New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, November 9, 2022!

Fantastic Four #1 By Ryan North and Iban Coello

Amazing Spider-Man #13
Avengers #62
A.X.E. Judgment Day: Omega #1
Black Panther By John Ridley Tp Vol 2 Range Wars
Black Panther Unconquered #1
Black Panther Unconquered #1 Stegman Var
Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #6
Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty #6 Klein X-Treme Var
Captain Carter Tp Woman Out Of Time
Damage Control #4
Fantastic Four #1 By Ryan North and Iban Coello
Fantastic Four #1 25 Copy Incv Arthur Adams Var
Fantastic Four #1 50 Copy Incv Kirby Hidden Gem Var
Fantastic Four #1 Alex Ross B Var
Fantastic Four #1 Alex Ross Var
Fantastic Four #1 Blank Var
Fantastic Four #1 Coello Var
Fantastic Four #1 Js Campbell Anniversary Var
Fantastic Four #1 Nauck Headshot Var
Fantastic Four #1 Noto X-Treme Marvel Var
Fantastic Four Tp Vol 11 Reckoning War Part Ii
Ghost Rider #8
Ghost Rider #8 Coccolo X-Treme Marvel Var
Ghost Rider #8 Hitch Miracleman Var
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Tp: Fall Of Pantheon New Ptg
Invaders Omnibus Hc
Legion Of X #7
Marauders #8
Marauders #8 10 Copy Incv Carlini New Char Wrpad D
Marauders #8 Nauck X-Treme Marvel Var
Marvel Disney Plus Legends Hawkeye 6-In Af
Marvel Disney Plus Legends Kate Bishop 6-In Af
Marvel Disney Plus Legends Ms Marvel 6-In Af
Marvel Legends 6in King In Black Knull/Venom 2pk Af
Marvel Legends Japanese Spider-Man 6-In Af
Marvel Studios Shang-Chi Legend Ten Rings Hc Art Of Movie
Marvel Super Heroes Ultimate Pop Up Book Hc
Marvel Universe Carnage Renewal Edition Artfx+ Statue
Marvel Universe Venom Renewal Edition Artfx+ Statue
Moon Knight #17
Moon Knight #17 Medina X-Treme Marvel Var
New Mutants #98 Facsimile Edition New Ptg
New Mutants By Vita Ayala Tp Vol 3
Pop Eternals Sprite Vinyl Figure
Pop Marvel Black Panther Wf Black Panther Vinyl Fig
Pop Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Star-Lord Vinyl Fig
Sabretooth And Exiles #1
Sabretooth And Exiles #1 (Of 5) 25 Copy Incv Wolf
Sabretooth And Exiles #1 (Of 5) Cassara Var
Spider-Man #2
Spider-Man #2 25 Copy Incv Ramos Var
Spider-Man #2 Bagley Var
Spider-Man #2 Shavrin X-Treme Marvel Var
Spider-Man Lost Hunt #1
Spider-Man Lost Hunt #1 (Of 5) 25 Copy Incv Hotz Var
Spider-Man Lost Hunt #1 (Of 5) Edge Var
Star Wars High Republic #2
Star Wars High Republic #2 25 Copy Incv Reis Var
Star Wars High Republic #2 Stott Var
Star Wars Mandalorian Tp Vol 1 Season One Part One
Superama Marvel Black Panther Vibranium Glow Suit
Tin Titans Marvel Ghost Rider Px Lunchbox & Thermos
Venom #13
Venom #13 Hitch Var
Wolverine #27
Wolverine #27 Asrar Var
X-Men First Class Gn Tp: Road Trips
X-Men Legends #4
X-Men Legends #4 Eastman Var

Absolute Dark Nights Metal Hc
Artists Elite Presents #4
Batgirls #12
Batman Incorporated #2
Batman Urban Legends #21
Batman Vs Robin #3 (Of 5)
Blood Syndicate Season One #6 (Of 6)
Catwoman (2022) Tp Vol 01 Dangerous Liaisons
Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #6 (Of 7)
Death Of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1
Detective Comics #38 Facsimile Edition (2022)
Diana And Nubia Princesses Of The Amazons Tp
Flash By Mark Waid Omnibus Hc Vol 1
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #3 (Of 3)
I Am Batman #15
Justice League (2021) Hc Vol 2: United Order
Multiversity Teen Justice #6 (Of 6)
New Golden Age #1 (One Shot)
Nice House On The Lake #11 (Of 12)
One-Star Squadron Tp
Pop! Movies Justice League Snyder Cut Desaad Vinyl Fig
Superman #75 Special Edition
Superman Son Of Kal-El #17
Wildcats #1
Wonder Girl Homecoming Hc
Wonder Woman #793

3keys #2 (Of 5)
Dark Ride #1 2nd Ptg
Dark Ride #2
Do A Powerbomb #6 (Of 7)
Gideon Falls Dlx Ed Hc Vol 2
Gospel #1 (Of 5)
It’s Lonely At The Centre Of The Earth Tp
Kaya #2
Knight & Lady Of Play (One-Shot)
Least We Can Do #3
Love Everlasting #4
Radiant Black #19
Seven Sons #6 (Of 7)
Skullkickers Super Special #1 (One-Shot Annv Special)
Skybound Presents Afterschool #4 (Of 4)
Soldier Stories
Spawn #335
Spawn Scorched Tp Vol 1
Starhenge Dragon & Boar #5 (Of 6)
Time Before Time Tp Vol 3
Twig Tp Vol 1
Two Graves #1
Unnatural Blue Blood #4 (Of 10)
We Ride Titans Tp Vol 1

Firefly Keep Flying #1
Seven Secrets Tp Vol 3
Specs #1 (Of 4)

Hellboy & Bprd: Return Of Effie Kolb & Others
Hellboy Weird Tales Tp
Minor Threats #3 (Of 4)
Salamandre Tp
Shock Shop #3 (Of 4)

Garbage Pail Kids Origins #2
Lady Hel #3
Lord Of The Jungle #1
Vampiverse Tp

Farm System GN
Godzilla Monsters & Protectors All Hail King #2
Godzilla Vs Mmpr Tp
My Little Pony Classics Reimagined Little Fillies #1
Star Trek #1 Cvr E Sketch
Star Trek The Trill One-Shot
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reborn Tp Vol 5: Mystic Sister
Tmnt Armageddon Game Alliance #1
Tmnt Ongoing #134
Transformers: Best Of Shockwave

All Your Racial Problems Will Soon End Hc
Area 510 Hc
Avatar The Last Airbender 2023 Wall Calendar
Azza The Barbed #3 (Of 5)
B&V Friends Forever Christmas Party #1
Behemoth #3
Bernie Wrightson The Fpg Years Hc
Billionaire Island Cult Of Dogs #1 (Of 6)
Blitz Gn Vol 1
Bst Axn Tmnt W3 Casey Jones Skull Face 5in Af
Cities Of Magick #5
Complete Peanuts Tp Vol 18 1985 – 1986
Dark Interlude #5
Demon Slayer 16 Oz Glass
Devils Highway Tp Vol 2
Doctor Who Magazine Sp Ed #61
Drawing Manga Faces & Expressions Sc
Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Gn Vol 11
Go Go Loser Ranger Gn Vol 1
Golem Of Venice Beach Hc
Gun Honey Blood For Blood #3 (Of 4)
Gundam Mobile Change Haro Rx-78-2 Gundam 3.5in Af
Gundam Mobile Change Haro Unicorn Gundam 3.5in Af
Gundam Mobile Change Haro Wing Gundam Zero Ew 3.5i
Gundam Mobile Change Haro Zaku 3.5in Af
Heavenly Demon Reborn Gn Vol 1
Hero Hacks Phantom And Hero Figure & Steed Pack
Issunboshi Hc
Killchella #1
Knockturn County #1
Love Nest Gn Vol 2
Mao Gn Vol 8
Maruttoys Tamotu Pro Cool White Plastic Model Kit
Maruttoys Tamotu Pro Midnight Blue Plastic Model Kit
Mr Easta #1
New York Ninja Super Special Oneshot
Ninja Funk #1 (Of 4)
Ninja Kaidan #4
No Surrender GN
Pink Lemonade #2
Pokemon Journeys Series GN Vol 4
Pokemon Trainers Mini Exploration Guide To Galar
Pop Animation My Hero Academia Deku W/ Gloves Vinyl Fig
Star Wars Insider Presents Mandalorian Season Two
Technopriests Hc New Ed
Tin Titans Tmnt Arcade Px Lunchbox & Thermos
Tragedie Of Macbeth #1 (Of 2)
Transformers Series 3 Minimates Box Set
Traveling To Mars #1
World Of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #20
World Of Demons Villains Of Doctor Who Sc
Wrong Way Use Healing Magic Gn Vol 1
Year Zero Vol 0 #2 (Of 5)
Zombie Makeout Club GN Vol 1 Deathwish


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