New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, October 12, 2022!


Closet TP Vol 1
Do A Powerbomb #5 (of 7)
Eight Billion Genies #1 4th Ptg
Farmhand TP Vol 4
Follow Me Down HC: A Reckless Book
Hack Slash Dlx Ed HC: Crossovers
Hack Slash Hot Shorts (One-Shot)
Halloween Party (One-Shot)
Hitomi #1 (Of 5)
Least We Can Do #2
Love Everlasting #3
Prodigy: Icarus Society #4 (of 5)
Sea Serpent’s Heir GN Book 1
Seven Sons #5 (of 7)
Slumber TP Vol 1
Spawn #334
Starhenge Dragon & Boar #4 (Of 6)

All-Out Avengers #2
All-Out Avengers #2 Momoko Var
All-Out Avengers #2 Netease Games Var
All-Out Avengers #2 Stegman Var
Amazing Spider-Man #11
Amazing Spider-Man #11 Gleason Miracleman Var
Amazing Spider-Man #11 Gomez Var
A.X.E. Death To Mutants #3 (Of 3)
A.X.E. Death To Mutants #3 (Of 3) Bianchi Var
A.X.E. Eternals #1
A.X.E. Eternals #1 Larroca Connecting Var
A.X.E. Iron Fist #1
A.X.E. Iron Fist #1 Michael Yg Var
Black Panther #10
Black Panther #10 Bazaldua Var
Black Panther #10 Clarke Miracleman Var
Black Panther 2 Legends 6-inch AFs
Black Panther By Ta-Nehisi Coates Omnibus HC
Black Panther Early Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol 1
Captain Marvel #42
Captain Marvel #42 Gurihiru Jeff The Landshark Var
Captain Marvel #42 Mckelvie Miracleman Variant Var
Daredevil #4
Daredevil #4 Checchetto Miracleman Var
Daredevil #4 JS Campbell Annv Var
Daredevil #4 Siqueira Promo Var
DCD 40th Marvel What If? Zombie Minimates Px Box Set
Excalibur By Tini Howard HC Vol 2
Fantastic Four #48
Fantastic Four #48 Buckingham Miracleman Var
Gambit #4 (of 5)
Gambit #4 (Of 5) Netease Games Var
Genis-Vell Captain Marvel #4 (of 5)
Genis-Vell Captain Marvel #4 (Of 5) Cheung Miracle
Ghost Rider #7
Ghost Rider #7 Andrews Beyond Amazing Spider-Man Var
Ghost Rider #7 Wolf Var
Immortal X-Men #7
Immortal X-Men #7 Noto Quiet Council Var
Immortal X-Men #7 Pichelli Miracleman Var
Legion Of X #6
Marvel Moon Knight Face Px Coffee Mug
Marvel-Verse GN TP: Shuri
Moon Girl TP: Endangered Species
Ms Marvel GN TP: Generations
Namor, Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores #1 (Of 5)
Namor, Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores #1 (Of 5) 50 Copy Incv
Namor, Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores #1 (Of 5) Clark Var
Namor, Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores #1 (Of 5) Larra Var
Namor, Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores #1 (Of 5) Netease Game Var
One-12 Collective Wolverine Deluxe Steel Box Edition
POP! Marvel Moon Knight Arthur Harrow Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel Moon Knight Khonshu Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel Moon Knight Layla El-Faouly Vinyl Fig
POP! Marvel Moon Knight Mr. Knight Vinyl Fig
Punisher War Journal: Brother #1
Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 Simmonds Var
Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 Superlog Var
Spider Ham: Hollywood May Ham GN
Star Wars #28
Star Wars #28 Christopher Action Figure Var
Star Wars #28 Land New Hope 45th Anniversary Var
Star Wars High Republic #1
Star Wars High Republic #1 Mckone Var
Star Wars High Republic #1 Noto Var
Star Wars Visions #1
Star Wars Visions #1 Bachalo Var
Thor: Love & Thunder Mighty Thor S.H.Figuarts Af
Toon Tumblers Series 3 Miles Morales Clear Pint Glass
Venom #11
Venom #11 Rapoza Var
Venom Epic Collection TP: Carnage Unleashed
Wakanda #1 (Of 5)
Wakanda #1 (Of 5) 25 Copy Incv Klein Var
Wakanda #1 (Of 5) Artgerm Var
Wakanda #1 (Of 5) Netease Games Var
Wakanda #1 (Of 5) Reilly Windowshades Var
Wolverine #25
Wolverine #25 25 Copy Incv Parrillo Var
Wolverine #25 Cassaday Miracleman Var
Wolverine #25 Nakayama Var
Wolverine #25 Zullo Var
Wolverine Epic Collection Tp: Back To Basics New Ptg
X-Cellent TP Vol 1: New Blood, New World
X-Force #32
X-Force #32 Momoko Miracleman Var

American Vampire Omnibus HC Vol 2
Batgirls #11
Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #1
Batman Incorporated #1
Batman Urban Legends #20
Batman Vs Robin #2 (Of 5)
Black Adam #1 Special Edition
Dark Crisis Worlds Without A Justice League Green Arrow #1 (One Shot)
DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber HC
DC’s Terrors Through Time #1 (One Shot)
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2 (Of 3)
Future State Gotham #18
Jurassic League #6 (Of 6)
Robins Being Robin TP
Superman: Son Of Kal-El #16
Teen Titans Academy HC Vol 2: Exit Wounds
Wonder Woman #792
Wonder Woman Evolution HC

Approach #1 (of 5)
Once & Future #30 (Final Issue)
Something Is Killing Children TP Vol 5

Festival HC
Maskerade #2 (Of 4)
Stranger Things Omnibus TP Vol 1
Sword Of Hyperborea HC

007 #3
Ninjettes #2
Scarlet Sisters One Shot
Stan Lee Alliances Orphans HC
Vampirella Mindwarp #2

Dark Spaces Wildfire #4
G.I. Joe Rah Saturday Morning Adv TP
Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors – All Hail King #1
Sonic Hedgehog Imposter Syndrome TP
Star Trek Lower Decks #2
TMNT Ongoing #133

2001 A Space Odyssey Ultimates Dr Dave Bowman AF
Animorphs GN Vol 3 The Encounter
Approach #1 (Of 5)
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #334
Archie’s Chilling Adventures Of Salem One Shot
Atom Beginning GN Vol 1
Banks GN
Beyond The Beyond #4 (Of 4)
Black & White Tough Love At Office GN Vol 1
Black Mass Rising GN
Case Closed GN Vol 84
Cat Massage Therapy GN Vol 3
Chicken Devils #1
Collected Toppi HC Vol 8
Creepy Cat GN Vol 4
Dandadan GN Vol 1
Dreadful Dreamscapes #1
E Ratic Recharged #2 (Of 4)
Elles #3
Eve Of Extinction GN
Far Cry Esperanzas Tears #1
FCBD 2022 Star Wars The Mandalorian Moff Gideon 1/6 Scale
Fearsome Doctor Fang GN
Festival HC
Forgotten Blade GN
Ghost In The Shell Human Algorithm Vol 3
G.I. Joe Classified Ser 6in Snake Eyes & Timber AF
Godzilla Shogun Godzilla 1200c Reaction Fig
Goodnight Paradise GN
Graveneye GN
Highball #2
Hyperventilation GN Vol 00
Jack Kirby Collector #84
Joneses TP
Kaiju No 8 GN Vol 4
Kamen Rider Converge Motion 10-piece Mini Figs
Kamen Rider Converge Motion 7-piece Mini Fig Set
Kikis Delivery Service A Girls Time 300-piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Knights Of The Dinner Table #297
Lady Death Omnibus HC Vol 1
Least We Can Do #2
Leon GN Vol 1 Leon The Extraordinary
Life Is Strange Coloring Book SC
Minions Mini Boss TP
My Neighbor Totoro Through The Field 300-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Nathan Hales Create Own Comics Lets Make History HC
Night Eaters GN Vol 1 She Eats At Night
Night Eaters GN Vol 1 She Eats At Night Sgn Px Ed
Nights With A Cat GN Vol 2 (Marjorie Liu)
Ninja High School #182
Ninja Kaidan #3
Our Little Kitchen Board Book
Phoebe & Her Unicorn GN Vol 16 Unicornado
Planet Comics #8
Pound For Pound GN
Pull GN
Punk Taco HC Vol 2
Retrofan Magazine #23
Sakamoto Days GN Vol 4
Sea Serpents Heir GN Book 1
Sensory Life On The Spectrum Autistic Comics Anthology
Sherlock Scandal In Belgravia Part 2 #3
Showa History Of Japan GN Vol 2 1939-1944 Shigeru
Shwd GN Vol 1
Spectreman Heroes #3 (Of 5) Hyoman
Tin Titans TMNT Animated Sewer Lair Px Lunchbox & Thermos
TMNT The Last Ronin Px Coffee Mug
Transformers Nemesis Prime Nendoroid AF
Wrong Earth One Shots TP
Year Zero Vol 0 #1 (Of 5)


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