New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, November 2, 2022!

Marc Silvestri’s Batman & The Joker:
The Deadly Duo #1 (Of 7)

Batgirls TP Vol 1
Batman #129
Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo #1 (Of 7)
Batman Knightwatch #3 (Of 5)
Batman Shadow War HC
Dark Knights Of Steel #8 (Of 12)
DC Greatest Events HC
Gotham City: Year One #2 (Of 6)
Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2
Mego DC Heroes Flashpoint Batman Px 8-Inch AF
Mego DC Heroes Red Hood Px 8-Inch AF
Mego DC Heroes Red Son Superman Px 8-Inch AF
Monkey Prince #8 (Of 12)
New Champion Of Shazam #3 (Of 4)
Poison Ivy #6
POP! Heroes Dc Holiday Aquaman Gingerbread Vinyl Fig
POP! Heroes DC Holiday Batman Gingerbread Vinyl Fig
POP! Heroes DC Holiday Flash Gingerbread Vinyl Fig
POP! Heroes DC Holiday Superman Gingerbread Vinyl Fig
POP! Heroes DC Holiday Wonder Woman Gingerbread Vinyl Fig
Sword Of Azrael #4 (Of 6)
Tales Of The Amazons HC
Task Force Z HC Vol 1: Death’s Door

Avengers Forever #10
Avengers Forever #10 Bianchi Var
Avengers Forever #10 Netease Games Var
Avengers Vs X-Men Omnibus HC
Black Panther #11
Black Panther #11 Okazaki X-Treme Marvel Var
Captain Marvel #43
Captain Marvel #43 Davila Var
Captain Marvel #43 Vicentini X-Treme Marvel Var
Crossgen Tales #1
Damage Control #3 (Of 5)
Damage Control #3 (Of 5) Fleecs Var
Daredevil By Chip Zdarsky HC Vol 3: To Heaven Through Hell
Daredevil Epic Collection TP: It Comes With Claws
Deadpool #1
Deadpool #1 25 Copy Incv Yu Var
Deadpool #1 Hawthorne Var
Deadpool #1 Liefeld X-Treme Marvel Var
Deadpool #1 Nakayama Var
Deadpool #1 Reilly Window Shades Var
Deadpool Poster
Fantastic Four Poster
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind #1
Hulk #10
Hulk #10 Su Beyond Amazing Spider-Man Var
Maestro: World War M TP
Marvel Disney Plus Legends Moon Knight 6-Inch AF
Marvel Graphic Comic Boxes: Deadpool
Marvel Graphic Comic Boxes: X-Treme X-Men
Marvel Select Thor Movie: Loki AF
Marvel Studios Loki Art Of Series HC
Midnight Suns #1 2nd Ptg
Miles Morales Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol 1
POP! Eternals Thena Vinyl Figure
POP! Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Groot Vinyl Fig
Power Man And Iron Fist Epic Collection TP: Hardball
Predator #4
Predator #4 25 Copy Incv Larroca Var
Predator #4 Sakai Var
Punisher #7
Punisher #7 Shaw Var
Savage Avengers #7
Savage Avengers #7 Fernandez Var
Secret Invasion #1 (Of 5)
Secret Invasion #1 (Of 5) 25 Copy Incv Camuncoli Var
Secret Invasion #1 (Of 5) Dellotto Var
Secret Invasion #1 (Of 5) Nauck Headshot Var
Secret Invasion #1 (Of 5) Young Var
She-Hulk #7
She-Hulk #7 Bartel Miracleman Var
Spider-Gwen GN TP: Unmasked
Spider-Man Character Encyclopedia New Ed HC
Spider-Man 2099 TP: Exodus
Star Wars #29
Star Wars #29 Christopher Action Figure Var
Star Wars #29 Clarke Revelations Var
Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28
Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28 Clarke Revelations Var
Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28 Lashley Connecting Var
Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy TP
Star Wars Mandalorian #5
Star Wars Mandalorian #5 25 Copy Incv Stott Var
Star Wars Mandalorian #5 50 Copy Incv Gist Var
Star Wars Mandalorian #5 Concept Art Var
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5)
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5) 10 Copy Incv Creees Lee Design Var
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5) Artgerm Var
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5) Gomez Var
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5) Momoko Var
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5) Ron Lim Trading Card Var
Tiger Division #1 (Of 5) Yune Var
Tin Titans Marvel X-Men #1 Px Lunchbox & Thermos
Venom By Al Ewing Ram V TP Vol 2: Deviation
Vinyl SODA Marvel Christmas Groot Vinyl Fig
X-Men Red #8
X-Men Red #8 Netease Games Var
X-Men Red By Al Ewing TP Vol 1
X-Treme X-Men By Claremont Omnibus HC Vol 1

Adventureman HC Vol 2
Antioch #2
Blood Stained Teeth #6
Golden Rage #4 (Of 5)
Hell To Pay #1
Ice Cream Man TP Vol 8: Subjects & Objects
King Spawn #16
Little Monsters #7
Old Dog #2
Righteous Thirst For Vengeance TP Vol 2
That Texas Blood #19
Time Before Time #18
Walking Dead Dlx #50

Behold Behemoth #1 (Of 5)
Magic The Gathering (MTG) #20

Avatar High Ground HC Vol 1
Berserk TP Vol 41
Bprd Omnibus TP Vol 2
Brilliant TP
Count Crowley Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter #4
Cover TP Vol 1
Critical Role Vox Machina Origins TP Vol 3
EC Archives Incredible Science Fiction TP
Girlfiend In Paris A Bloodthirsty Bedtime Story HC
Halo Initiation & Escalation TP
Invisible Kingdom Library Ed HC
Minecraft Open World Into Nether TP
Night Of The Ghoul #2 (Of 3)
Ones #1 (Of 4)
Quick Stops #1 (Of 4)
Sin City TP Vol 7: Hell & Back (4th Ed)
Survival Street #4 (Of 4)
Witcher: Ronin TP

Cherish #1
Jennifer Blood TP Vol 1: Bloodlines
Nyx TP Vol 1 Daddy’s Girl
Sweetie Candy: Vigilante #2
Vampirella Vs Red Sonja #1

Earthdivers #2
My Little Pony #6
Star Trek Picard Stargazer #3
TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures #2
Transformers Shattered Glass II #3 (Of 5)

5 Points Xl Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah Ltd SDCC Exculsive
Archie Milestones Jumbo Digest #17 Best Of 80s
Argus #1
Astronaut Down #4
Becoming Frankenstein #3
Behemoth #2
Behold Behemoth #1 (Of 5)
Belit & Valeria #5
Bill & Ted Present Death One Shot
Blade Runner Black Lotus #4
Blade Runner Origins TP Vol 3 Burning
Complete Eightball TP Vol 1 – 18
Crystal Planet #5 (Of 5)
Disturbed Dark Messiah #5 (Of 5)
Dogs Of London #5
Doodleville GN Vol 2 Art Attacks
Dragons & Treasures D&D Young Adventurers Guide HC
Elles TP Vol 1: New Girl
Elusive Samurai GN Vol 3
End After End #3
Evanescence Echoes From Void #3
Evoroids Evv-Gc1 G-Crawler Plastic Model Kit
Evoroids F-Gao-G1 Roaring Fang Plastic Model Kit
Ex Yakuza & Stray Kitten GN Vol 1
Freestyle GN
G Fan #137
Girlfiend In Paris A Bloodthirsty Bedtime Story HC
Gold Digger #294
Great Gatsby #6
Hayao Miyazaki Shunas Journey GN
Heart Eyes #3
Heartstopper Official Coloring Book
Hilda Trolberg Stories HC
Invisible Wounds HC
Kingdom Come: Deliverance #4 (Of 4)
Kittens & Dragons GN Adv HC
Monsters Of Metal One-Shot
Mother Christmas GN Vol 1: Muse
Naruto Shippuden Vibration Stars Naruto Uzumaki II
Natsumes Book Of Friends GN Vol 27
Nature’s Labyrinth #1 (Of 6)
New Continent Machines Adventure-Go Non-Scale Plas
Ninja High School #184
Nottingham TP Vol 2: Kings Ransom
One Punch Man GN Vol 24
Phantom Comp Dailies HC Vol 25 1974-1975
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth Nendor
Play Like A Girl GN
Pokemon Visual Companion Updated Ed
POP! Animations San/Naruto Chococat Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Holiday Boba Fett Snowman Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Holiday C-3po Snowman Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Holiday Darth Vader Snowman Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Holiday R2-D2 Snowman Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Holiday Stormtrooper Snowman Vinyl Fig
POP! TV House Of Dragons Alicent Hightower Vinyl Fig
POP! TV House Of Dragons Corlys Velaryon Vinyl Fig
POP! TV House Of Dragons Daemon Targaryen Vinyl Fig
Purple Oblivion #1 (Of 4)
Robocop Ultimate 7-Inch AF
Sculptor GN HC
Sherlock Holmes Case Of The Missing Martian TP
Spongebob Squarepants Mysteries Find Missing Star
Star Wars Insider #214 Px Ed
Stuff Of Legend HC Book 1 The Dark
Stuff Of Legend HC Book 2 The Jungle
Tales Of Eternia HC Novel He-Man & MOTU
Tin Titans Godzilla 1954 Px Lunchbox & Thermos
Tin Titans Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Px Lunchbox & Thermos
Tin Titans Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla Px Lunchbox & Thermos
Tom The Dancing Bug All Mighty Comics TP
Travelers TP
Vampiress Carmilla #12
What Child Is This? Sherlock Holmes Christmas Adv HC
Who Is Man In Air? Michael Jordan GN
Who Will Make The Pancakes Five Stories HC
Witcher Ronin TP
Yuuna & Haunted Hot Springs GN Vol 21


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