New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, March 22, 2023!

Jed MacKay’s Doctor Strange #1

Amazing Spider-Man #22
Amazing Spider-Man #22 25 Copy Incv Bachalo Var
Amazing Spider-Man #22 Caselli Marvel Icon Var
Avengers #9 Facsimile Edition (First WONDER MAN!)
Avengers Rage Of Ultron: Marvel Tales #1
Carnage #11
Carnage #11 Davila Planet Of The Apes Var
Carnage #11 Mastrazzo Var
Doctor Strange #1
Doctor Strange #1 50 Copy Incv Checchetto Var
Doctor Strange #1 Alex Ross Timeless Dormammu Virgin Var
Doctor Strange #1 Caselli Marvel Icon Var
Doctor Strange #1 Coccolo Stormbreaker Var
Doctor Strange #1 Skroce Infinity Saga Phase 3 Var
Doctor Strange Epic Collection TP Triumph And Torment
Fantastic Four Epic Collection The Dream Is Dead TP
Guardians Of The Galaxy TP By Donny Cates
Joe Fixit #3 (Of 5)
Joe Fixit #3 (Of 5) Gist Var
Marauders #12
Marauders #12 Jacinto Var
Marvel Select Apocalypse AF
Marvel Value Stamps Visual History HC
Monica Rambeau Photon #4 (Of 5)
Monica Rambeau Photon #4 (Of 5) Davi Go Var
Moon Knight TP Vol 3 Halfway To Sanity
Mystery Minis: I Am Groot Series 1 Blind Boxes
New Mutants TP Vol 4
One-12 Collective Marvel Bishop AF
POP! Deluxe Nightcrawler Teleporting Gid Px Vin Fig
POP! Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Baby Rocket Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel I Am Groot Groot Marie Hair Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel I Am Groot Groot Pjs Dancing Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel I Am Groot Groot Pjs W/ Book Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel I Am Groot Groot Pjs W/ Cheese Puffs Vi
POP! Marvel I Am Groot Groot Pjs W/ Detonator Vinyl
POP! Marvel I Am Groot Groot Pjs W/ Grunds Vinyl Fig
Punisher #10
Punisher #10 Hotz Var
Red Goblin #1 2nd Ptg
Savage Avengers By Gerry Duggan Omnibus HC
She-Hulk #11
She-Hulk #11 Yagawa Var
Spider-Man Lost Hunt #5 (Of 5)
Spider-Punk: Banned In DC TP
Star Wars Darth Vader #32
Star Wars Darth Vader #32 Larraz Var
Star Wars Darth Vader #32 Momoko Womens History Var
Star Wars Darth Vader #32 Return Jedi 40th Anniver
Storm & Brotherhood Of Mutants #1 2nd Ptg
Storm & Brotherhood Mutants #2 (Of 3)
Storm & Brotherhood Mutants #2 (Of 3) 25 Copy Incv Vill
Storm & Brotherhood Mutants #2 (Of 3) Lobe Marvel Anatomy Var
Storm & Brotherhood Mutants #2 (Of 3) Sos March Connect
Storm & Brotherhood Mutants #2 (Of 3 )Women’s History Month Var
Tiger Division #5
Tiger Division #5 (Of 5) Cola Var
Toon Tumblers Moon Knight Pint Glass
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Omnibus HC
Wasp #3 (Of 4)
Wasp #3 (Of 4) Romy Jones Var
Wolverine By Benjamin Percy HC Vol 2
Women Of Marvel #1
Women Of Marvel #1 Corin Howell Var
Women Of Marvel #1 Romina Jones Var
Women Of Marvel #1 Sauvage Var
X-Treme X-Men #4
X-Treme X-Men #4 (Of 5) 10 Copy Incv Classic Design
X-Treme X-Men #4 (Of 5) Panosian Homage Var

Batman & The Joker The Deadly Duo #4 Second Printing
Batman One Bad Day: Ra’s Al Ghul #1 (One Shot)
Batman Superman World’s Finest #13
Black Adam #9 (Of 12)
Catwoman #53
DC Comics Superman Symbol Led Neon Sign (Large)
DCeased War Of The Undead Gods #7 (Of 8)
DC’s Legion Of Bloom #1 (One Shot)
Flash #795
Flashpoint Beyond TP
GCPD The Blue Wall #6 (Of 6)
Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion Of Bats #6 (Of 6)
Milestone 30th Anniversary Special #1 (One Shot)
Multiversity: Teen Justice TP
Nightwing #102
Power Girl Power Trip TP
Robin TP Vol 3: Secrets And Shadows
Superman #2
Swamp Thing: Green Hell #3 (Of 3)
Wonder Woman #797

Creepshow TP Vol 1
Dead Lucky TP Vol 1 A Massive-Verse Book
Dead Romans #1 (Of 6)
Immortal Sergeant #3 (Of 9)
Inferno Girl Red Book One #3 (Of 3)
King Spawn TP Vol 2
Magic Order 4 #3 (Of 6)
Monstress #44
Plush #5 (Of 6)
Spawn Scorched #16
Torrent #2
Undiscovered Country #24
Vanish #5

Basilisk TP Vol 3
Damn Them All #6 (Of 6)
Dune House Harkonnen #3 (Of 12)
Grim #9
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106
Neighbors #1 (Of 5)

Blue Book #2 (Of 5)
Groo: Gods Against Groo #4 (Of 4)
Joe Death & Graven Image TP
Order And Outrage #1 (Of 4)
Parasomnia TP Vol 2: Dreaming God
Usagi Yojimbo Saga TP Vol 7 (2nd Ed)
War Birds TP

Gargoyles #4
Lord Of The Jungle #4
Red Sonja Hell Sonja #4
Vampirella Strikes #11

Earthdivers #6
Godzilla Best Of King Ghidorah
Star Trek Aliens TP
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reborn TP Vol 6 Game Changers
TMNT Ongoing #138

A Condition Of Love GN Vol 2
Adventures Of Cthulhu Jr And Friends TP
Archie Decades The 1960s TP
Archie: Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe Of Horrors One-Shot
Basilisk TP Vol 3
Belle Of The Ball GN
Ben Mortara And Thieves Of Golden Table #1 (Of 4)
Comics For Choice Illus Abortion Stories 2nd Ed
Crazy Food Truck GN Vol 3
Curse Of Cleaver County #1
Destiny Ny #13
Dog Man GN Vol 11: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under Sea
Door To Door Night By Night #4
Frank Frazetta’s Dawn Attack #3 (Of 5)
Gargoyles Demona 7-Inch AF
Gold Digger #296
Green Hornet Dlx Kato AF
Helck GN Vol 2
Kingdom Come Deliverance TP Vol 1
Knights Of The Dinner Table #302
Lady Death Necrotic Genesis #2 (Of 2)
Meesh The Bad Demon GN Vol 1
Monsters Metal Bloody Valentine One Shot
Moriarty Clockwork Empire #2
Nayra & The Djinn GN
Nightwalkers #3 (Of 5)
Ninja High School #186
Pacey Packer GN Vol 1 Unicorn Tracker
POP! Animation Avatar Admiral Zhao Vinyl Fig
POP! Movie Poster Star Wars A New Hope Vinyl Fig
Popscars #1 (Of 6)
Quests Aside TP Vol 1
Rick And Morty Vs Cthulhu #4
Science Comics Periodic Table Of Elements SC GN
Sereno #1
Spectreman Heroes #5 (Of 5)
Spy X Family GN Vol 9
Stealing Oz #4 (Of 4)
Travis Daventhorpe For The Win GN Vol 1
Walt Disney’s Mickey & Donald Doorbell Tolls & Other HC
We Wicked Ones #1
West Of Sundown TP Vol 1
X-O Manowar Unconquered #1


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