star Wars Darth Vader #38 Casanovas Droids Connecting Var
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 Lee Garbett Var
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 Taurin Clarke Var
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 Photo Var
Star Wars Sana Starros TP
Venom #25
Venom #25 Federico Vicentini Stormbreakers Var
Venom #25 25 Copy Incv Hicham Habchi Var
Venom #25 John Romita Jr & John Romita Sr Var
Venom #25 John Romita Jr & John Romita Sr Virgin Var
Venom #25 Skottie Young Var
Venom #25 Ken Lashley Foil Var
Venom #25 CAFU Var
Venom Annual #1
Venom Annual #1 Tony Daniel Var
Venom Epic Collection The Madness TP, $44.99
Werewolf By Night #1
Werewolf By Night #1 Adam Hughes Var
Werewolf By Night #1 25 Copy Incv Sienkiewicz Hidden Gem Black & White Var
Werewolf By Night #1 Corin Howell Black & White Virgin Var
Werewolf By Night #1 David Yardin Var
Wolverine Omnibus Vol 4 HC
X-Force #44
X-Force #44 Ian Bertram Var
X-Men ’97 3D Foam Bag Clips
X-Men #25 2nd Ptg
X-Men Epic Collection Proteus TP
X-Men Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 2nd Ptg
X-Men Red #15
X-Men Red #15 25 Copy Incv Jeff Dekal Var
X-Men Red #15 Nicoletta Baldari Var

Almighty TP
Black Cloak Vol 1 TP
Creepshow Vol 2 #1 (Of 5)
The Cull #2 (Of 5)
Dark Ride #8
Enfield Gang Massacre #2 (Of 6)
Forged Volume 1 TP
I Hate Fairyland #9
Last Barbarians Vol 1 TP
Magic Order Vol 4 TP
Something Epic #5
Spawn Compendium Vol 5 TP
Torrent Volume 1 TP
Undiscovered Country #25
Walking Dead Deluxe #70

Coda #1 (Of 5)
Damn Them All #8
Fence Redemption #4 (Of 4)
House Of Slaughter #17
Mech Cadets #2 (Of 6)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #111 2nd Ptg

From The World Of Minor Threats The Alternates #1
Murder Inc. Jagger Rose #5 (Of 6)
Saint John #1

Bettie Page Unbound Vol 2 TP
Gargoyles #9
Negaduck #1

Cat Fight #3
Godzilla By James Stokoe Deluxe Edition HC
Kill More #1
Sonic The Hedgehog #64
Sonic The Hedgehog’s 900th Adventure
Star Trek The Motion Picture: Echoes #5
Star Trek Picard’s Academy #1
Star Trek Resurgence TP

Arcee Furai Plastic Model Kit
Ascencia #19
Bloodborne Bleak Dominion #1 (Of 4)
Club Kick Out Gn Vol 1 Into The Ring
Cocaine Kaiju T-Shirt
Country Without Humans GN Vol 4
Daemons Of Shadow Realm GN Vol 2
Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Blue Goku 5-inch AF
Drawn To Change The World GN
Earth Destruction Directive Gigan S.H.Monsterarts
Enlighten Me GN
Go Go Loser Ranger GN Vol 6
Grit N Gears #5 (Of 6)
Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer #1
Harry Potter Q-Posket Fig A
Hour Of Need GN
I Want You Around Ramones Making Of Rock N Roll Hi
Insomniacs After School GN Vol 2
Invincible Dlx Monster Girl AF
Joytoy Inifinity Ariadna Tankhunter Regiment 2 1/18 AF
Loves In Sight GN Vol 3
Mao GN Vol 13
Matchmaker GN
MOTU Origins Snake Mountain Playset
Murder On The Orient Express GN
My Pokemon Baking Book Bakes Inspired By World Of
Necronomicon One-shot
Old Fashioned Cupcake & Cappucino GN
One Piece Wanokuni Onigashima 8 World Coll Fig
Parallel TP
Periodic Table Of DC HC
Phantom Gold Key Years HC Vol 1
Phantom Gold Key Years HC Vol 2
Pokemon Adventures X Y GN Vol 5
POP! Elvira Black Light Vinyl Figure
POP! TV Captain Planet Captain Planet Vinyl Fig
Roaming GN
Scarlett Couture Munich File #2 (Of 5)
Star Wars Mandalorian Manga GN
Tin Titans Power Rangers Px Lunchbox
Titillating Tales Of Dolly SC
We Are Not Strangers HC GN
We Wicked Ones #4
World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #133
You’ve Been Cancelled #4 (Of 4)
Zoids Rz-053 Konig Wolf Model Kit


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