New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, August 2, 2023!

Maevel Comics’ Magneto #1

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Facsimile Poster
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Clarice Saowee Menguito Var
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 George Perez Var
Astonishing Iceman #1
Astonishing Iceman #1 25 Copy Incv Greg Land Var
Astonishing Iceman #1 Humberto Ramos Miss Minutes
Astonishing Iceman #1 Ken Lashley Var
Astonishing Iceman #1 Skottie Young Var
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5)
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5) Iban Coello Design Var
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5) 10 Copy Incv Dell’Otto Connecting Var
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5) Lesley Leirix Li Var
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5) Mark Bagley Var
Death Of The Venomverse #1 (Of 5) Stegman Venom The Other Var
Doctor Strange #6
Doctor Strange #6 George Perez Var
Doctor Strange #6 Klein Stormbreakers Var
Doctor Strange #6 Lupacchino G.O.D.S. Var
Doctor Strange Fall Sunrise Treasury Edition TP
Fantastic Four #10
Fantastic Four #10 25 Copy Incv Mahmud Asrar Var
Fantastic Four #10 Taurin Clarke Var
Fantastic Four #10 Camuncoli G.O.D.S. Var
Incredible Hulk #1 2nd Printing
Legion Of X By Si Spurrier Vol 2 TP
Magneto #1
Magneto #1 Greg Land Var
Magneto #1 Duarte Howard The Duck Var
Magneto #1 Maresca Var
Marvel Gamerverse Legends 6-inch Spider-Man 2 AFs
Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook HC
Marvel-Verse: Kang TP
Miles Morales Spiderman By Cody Ziglar Vol 1: Trial By Spider TP
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow HC
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Little Golden Book
Moon Knight #26
Moon Knight #26 Kim Jacinto Var
Moon Knight #26 Parrillo Var
Moon Knight #26 Larroca G.O.D.S. Var
POP! Marvel GOTG 3 Drax Vinyl Fig
Scarlet Witch #7
Scarlet Witch #7 Meghan Hetrick Var
Scarlet Witch #7 Villalobos Homage Var
Scarlet Witch #7 10 Copy Incv Sara Pichelli Design
Scarlet Witch #7 Werneck G.O.D.S. Var
SDCC 2023 Blade #1 Elena Casagrande Var
SDCC 2023 Fallen Friend #1 Carmen Carnero Var
SDCC 2023 Marvel Wolverine Card Px Dlx Fleece Blanket
SDCC 2023 Moon Knight City Of The Dead #1 (Of 5) V
SDCC 2023 Tin Titans Marvel Man-Thing Px Lunchbox
SDCC 2023 Vinyl Soda Marvel Agent Venom Px Var
Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider Omnibus HC
Spider-Man: India #2 (Of 4) Doaly Var (Delayed from 7/26)
Spider-Man No Way Home: The Art Of The Movie HC
Star Wars Dark Droids #1
Star Wars Dark Droids #1 John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Var
Star Wars Dark Droids #1 Rachael Stott Scourged Var
Star Wars Dark Droids #1 Camuncoli Foil Var
Star Wars Doctor Aphra Vol 6: Ascendant TP
Star Wars: Thrawn TP New Printing
Star Wars Yoda #10
Star Wars Yoda #10 Sprouse Return Of Jedi 40th Anniv Var
Star Wars Yoda #10 Camuncoli Var
Strange Academy Miles Morales #1
Strange Academy Miles Morales #1 25 Copy Incv Garbett
Strange Academy Miles Morales #1 Ramos Connecting Var
Warlock Rebirth #5 (Of 5)
What If? Dark Venom #1
What If? Dark Venom #1 Nick Bradshaw Var
What If? Dark Venom #1 Skan Var
X-Men #25
X-Men #25 Alex Ross Connecting X-Men Var Part B
X-Men #25 100 Copy Incv Ross Vir Sketch Connect Var Part B
X-Men #25 C.F. Villa Stormbreakers Var
X-Men #25 Mark Brooks Corner Box Var
X-Men #25 10 Copy Incv Momoko Design Var
X-Men #25 Sergio Davila Kingpin Var
X-Men #25 Russell Dauterman Trading Card Var
X-Men #25 Bryan Hitch Wraparound Promo Var

Adventures Of Superman Jon Kent #6 (Of 6)
Batman One Bad Day: Bane HC
Batman One Bad Day: Clayface HC
Blue Beetle Graduation Day TP (English Language Version)
Blue Beetle Graduation Day TP (Spanish Language Version)

City Boy #3 (of 6)
Justice Society Of America #5 (Of 12)
Knight Terrors Batman #2 (Of 2)
Knight Terrors Black Adam #2 (Of 2)
Knight Terrors Poison Ivy #2 (Of 2)
Knight Terrors Ravager #2 (Of 2)
Knight Terrors The Joker #2 (Of 2)
Omega Men #3 Facsimile Edition
Omega Men #3 Facsimile Edition Foil Var
Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 (Of 6)
Punchline: The Gotham Game HC
Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1 (One Shot)
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #123
Steelworks #3 (Of 6)
Swamp Thing Green Hell HC
Teen Titans Beast Boy Loves Raven TP (Connecting Cover Edition 3 Of 4)
Teen Titans Beast Boy TP (Connecting Cover Edition 2 Of 4)
Teen Titans Raven TP (Connecting Cover Edition 1 Of 4)
Wonder Woman #800 2nd Printing
Wonder Woman #800 2nd Printing Sampere Trinity Card Stock Virgin Variant
Teen Titans Robin TP (Connecting Cover Edition 4 Of 4)
Young Alfred Pain In The Butler TP

Black Cloak #6
Classwar TP
Hey Kids Comics! Vol 3 Schlock Of The New #4 (Of 6)
Junk Rabbit #5 (Of 5)
Love Everlasting #10
Paklis #7
Quest #1
Sacrificers #1
Spawn #344
Spawn Origins Volume 26 TP
Time Before Time Volume 4 TP
W0rldtR33 #1 4th Printing
W0rldtR33 #2 3rd Printing
W0rldtR33 #3 2nd printing
Walking Dead Deluxe #68

Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer #1 (Of 5)(2023)
Grim #12
Once Upon A Time At The End Of The World #8

Abe Sapien The Drowning & Other Stories TP
Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 2 TP
Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1957 From Below #1 (One Shot)
Oddly Pedestrian Life Of Christopher Chaos #2
Order And Outrage #4 (Of 4)
Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #7 (Of 12)

Fire And Ice #1
Gargoyles #8

Beauty Of Horror Tarot Coloring Book SC
Dark Spaces Good Deeds #3
My Little Pony #15
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Dog Of War #5
Star Trek Defiant #6
TMNT The Last Ronin Lost Years #5

Amongst Us GN Vol 1: Soulmates
Ancient Enemies #5 (Of 6)
Beast Within Art Of Ken Barr HC
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #316
Boris Vallejo Julie Bell Fantasy 2024 Wall Calendar
Boruto GN Vol 17 Naruto Next Generations
Clash Of The Guards TP
Conan Barbarian #1
Dead By Daylight #2 (Of 4)
Doctor Who: Doom #2 (Of 2)
Doctor Who Magazine #589
Doctor Who Magazine #590
Dragon Ball Z Solid Edge Works V9 Trunks Fig
Eve: Children Of The Moon TP
Happy Hill #5 (Of 5)
Heroic Legend Of Arslan GN Vol 18
I Am Gandhi YR SC
I Am Helen Keller YR SC
I Am Jackie Robinson YR SC
Illustration Magazine #82
Kirby Junior Mocchi Plush Figs
Knights Of The Dinner Table #306
Little Mermaid Little Golden Book
Mexikid GN
Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir Manga GN
MSG Seed 10 Strike Gundam Entry Grade 1/144 Model Kit
Neil Gaiman Hansel & Gretel GN SC
Order And Outrage #4 (Of 4)
Paklis #7
Parker Girls #9
POP! Animation My Hero Academia Deku Bk Whip Gw Px
POP! Disney Nbx 30th Jack W/ Gravestone Vin Fig
POP! Disney Nbx 30th Sally W/ Gravestone Vin Fig
PS Artbook Plastic Man Softee Vol 2
PS Artbooks Capt Marvel Jr Facsmile Ed #4
PS Artbooks Marvel Family Facsmile Ed #4
Robotech Rick Hunter #1 (Of 4)
Sakamoto Days GN Vol 9
SDCC 2023 Conan Barbarian #1 Exc Var
SDCC 2023 Gi Joe Agent Of Cobra Baroness Pvc Statue
SDCC 2023 Transformers Vhs Minimates Box Set
Silver Age Classics Konga Softee Vol 2
Stabbity Bunny TP Vol 2
Star Wars Book of Boba Fett Coll Ed HC
Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu With Frogs Keychain
Steel Siege #1 (Of 3)
Star Wars Vintage 3-3/4in Obi-Wan AF 3-pack
TMNT Dlx Turtle Blimp Minimates Box Set
TMNT Gallery Last Ronin Pvc Statue
Topps 2023 Chrome Star Wars T/C Box
Werewolf Jones & Sons Dlx Summer Fun Annual HC
West Of Sundown TP Vol 2
Wondercat Kyuu-Chan GN Vol 8
World Trigger GN Vol 25
Yokai Cats GN Vol 4
Yona Of The Dawn GN Vol 39


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